PS3 Eye of Judgement New Battle Trailer

Beautiful visuals enhance this unique card battling game with interactive monsters using the brand new EyeToy on PS3.

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MK_Red4192d ago

While I love Eye of Judgement, I hope they release some trailers of bigger PS3 exclusives before E3.

Machety4191d ago

This game is a killa, but I just hope at E3 they can show people something that will make them rob a bank for a PS3. This game is cool, but I dont like the damage points they are too low. They should make the damage points more dramatic like Yu-Gi-Oh. When we hit monster we should be taking a least a 1000 or something like that, but this game is hot reguardless. I can already see this game being use in Tournamensts in japan on big public screens. I wish they come out with a Yugioh version.

boi4192d ago

okay now this game is makinf my heart beat lol

i werent even bother with this untill now lol I can safly say me and my cousins and friends be on that game!

Violater4192d ago

the last few seconds where the dragon goes for the finger

Omegasyde4192d ago

A more violent Pokemon. Just what the doctor ordered. I do hope they make a chess game like this as well. I wonder what the starting fees for the game and camera will run at.....

jwatt4191d ago

Thats one of the coolest features, I've seen some where if you push one of the creatures they'll give you a shove back.

Bloodmask4192d ago

looks like a must purchase on my list.

Amplifier4192d ago

Awake the sleeping DRAGON on the gaming industry AGAIN!


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The story is too old to be commented.