Sony Passes Two New PlayStation 3 Slims Through the FCC

If you remember, Sand Dollar Enterprise is a pseudonym used by Sony for FCC filings. Sand Dollar was used to pass the original PS3 Slim through the FCC, for example.

Sand Dollar's filing today is for the CECH-2101A 'Computer Entertainment System.' Label pics for the device confirm that this is indeed the Sony PS3, while label placement pics show a device that is the same size and shape as the PS3 Slim.

Another device, called the CECH-2101B is also identified in Sand Dollar's filing. The only difference between these two devices is the hard drive size.

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swiftshot932891d ago

Whatever they need to do to make it cheaper, do it.

-Alpha2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

$299 is a solid price. They don't need a useless stripped model like the Arcade.

Actually I wouldn't mind a lower priced model with less memory. What's the standard 120 G? My PS3 is a measly 40G so an 80G model would be nice for an even cheaper price.


The thing is useless over an Elite. The memory is weak and I find the console rather useless. Just like DJ says, you can barely download much. It was clearly aimed at a casual XBL user.

they had 20G HDD offers but they ended. You may as well get an Elite over an Arcade.

commodore642891d ago

@ AM

why is the arcade useless?
It plays every 360 game out there.

It also plays Bayonetta rather well, wouldn't you agree?

Axecution2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

lmao. yeah, They should make a new PS3 model without a hard drive so that devs cant make use of it. May as well take out the blu-ray drive too so that there wont be enough space for decent games with uncompressed audio. xD Oh, and an HDMI port? who needs it - Scrap it. Componant cables are fine, right? Same with the wifi... Nobody uses it anyway. Actually, i guess some people might want wifi... I guess they could release a wifi adaptor and charge 20 bucks or maybe even 30 or maybe even 99.99 just to be d!cks.

^ Voila! The PS3 Arcade model. Cause that is the ultimate PS3 model EVERYBODY wants.

DJ2891d ago

A few game patches, some trailers, and you're done on the Arcade. If you're getting a 360, for god's sakes get an Elite. HDD space is so important if you're going to go online.

Just upgraded my 60GB PS3 to 320 GB. It's a Western Digital 7200 rpm off of Newegg. Got the sucker for just $75. =]

-EvoAnubis-2891d ago

Now try playing Burnout: Paradise online. Whoops.

The Great Melon2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )


A ps3 with a smaller hard drive might actually be more expensive for Sony. While physically easier to make, there are probably a decreasing number of production facilities making smaller hard drives, thus making them more expensive.

Bigger, cheaper hard drive, happier customer, looks like a win-win to Sony and I.

-Alpha2891d ago

Ah ok, makes sense.

I was thinking consumer-end only. I can't believe how quickly GB space has gone up. Wonder how long before Terrabyte HDD's become the standard on the PS3. I need to upgrade to more space. Thank God the PS3 has a removable Hard drive, though what becomes of "locked" save files?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

More cheaper the PS3, ¿with that technology? Can't do it more. And Im not talking about only the Blu ray, other Technical things too.

TengkuAmir102891d ago

Stop being a cheapskate. Do you really want 10 year olds to play PS3? And do you really want them to ruin your experience of online gaming when they start buying headsets and talk sh1t? If you do, then maybe you should go for an Arcade.

insomnium2891d ago

It doesn't play Forza 3 at 100% no matter what you do.

LesterCorncrake2890d ago

@ ALPHA ...

"Wonder how long before Terrabyte HDD's become the standard on the PS3"

probably about the time 20 GB becomes the standard on the 360.

bjornbear2890d ago

but for some reason he wanted to sell it to me...said he wanted to play Nintendo games instead xD...but i didn't buy it =/

360 with internet - a good solid next gen gaming console

360 without internet - rather quite pointless =/ (since its best game experiences usually consist of online MP)

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unrealgamer582891d ago

i hope we see a gow 3 bundle in america

OtherWhiteMeat2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

I hope a God of War 3 bundle comes out,my 60gb bit the dust so it looks like I'll be buying a slim.

Cyrus3652891d ago

This will likely explain why there has been a supply issue in some areas in North America...

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