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Blizzard has taken the words "community" and "connectivity" very serious in StarCraft II, and the sole fact we did not get a beta last year is Does it live up to such big expectations?

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Leord3132d ago

Shame about the region divide...

Cogo3132d ago

This is the one thing I dislike the most.

Leord3132d ago

I have so many American friends IN THE BETA I can't play with... Unfair!

Holyknight30003132d ago

............yeah not going to be too happy about that one either

Fyzzu3132d ago

Wow. That's awful. Seriously awful.

SCFreelancer3132d ago

I really don't understand the regional divide from their development pillair perspective. Connecting everyone was one of the goals right?

I know connecting iceland with australia is a major round trip time disaster, but I do really dislike the fact that it is just being made impossible.

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Maticus3132d ago

Huge potential, hope the wait has been worth it

Cogo3132d ago

I'm just surprised they did not start sooner is all...

Leord3132d ago

Yeah, why did they not start the programming about say when SC2 was announced?

Holyknight30003132d ago

who knows, might have been some bugs somewhere that gave them some headaches when they tried to make the first version of bnet 2.0 /shrug

Dorjan3132d ago

I hate some of and god, why seperate me from my american friends!?

theCHUNK3132d ago

Channels will return, in some form, probably once clans are added.

Leord3132d ago

Like recruitment channels and such?

Yeah, I'm surprised they are gone completely.

Holyknight30003132d ago

well one thing i hope for if they give us the clans feature again. dont freaking make it time out when certain amounts of members don't log in. I lost my guild's data and channel due to that in warcraft 3.

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