God of War 3 scores 19 out of 20 in Consoles +

French magazine Consoles + has reviewed God of War III and given a 19/20 score. From the review : "Rarely in Consoles + we had been closer to assign a perfect score in an action game, the last reference - not least - that is approaching our eyes was Resident Evil 4"

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Natsu X FairyTail2770d ago

Expected no less for this game. March is going to huge.

Syronicus2770d ago

The release lineup for March is crazy. I can't remember a year when so many good titles were being released at this time during the year. Last year was good but this March just kicks some tail.

Commander TK2770d ago

19/20 = 0,95 = 9,5/10

Means that the game is incredible

Hanif-8762770d ago

I'm 100% sure this game will not score less than 9.8 in most reviews, unless its reviewed by some bias fuccks thats underneath Microsoft's wallet!

nix2770d ago

can't wait to play this game. i'm so over-hyped for this game. and i'm sure the game won't let me down.

sikbeta2770d ago

Yep, This Games is Pure Epicness, GOW3 is BEAST

Gamers FTW!!!

zeeshan2770d ago

@DeadlySpartan: When you got Edge, GT, 1up, Eurogamer, I doubt GOW3 will post 9.8 metacritic score.

Hellsvacancy2770d ago

Res 4 was pooh, it was the WORTST game ive EVER played (followed closely by Prototype) and they almost gave it a perfect score?

How could u mention God Of War 3 and Res4 in the same sentence

AKNAA2769d ago

Your crazy man! RE4 was awesome as [email protected]! that and RE2 are the best in the series... Although, comparing that to the GOW series seems a little odd considering I don't see any similarities aside from them both being action.

But, yeah, from what I've seen and heard so far. GOW3 will most likely be GOTY if it's even a little bit better than gow1-2.

Hellsvacancy2769d ago

My bad, thought they where talkin bout Resident Evil 5, never played Res-4

Djinn2769d ago

RE4 was trash. Thank god I rented.

raztad2769d ago


Just out of curiosity, if RES4, one of the most acclaimed games ever, is trash for you. What games do you like? I'm really curious.

N4BmpS2769d ago

This just In France has broken out in pure chaos and the chaos movement continues.

teh cells lost brain2769d ago

and it deserves it.......i dont know if its gunna get game of the year cuz thats pretty far away and theres still more awesome games to come and be id have to be a fanboy to say gow 3 game of the year 2010..ill say the game of the year for 2010 when all the chips are down.......cant wait to play this game....and remember this game has no online so these review scores are even better.....

Bubble Buddy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Mark my words, the scores will be around this margin,

Gamespot - 8.5 or 9
GT - 8.9
EDGE - 7 or 8
Eurogamer - 7 or 8
1UP - A-

Lots of journalism are trash these days.

teh cells lost brain2769d ago

the game is epic, just like uncharted 2 was epic. not even a pro 360 reviewer can morally sabotage games that good....and besides review scores arent the cats meow, it really comes down to, what do you enjoy as a gamer everyones different, 1 person cant speak for millions of people even if they get paid to do it....and sales dont make a game either..the main thing is dont get caught up in the sales and review score im a graphics whore and a gore whore so this game is perfect for me.....thats all that i care about.....

gunnerforlife2769d ago

@Bubble Buddy

in the past year Gamespot has really cleaned its self up u know
and 1up seems to b doing better.. But now im starting to think all the fanboys that were on those 2 sites have moved to IGN >_<

HeadShot2769d ago

You've never played res4?! Go play that it now! I still pop that baby in every once in a while. I'll never sell my copy.

on topic: I seriously can't wait for GOW3. I'm going to have to sell some crack because I'm out of money right now XD

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ELite_Ghost2769d ago

too much fvcking games in march!!!! IM GONNA BE BROKE :(

Michael-Jackson2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P


Young Capwn2770d ago

Shoulda just gave it 20, what held the one point back?

Minimox162769d ago

maybe because dont had multiplayer :/

remember multiplayer its required this gen /s

Dev8 ing2769d ago

Only required if the game is PS3 exclusive.

Marquis_de_Sade2769d ago

I agree, why not just give an extra point to every game they review, in fact, why not just give every game a 20?

Sangria2769d ago

It's a matter of mentality. Most of French reviewers tend to consider no game is perfect, thus 19/20 is the maximum score unless the game is exceptional. It's not the case for every French sites but it's mostly like that.

Young Capwn2769d ago

This is why i asked "What held the point back?" tard.

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polow got sol2770d ago

Ive played the demo and i can vouch for this review gow 3 could possibly be the greatest game of all time

Syronicus2770d ago

So you can imagine what the final build will be like!

interrergator2770d ago

if look at that trailer thats all in gameplay CHAOS WILL RISE AGAIN