Microsoft respond to "Corrupt" Xbox Live Moderator video

The Lost Gamer writes "Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, has today responded to the video that has surfaced on the internet of a video that apparently provides incriminating evidence of a "corrupt" Xbox Live Moderator."

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MaN_uTd2854d ago

I didn't notice the edited audio first time through but now that i read it, it was noticeable

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Projekt7tuning2854d ago

@ 1
I agree. I totally noticed it this time as well. This is not quite as one sided as I first thought. Yes the Pro is most likely a Pen!s, but after hearing it again and being able to tell it was edited this time, I think he is technically within his rights as a mod to do that. Actually it would be nice to have a few mod devoted to going after the 12 year olds and banning their accounts too, like the little kid who tried to get involved. I wouldn't mind live as much with less of them.

randomwiz2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

You never know. What if The Pro was trying to be assertive because thats what he has to do - be assertive so glitchers dont glitch again. You could easily tell that "LuPro" clearly edited the words and took it out of context. In the lobby for ctf on rundown, do u seriously think he would have just said randomly, "lupro, i don't threaten, i ban"... the mod goes onto to say "like you pull that stunt there" so obviously that was taken out of context.

and also, as soon as ctf on rundown starts, it doesn't show the pro talking but you hear his voice. Most times when he talks the microphone next to him shows that he isn't talking. Your capture card can't go mysteriously go bad because you were unprepared to record.

Danteh2854d ago

for gods sake, yea the mod was quite arrogant but all the ppl were ganging against him and insulting him.
Then they only edited the mod's responses and put them together.

Honestly, f!ck those glitchers, hope they get perma-banned ^^

blue7xx72854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Yeah the guy who made the video obviously has something to hide since the video is very heavily edited the Mod does mention that he was doing something wrong while broadcasting in justin tv probably doing a glitch or something. I seriously don't see what the Mod did that makes him corrupt can someone explain. Sure he shouldn't have said that he will make it his mission to ban all his consoles but other than that I fail to see what he did wrong.

Unless the guy releases the full video then you really can't call the mod corrupt for all we know this guy was using glitches and cheating. If the guy did nothing wrong then why did he heavily edit that video why not release the full version.

360FTW22854d ago

I agree!(the part about corrupted MODs only.) Perhaps N4G should TRULY take your advise into consideration! Now wouldn't that be something.

SilentNegotiator2854d ago

Obviously "The Pro" is over-reacting. He warns him and then when everyone starts laughing at the mod, he bans him. He's just a pathetic nerd that can't take a little banter and banning people makes him feel powerful.

JeffGUNZ2854d ago

Actually, trash talking is considered a violation of the terms and conditions of Xbox Live. That's why when you file a complaint trash talk and vulgar language are listed as options. It's clear this was edited to make ThePro look bad. He has to be stern and assertive against this glicthers so they get the point.

kneon2854d ago

I have no doubt that this guy was provoked. He may have been a little over the top but we don't know everything they were doing and saying. I expect they deserved what they got.

And just because he's working for Microsoft does not automatically imply anything about his character, intelligence or motives. That is just another form of bigotry. He could be an A-hole, he could also be a great guy. Working for Microsoft has nothing to do with it.

Millah2854d ago

Regardless of who's at fault, that mod was still being a vagina. I don't care what those kids were saying, mods don't fight trash talkers with more trash talking, they should simply ban and that's it. That guy was provoking them back just as much by trying to flex his authority. If they were violating the terms of service, he should have left them a simple warning and if they continued ban them right away. Instead he acted just as immature as those other kids and was provoking them back.

N4BmpS2854d ago

Case closed, boom. Uh b4 I watched the video I "thought, uh-oh a douchebag moderator" then I seen the video, other than the fact that he needs to change his tone, because did sound like a douche. But he was probably as frustrated as many others playing the game so what ever, stop cheating.

RememberThe3572854d ago

That video got me at first. But now that it's been explained, it makes sense. Even though the mod still seemed a bit too arrogant, I can now understand where he was coming from. These kids had big ass mouths and got shut down. I can't really be mad at that.

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JasonXE2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Im unsure how the system works but it seems like the moderators on Xbox Live have wayyyyyyy to much power. It doesn't seem like there is a system of accountability and they can banned to there own digression without explaining why or leave any paper trail. Hence why when people call about being banned that the customer service people don't even though why. (Also no way to protest)

I wish Stephen would require the moderators to fill out a form and have it validated (with video/audio) by a third party division(Not within there "own" / group of friends) so there is nothing underhanded going on (like corrupted cops) before giving out a ban or suspension. Reading Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy and Enforcement statement gives me little confidence that anything will be done about this. Telling from "the Pro" reassurance that nothing will happen, it seems like he knows this aswell.

If this is the case then the system would need a total overhaul. This isn't a free service but a ""paid"" one. The system shouldn't be a "forum style type" of managing but professional customer service. That means forms being filled out if the moderator has a case (with mandatory video/audio evidence), third party validation (no insider), level of degree of banning, and user notification and response. Also going through a process to appeal.

Also moderators shouldn't be using there mod gamertag for leisure activity. It attracts too much attention and unnecessary commotion. If they do attract unnecessary attention then they should leave the room. Xbox live, though big, is a small community of places. Leave the room and if they persist then file a form as stated.
They should be undercover and investigating users who have tons of complaints given by users.

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The Lazy One2854d ago

it's microsoft. they document everything. they probably just don't send it all to india so you can figure out why you broke the terms of service.

If you read this article, the guy says exactly what the infraction was to begin with. You think he just pulled that out of a hat?

thesummerofgeorge2854d ago

but the mods seem to be as bad as the trash talking 12 year olds. People trash talk all the time, do we need mods getting involved? I would rather mods to be impartial and silent, they shouldn't engage in trash talk with people. And the threats he made are obnoxious. We shouldn't fight petty trash talk with petty trash talk.

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Rainstorm812854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

WHAT! that is crazy, you pay for xbox live and you cant even speak your mind. I can understand threats and vulgar/racist behavior towards other users, but trash talking?!

I am very competitve and i talk trash in every game i play online and i back it up. its fun to get the competition eager to play at thier highest level.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Gaming is as competitve as sports but you dont see athletes getting fined or suspended for talking trash to each other and they get paid, in this case your paying MS.

I know ill get like 50 disagrees, but talking trash to one another is every gamers god given right.

On Topic neither party was right the pro or the guy that got banned as he is a known MW2 cheater and every cheater deserves lifetime bans from not only XBLA but PSN as well.

TerminalGamer2853d ago

It's obvious that the video was doctored, and even more obvious considering the "unedited" portions that have now shown up on YouTube. Check out the video below which shows the banned player using a mod and cussing out "The Pro". Both of which are reasons to get banned.

Plain and simple - the player deserved to get banned and deserves a lifetime ban for then trying to manipulate video evidence to make it look like he was innocent. Cheating ruins the game and should be discouraged and dealt with severely, as it was.

Projekt7tuning2853d ago

@ 1.23
Good video. They deserved every bit of the ban plain and simple. I wish kids like that could be given a good old Singapore Caning. They ruin Live.

Jsynn72853d ago

Nice catch dude. This is why I stopped playing Halo and GeOW. I hate babies who think it's super cool to try to use every curse word in the English language or say the f'd someone in my family just because they can. I think the mod was right in banning him but next time around, if some punk kid is spouting off at the mouth like that, don't go down to their level. It'll only make him want to talk more sh!t. Just ban them and be done with it. The kid who made the first vid is also a douche cuz he edited out that part.

Old Greg2853d ago

As long as he is banning people who deserve it.

teh cells lost brain2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

they cant take a joke they dont get that whether its the gaming zone or the open zone this site is a flame war battlefield i wish the mods would send you a pm saying why they deleted your am i not allowed to have an opinion. do i have to love and play xbox live to comment on this article. i originally played xbox live for xbox 1, then i had a a 360 for awhile....i even edited my commeent to be more on topic what do you want from me mods.....your like a gf you just want to change me to your liking well its never going to happen.....stop trying to shut me up....or else i'll hire that crybaby cod 6 modder to make you guys look

teh cells lost brain2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

if i was the pro i would have found his address and drove to where he lived and kicked that kid square in the nuts man.....and banned him for life or at least until his balls drop. you know kids are 12 years old when they try so damn hard to lip you off like. the grandma and mother jokes just screamed im 12 years old and i cant sound threatening so ill just say lame jokes instead.......he thought the pro was bluffing lol and the pro owned him with the ban hammer lol....the word modding in psn really doesn't exist...i personally havent ran into and cheaters in mw 2....H core nube tuberz and last stand, and that cammando and knife to pistol attachement really piss me off though i dont care who you are you cant stab someone from 10 feet away lol......that kid definitely deserved to get a ban he basically begged for it with the grandma and mom jokes....hes gotta learn when you call someones bluff sometimes there actually arnt bluffing and you get burned and you gotta man up and deal with the consequences. but in all fairness you got to hit puberty first before you can learn those lessons hah...... also i feel bad for believing the article video once i saw the video terminal attached i would have omitted a few sentences from my deleted post....

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Mildrop2854d ago

Seems like those that exploit the glitching are trying to seek revenge on those that police it.

Blaze9292854d ago

Dude is a jerk though, The Pro. "I don't care if you forward this to Jesus, nothing will happen to me." Wow...Jesus?

JokesOnYou2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

I won't defend him because a moderator should have thick skin, but lets put this into context Blaze, there are some people out there that will keep throwing rocks at you until you pick one up and throw it back, maybe whatever was edited was just that, then when the mod finally starting threatening the ban, he plays it low key and tapes the event as if the mod stepped way out of line simply because of 1 or 2 sware words. I don't know I could easily be wrong and maybe this guy actually wasn't over the top, but its questionable at best who's at fault.


blasian2854d ago

"I don't care if you forward this to Jesus, nothing will happen to me"
LOTR - Line of The Year

Rocket Sauce2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This video is hilarious. All these guys are a bunch of little weiners.

Jesus may not care, but if his mom catches him playing xbox after 8 PM...ohhhhh man!

SilentNegotiator2854d ago

"but if his mom catches him playing xbox after 8 PM...ohhhhh man!"

The mod or the "Offender"? I'd say both :P

Rocket Sauce2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Yeah, both of them, for sure. Pretty much everybody in this video. Maybe not so much they people who just wanna play a game and not flex their e-muscles.

UnwanteDreamz2854d ago

The kid probably brought the ban on himself. I do think however that the MOD should have been more professional. I would never be able to speak to a customer/ client like that without being reprimanded. Even if the person is hostile you should always remain calm and represent your company in a favorable way.

If he had the ability to ban they guy he should have just done it without a conversation.

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The Simple Truth2854d ago

He's clearly hiding something.

pixelsword2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

It's people like the poster, not the mod, that'll ruin the good reputation that XBL has earned. XBL smearing isn't a good thing to do.