In-depth Review: Heavy Rain - Electronic Theatre

As many of it's gaming conventions are neatly disguised, on face value Heavy Rain uses more film mechanics than it does interactive ones. Camera angles, suspense building and character development are all drawn from motion-picture, as opposed to being devised for interaction; it seems almost as if the level of interaction increases your understanding of the character's motivations. The game subtly gives minor character details within the incredibly tight mise-en-scène – taste in music, career success, fashion sense, marital status and much more – never has there been a game is aware of what the player will or will not see.

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ryuzu2951d ago

It's a shame that with all ground breaking stuff, a lot of people won't get it (or prefer not to "get it")....

Well at least Quantic can sleep easily knowing they created something special here and it wasn't all about garbbing dollars from the vacuous with yet another shooter...


Syronicus2951d ago

Easily getting the great scores it deserves. It's nice to see some reviewers are getting it and seeing how this game is a fresh new take on games.