Console Monster: Heavy Rain Review

Console Monster writes: "PS3 owners will no doubt have heard of Heavy Rain a lot over the past months, given that Sony are pushing the game as a console seller. After spending countless hours with the game and witnessing a handful of the many possible endings, I have absolutely no problem agreeing and expressing that if you don't already own a PS3 or have Heavy Rain on pre-order; now would be the time to do so."

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Why the high score? /s

360 fanboys get really angry when they saw reviews like this. Im a 360 fan too but most importantly Im a gamer and rigth now the PS3 is in a league of its own with they exclusives. JUST MY OPINION...


xTruthx2979d ago

Only a few days more :o

EvilBlackCat2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

@ ApofiBoricua

I hope you can read spanish Boricua

Estas loco pal carajo si crees que este juego es un AAA. Los review que le han dado a este juego estan llenos de mentiras. El juego no es todo lo que han tratado de hacerle creer a los fanaticos de PS3. Ya jugue el juego y en verdad es una decepcción.

dont believe the hype

This game is just for the few that cant handle FPS, RPGs, Action Games & Fighting Games. Its good that this game is out and other developers are going to be inspired by some ideas of the gameplay of this but its not a AAA like some gamers (PS3 fanboys of course) are trying to make others believe. I know that a lot of PS3 fans are hyping this game and they dont even believe the hype they are bringing.

Lord_Ranos2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

LOL triple AAA title like always. Only on the PS3!!!

360 is just for multiplTFORMS AND Ga,,,y Shooters like Gaylo.

lol Bungie. Bots need to evolve to experience other things than just shooters. This is what gaming is about. Experiencing differents games. Thats why 360 will always be inferior to PS3 cause it doenst innovate it copies.

Bungie2979d ago

this won't change the fact

it's still an AA movie

just deal with it

Cyrax_872979d ago

Still butthurt Bungie? Movies don't have 20 different endings or last 10 hours long.

Deal with it.

bigmacmuncher2979d ago

I feel sorry for you Bungie.

unchartedgoty2979d ago

this game is differant...its something alot of people will not understand, and i dont blame them, its for the gamer who opens his mind to a completly new and rejuvenating expierience found on heavy rain. this game is in a genre of its own, and when i played that mission where the man was fighting me and i was dodging the lamp, the beer bottle, the slam to the ground i said thats it! i need this game, but i dont expect alot of people to understand it, people who are used to shooters and steroid pumped jockys. thanks!

NeoBasch2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I'm glad some critics understand what David Cage is trying to do. Some are still grading on preconceived notions of what a game is, which is arrogant to say the least. Especially since Heavy Rain is invariably the same game as the text based games of yore. HR is the realization of what games should be. Not to say games like Mass Effect 2 and Halo don't have their own place in such a medium. Games come in all shapes and sizes, and I'm glad to see some critics are beginning to see this. This is what we want, and why I'll be picking this up day one.