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Sony Passes Two New PlayStation 3 Slims Through the FCC

If you remember, Sand Dollar Enterprise is a pseudonym used by Sony for FCC filings. Sand Dollar was used to pass the original PS3 Slim through the FCC, for example.

Sand Dollar's filing today is for the CECH-2101A 'Computer Entertainment System.' Label pics for the device confirm that this is indeed the Sony PS3, while label placement pics show a device that is the same size and shape as the PS3 Slim.

Another device, called the CECH-2101B is also identified in Sand Dollar's filing. The only difference between these two devices is the hard drive size. (PS3)

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Kazuo Hirai Sony CEO   2050d ago | Spam
swiftshot93  +   2050d ago
Whatever they need to do to make it cheaper, do it.
-Alpha  +   2050d ago
$299 is a solid price. They don't need a useless stripped model like the Arcade.

Actually I wouldn't mind a lower priced model with less memory. What's the standard 120 G? My PS3 is a measly 40G so an 80G model would be nice for an even cheaper price.


The thing is useless over an Elite. The memory is weak and I find the console rather useless. Just like DJ says, you can barely download much. It was clearly aimed at a casual XBL user.

they had 20G HDD offers but they ended. You may as well get an Elite over an Arcade.
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commodore64  +   2050d ago
@ AM

why is the arcade useless?
It plays every 360 game out there.

It also plays Bayonetta rather well, wouldn't you agree?
Axecution  +   2050d ago
lmao. yeah, They should make a new PS3 model without a hard drive so that devs cant make use of it. May as well take out the blu-ray drive too so that there wont be enough space for decent games with uncompressed audio. xD Oh, and an HDMI port? who needs it - Scrap it. Componant cables are fine, right? Same with the wifi... Nobody uses it anyway. Actually, i guess some people might want wifi... I guess they could release a wifi adaptor and charge 20 bucks or maybe even 30 or maybe even 99.99 just to be d!cks.

^ Voila! The PS3 Arcade model. Cause that is the ultimate PS3 model EVERYBODY wants.
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DJ  +   2050d ago
It's useless because you can't really download anything.
A few game patches, some trailers, and you're done on the Arcade. If you're getting a 360, for god's sakes get an Elite. HDD space is so important if you're going to go online.

Just upgraded my 60GB PS3 to 320 GB. It's a Western Digital 7200 rpm off of Newegg. Got the sucker for just $75. =]
-EvoAnubis-  +   2050d ago
"why is the arcade useless? It plays every 360 game out there."
Now try playing Burnout: Paradise online. Whoops.
The Great Melon  +   2050d ago

A ps3 with a smaller hard drive might actually be more expensive for Sony. While physically easier to make, there are probably a decreasing number of production facilities making smaller hard drives, thus making them more expensive.

Bigger, cheaper hard drive, happier customer, looks like a win-win to Sony and I.
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-Alpha  +   2050d ago
@The Greater Melon
Ah ok, makes sense.

I was thinking consumer-end only. I can't believe how quickly GB space has gone up. Wonder how long before Terrabyte HDD's become the standard on the PS3. I need to upgrade to more space. Thank God the PS3 has a removable Hard drive, though what becomes of "locked" save files?
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2050d ago
More cheaper the PS3, ¿with that technology? Can't do it more. And Im not talking about only the Blu ray, other Technical things too.
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TengkuAmir10  +   2050d ago
Stop being a cheapskate. Do you really want 10 year olds to play PS3? And do you really want them to ruin your experience of online gaming when they start buying headsets and talk sh1t? If you do, then maybe you should go for an Arcade.
insomnium  +   2050d ago
@ commodore
It doesn't play Forza 3 at 100% no matter what you do.
LesterCorncrake  +   2050d ago
@ ALPHA ...

"Wonder how long before Terrabyte HDD's become the standard on the PS3"

probably about the time 20 GB becomes the standard on the 360.
bjornbear  +   2050d ago
a friend of mine had an Arcade
but for some reason he wanted to sell it to me...said he wanted to play Nintendo games instead xD...but i didn't buy it =/

360 with internet - a good solid next gen gaming console

360 without internet - rather quite pointless =/ (since its best game experiences usually consist of online MP)
unrealgamer58  +   2050d ago
i hope we see a gow 3 bundle in america
OtherWhiteMeat  +   2050d ago
I hope a God of War 3 bundle comes out,my 60gb bit the dust so it looks like I'll be buying a slim.
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Cyrus365  +   2050d ago
This will likely explain why there has been a supply issue in some areas in North America...
jjacinto23  +   2050d ago
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2050d ago
A Bundled SKU
doesn't need to pass through FCC.
n4sonysupportgroup   2050d ago | Spam
Dellis  +   2050d ago
FULL BC PS3 like 60 gig is coming back, they afford it now


FALL 2010

get ready
arakouftaian  +   2050d ago
T will be smart if
They add thr new motion controls with a party game for it
and sale it at


i will buy a new ps3
if they do that
mastiffchild  +   2050d ago
Good point. No one else mentioned the motion control thing and these may be SKUs readying for the bundles with Wands in them-why not? They could end up with an incorporated rear USB for PSEYE and have a few MC games on the HDD/a disc or whatever. They'd be daft NOT to offer a multi controller bundle to go with the promotion of Wands/Gem/Sphere/Arc wouldn't they?
ForROME  +   2050d ago
I would love 3 in the front and 1 in the back, or 2 in front and 2 in back
trancefreak  +   2050d ago
That sounds a little kinky if you ask me :)
BlaqGold  +   2050d ago
Read your comment out loud please......... lol
LesterCorncrake  +   2050d ago
Thats what i call TAKING it ForROME !!!
Slafnaf  +   2050d ago
Thats what she said!!

Sorry i couldn't help it...
player911  +   2050d ago
a.k.a The shocker and the Spocker
Tricksy  +   2050d ago
Agree, just because its kind of raunchy.
rawd  +   2050d ago
freaking LOL
japwow  +   2050d ago
I think this may be a fully 45nm(45nm cell and 45nm RSX) model.
that's what I originally wanted.
but I have already bought a Slim 120GB.
Claudinho69  +   2050d ago
i think it will come with the arc and arc games.
grantps3  +   2050d ago
i got my 60 gig at launch. when the slim came out i really wanted to get one, but instead i upgraded my HD to 360 gigs
whateva  +   2050d ago
$249 or $199 and it's on!
and it will be PS1/PS2 all over again!

20 million PS3's sold in 2010.
CryWolf  +   2050d ago
Wireless N
when is Sony going to support wireless N for their PS3 slim models it would be a lot faster to download those big PS2 games when they come out.
Jahmanvibration  +   2050d ago
PS3 Debug ?
Maybe it's just about PS3 Slim Debug... There are only Fat Debug at this time, right ?
miggza  +   2050d ago
i'd like it if it had the shape of the old phat ones. (not square-ish and slimmer of course) Oh and piano black finish please :)
ImmortalLegend  +   2050d ago
I just bought it!
I just bought my PS3 slim a couple of weeks ago! I'd be kinda pissed if they upgraded it with something major.
younglj01  +   2050d ago
I dont care what Sony do just send some damn 250 gb PS3s to North Carolina.
That way I can finally but tha PS2 era bhind me and I can move forward.Lol because as long as I have my BC PS3 Socom 1-3 is going to keep calling my damn name.And I need to spend more time with MAG.Just played all 3 of them this weekend those games never gets old.Hope ya'll released them later in beautiful HD for tha PS3.

Sony send those PS3s to these locations so I can get 1.Wadesboro,Monroe,Rockingham, Indian Trail,Charlotte.Lol but Monroe will b better because I got my name on tha list there at a gamestop.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2050d ago
Only 2 things i would like -
2 USB ports at the back + FULL PS2 playback(i got 65'ish PS2 games)

+ I would pay extra for that to SONY;)

Hmm...no xBots???...oh yeah 1 of them said last year that SONY were pulling out of the Console business!!!??? GET OUT OF THAT 'xBox LIVE BUBBLE' xBots!!! ;-D
caffman  +   2050d ago
another log in then everytime you lose bubbles
oh dear
gtamike123  +   2049d ago
I play my PS2 games on my PS3 60GB (updated to 320GB) :D
caffman  +   2050d ago
remember the days when people used to say that 2 SKUs for the 360
was too many. How things have changed.....
R_A_LEE20  +   2050d ago
Me thinks that it they could upgrade the WiFi at some point to use all 3 of the current signals available inc. WiFi-N Frequency.
zen_hydra  +   2050d ago
USB Hubs are Cheap
I can confirm that USB hubs work fine to expand the number of PS3 Slim USB ports, and you can also cheaply pick up an SD card reader that connects via USB.


USB Hub:

SD Card Reader (USB):
Hotel_Moscow  +   2050d ago
im pissed if that has more stuff than my current slim which i just bought then im pissed because i got ripped off
SuperStrokey1123  +   2049d ago
No you didnt, you bought something and you got exactly what you paid for. Thats hardly a rip off. You are going to be waiting a damn long time if you want to get a piece of tech thats not getting updated soon.
rawd  +   2050d ago
Maybe USB 3.0 ports and a new firmware to allow the XMB/OS to run on that external USB 3.0 drive ??????? Splooge
arny  +   2050d ago
I was waiting for this
ATi_Elite  +   2049d ago
Sony is about to break even
Sony has done some re-engineering of the PS3 and found a cheaper manufacture for some of it's parts. Sony with this new model should be almost breaking even on every PS3 sold or only loosing $10 to $15.

Next year another contract runs out and the PS3 should turn a profit on every system sold in early 2011 if they keep the price at $299.

Sony is willing to continue loosing $30 a console if they need to drop price from $299 down to the final $249 but thats a way off because the 360 isn't going any lower than $199. If it does Microsoft will be taking a HUGE loss and they don't want that.

Christmas 2010 360 may go $189 or $199 with some Platinum Hits game bundled in and PS3 may go $299 with Uncharted 2 packed in. when Sony gets within 2 or 3 million of 360 as far as console sales Sony may go for the jugular with a PS3 price of $249 plus a triple A game packed in.

it just all depends if Sony can get the Cell cheaper or if they switch to a cheaper Blu-ray drive (don't do it). We will have to wait and see.
JJFNIGHTS80  +   2049d ago
I'm sure it have to do with 3DTV COMING out this summer but I'm just guessing here.

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