A.V. Club: Heavy Rain Review

A.V. Club writes: "As gaming has matured, countless arguments have broken out over whether the medium can ever transcend itself and become art. Many people will point to Heavy Rain as tipping the scales, but that's pointless. It's doing something far more important, by being the first game to live up to the Mature rating."

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Cyrax_873039d ago

Which is why all the immature people do nothing but bash it. Solid score by the way!

Ninji3039d ago

Wrong. Sorry, but just because it shows boobs (which other games have had too) it doesn't mean it's the first game to live up to the Mature rating. The story itself is even generic. I mean they used all of the "plot twists" that were uses 5-10 years ago in crime dramas. The story is really nothing new or surprising and everything that happens in the game is expected with no real surprises (unless you're a millennium kid).

Cyrax_873039d ago

Oh you got a copy early as well, ey? Send it my way when you're done!

blitz06233039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I remember you saying FFXIII is easily the worst FF. Now you talk like you've played Heavy Rain already. Do you get early copies or something? Because you tend to judge books by their cover