3D Dot Game Heroes: Xbox 360 version not happening

Gaming Target writes:

"During [a 3D Dot Game Heroes] presentation, the company also dashed the hopes of Xbox 360 gamers everywhere when they confirmed the game would not be ported to Microsoft's console.

When asked, Atlus' Manager of Public Relations Aram Jabbari replied with a simple 'Nope.'"

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Godmars2902854d ago

This is going to be another sleeper, like Demon's Souls.

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Godmars2902854d ago

If Eurogamer gave it a 70, you know its a 80 at least.

Pennywise2854d ago

2 Reviews from sites that always bash PS3 exclusives. Nice...

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raztad2854d ago

Thats nice. Eurogamer 70/100 is nothing new and Teletext ... what is Teletext?

Not interested in 3Dot Heroes but if I was I'm sure as heck those reviews wouldnt stop me from getting the game.

paradigmfellow2853d ago

they actually market the game and not just rely on the fans

mastiffchild2853d ago

Christ, TELETEXT! It#s the ITV channel in the UK's TV text service. My dad worked there a while back(I even did some gig reviews for them)and the guy who runs the gaming section was a total Xbot even back then and they've got NO better since.

How something so crappy gets on Meta shows how hopeless the whole thing is, tbh, it's the last place you'd ever WANT to have to work if you can string more than three words together.

As for EGUK-where's the shock there?

beardpapa2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Atlus is my true hero when it comes to bringing us some interesting JRPGs.

Edit: After looking at the hero creating editor from the link above, and the thought of saving the kingdom as a dog ... the game may very well be a sleeper hit.

Immortal3212853d ago

it's one of those games you wish it was multiplaform but it's not. so much dream are crush.

only time can tell, but who are the developers?

Bordel_19002853d ago

Eurogamer actually gave Demon's Souls a 9 out of 10.

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KingJFS2854d ago

As someone who only owns an Xbox 360/Wii, this news really saddens me. I love the art style and the words "Zelda-inspired" automatically make every game better.

KingJFS2853d ago

I can afford $40 for a new game. I can't afford $340 for a new game.

paradigmfellow2853d ago

buy one used or buy a 40 gig sony refurbished model for 230 plus 40 for the game that is 270 and there you go.

Minimox162853d ago

the PS3 its a well amazing machine that you will not regret!!

archemides5182853d ago

sell the xbox and the wii (u know u don't play the wii anyway) that should get u close maybe

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Nathan Drake22854d ago

atlus saw how low preorders are for ff 13 x360 version and they said:*uck it.if ff13 can't sell on x360 why would they buy this game.

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rawd2853d ago

Alot of things just not happening for you bots these days huh

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