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Sony Slings Mud at Competitors, But Facts Don't Agree

resumeplay writes: "First, I think it might be prudent to state that I am not a Microsoft or Nintendo fanboy. I'm a PC guy, and I run Windows only because that's what most games require. Bill Gates and Miyamoto, while they seem like cool guys who have certainly made it big by running their respective industry niches (and in the case of Gates, the industry as a whole), enjoy no real positive feelings from me." (PS3)

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mau64  +   2051d ago
Interesting article.
Genesis5  +   2051d ago
Sure they have only taken criticism from every loose cannon with a keyboard for the past 3 years. Now they fire a few shots back and they're the bad guy.

By any chance have you heard of a chap by the name of Aaron Greenberg there Marcus(author of this article). He has made it his lifes work to sling mud at Sony any chance he gets.
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smashly  +   2051d ago
It wasn't that they are the bad guy, its just interesting how he contradicts himself.
LordMarius  +   2051d ago
Dont listen to these fools, Sony
You show them who is boss
velcry  +   2051d ago
Here's Another Perspective On N4G and Life
I know this is a very strange place to rant, but here goes.

In the short span of 2 hours I had major earth-shaking quarrels with my mother and my girlfriend. Completely spent from trying to separate emotions from rationale choices, I retreated to my room and tried to distract myself with random surfing.

And then I saw this article.

I think what I want to say is... everyone, just give it a rest. Stop bickering about the Console Wars, stop taking one interview from Sony/MS/Nintendo and then dissecting it endlessly for weeks.

Stop creating multiple accounts to spam the worst possible fanboy vile just to see what sort of response you can get from others. Stop belittling others when they make their own consumer choices. Respectfully share your views, recognize you can't change the world, then engage in meaningful discourse with those who share similar views.

Most of all, stop getting so worked up over the small things in life that don't matter. Even if you're a hikkikomori but for the fact that your local health system hasn't yet recognized the disorder, there must be at least one or two other real-life people who matter to you.

So go out there, spread some love. If others put up some insanely asinine fanboy comment, just let it slide. Smile, move on.

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fear88  +   2051d ago
I like how the article totally avoids the exact claims Sony PR made
And just outright says its wrong and dumb. You go into NO DETAIL and just basically give the reader a watered down third person view that is viewed through inverse fanboy goggles.

You yourself make claims that FAIL to be based on the actual interview.

Instead you substitute the quotes to your takeaway fanboy opinion that "Whatever sony says is wrong" Instead of quoted reference to said interview.

The article as a whole is written with no accuracy to the original interview and therefore the article itself is nothing more than an utter load of horse crap laid on top of the keyboard and posted online.

PS. for those who want to compare the facts here is the actual interview:

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we won  +   2051d ago
@MariusElijah Sony came out the gate slinging mud: 120FPS-4D-1080p in all games-MSFT reaches for the Moon, while we the Sun- 360 games won't match PS3 launch games during the 360's entire lifetime.
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Anon1974  +   2051d ago
"... as recorded by VGChartz"
Ok, right there you know something is up with this article. It starts talking about PS3 versus 360 sales and then links to VGchartz. VGchartz is still almost 2 million off the official sales data that Sony provided from the end of Dec, almost 2 months ago. Are you really going to them as the authority on game sales when they're still so far out?

And then dig into this article. The author boldly states that "Sony's comments aren't supported by facts."
Ok. Where are these facts? I've read this article twice now and I can't find a single spot where the author points out a single "fact" that this Sony guy was in violation of - let along "facts" plural.

He mentions that it's a fact that a lot of games are multiplatform. I really don't see how that's relevant to the quote regarding Wii developers struggling to find an audience on the Wii. When I read the quote from the Sony exec, no where do I see him denying the existence of multiplatform games. He's talking about conversations he's had with publishers working on the Wii.

Is there a second page to this article where it busts out the "facts"?
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EvilBlackCat  +   2051d ago
PS3 vs Xbox360

JokesOnYou  +   2051d ago
Its just fanboys over-reacting....
I always see this as just salesmanship, very rarely do they(micro, sony, nintendo execs) really say anything way out of line just normal pitch lines for their product. I've been listening to Greenberg for a year or so now and if you really listen to his words without bias all he really says in one way or another is that xbox 360 lineup is the best, look at our NPD sales(wont mention Japan) and in the rare case that 360 is not leading in either hardware or huge lead in software sales then he will find something else to brag about that shows how healthy 360 is. Sony is no different they just usually use "only possible on ps3" BS to cater to their fanboys beliefs, to sony's credit though they have been alot more humble in their marketing, steping back from the "work more hours to buy a ps3" or whatever that qoute was, the competitive market has forced them to listen to the consumer more. I always wonder why fanboys on either side take to heart what exec's say, rarely is it offensive or disrespectful to the other brand, quite frankly I'd be more worried if they CAN'T tell me why they at least THINK they are better than the competition. I laugh at fanboys crying over nothing as if they were going to talk about what the competition is doing better.

Besides sony's reasoning being flawed I dont see anything bad about their statements. Theres a big difference between saying "we believe our product is better than the competition, we will win/sale more/be the best because we do this or that better" vs saying "we are the best because our competiton sucks, that sucks, this sucks, yeah we're the best". One thing that really seperates all the companies PR is the general reaction from their respective communities, wii fanboys reaction is almost non existant, 360 fanboy reaction is that of general disbelief, ps3 fanboy reaction is like somebody just insulted their mother, its alot more negativity, personal insults(so many fat jokes about Greenburg and Valve exec) although entertaining to watch really doesnt make their response any more creditable.

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Saaking  +   2051d ago
I don't get the point of the article. What Sony has said is true. ESPECIALLY considering the ONE YEAR HEADSTART that the 360 had (in which it amasses a total of 10 million consoles). The PS3 DOES have the most exclusives. The PS3 DOES have the most groundbreaking games (LBP and UC2 have BOTH swept the AIAS awards), and the PS3 IS more reliable and more packed than the 360. The PS3 HAS been constantly outselling the 360 WW since September.

I mean, when Sony is saying it it is true and makes sense. They don't just run their mouths like MS reps do.
rroded  +   2051d ago
man anyone with an axe ta grind can print one of these anti sony articles n get aporoved on ng4

Venomish  +   2051d ago
stopped at " I am not a Microsoft or Nintendo fanboy"
obviously not professional article. garbage
presto717  +   2051d ago
Whine whine whine
And b*tch some more while you're at it!!! Its obvious that this guy is not objective. What a dumb article.
Blaster_Master  +   2051d ago
The only fact I know and ever need to know is that the ps3 has the best exclusives period. Until Nintendo or Microsoft comes out with games like Wipeout HD, Motorstorm 2, WKC, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, resistance, MAG ect ect I suggest both Microsoft and Nintendo take notes. BTW, Nintendo is doing a better job when it comes to first party titles, until then, Microsoft needs to come up with a good reason why I shouldn't sell my 360 after im done playing Mass Effect 2.
BWS1982  +   2051d ago
Just, no,
the "article" is full of horrid prose, run-on sentences and denied fanboyism. So, just no, I read about half of it and stopped because it was so poorly written and reeked of bias. The dude ignorantly just states "and that’s a legitimate paraphrase" and you can just feel the butthurt steaming off the screen as the words scroll on. Then he puts up a pic of a busted PS3 with a troll caption under it. Yeah, no fanboyism there. He has blatant allegiance, and I can't relate to that. Moving on. Fanboy banter, FAIL.

Hey JOY, where's your Evil Dead account, you know, signed "Evil"...then... "JOY" ...yeah, we'd never notice that obscure pattern. The predominance of "LMAO" quips, yeah, totally untraceable. It's sad you can't take a hint when your bubbles drop so low, and you have to start up a new account. Either step out of your troll boots or stop coming around, nobody wants your babble. And "creditable" is not the same as "credible" so learn some writing skills, too.
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darkpower  +   2051d ago
You do it AGAIN, and you were doing so well, too.

Thing is, you're doing what everyone in this console war has been doing: generalizing that only PS3 fanboys become extremely bad. Everyone keeps saying "oh, PS3 fanboys are the worst of the bunch" and go into all of these things that they do, put them into a box, say that because a few people have done this, all of the people in their group do the exact same thing, then say there's some conspiracy behind it all. If there was, and there were so many PS3 fanboys IN on it, do you think it would be revealed by now? I mean, hell, not even the real reason behind Bush going into Iraq (read: oil and Haliburton) was held THAT close to the chest. For a group of fanboys who are supposed to be so immature in how they comment on N4G, we sure as hell give them a DAMN good bit credit for hiding such a secret society from the mainstream. By the way, Greenberg was never slammed with a fat joke.

Those that are aimed at Newell are thought of as being deserved (though even then, many PS3 fanboys go there anymore. I just do because I'm a narcissistic SOB like that) because of the venomous, unfounded slams on the PS3. Think of it as an eye for an eye.

And no, not all PS3 fanboys subscribe to that kind of behavior, and no, the behavior is not exclusive to them. I can name at least one incident in which the shoe was on the other foot, but I won't mention it out of respect for the person that was offended by it. I've been called a PS3 fanboy since I GOT here. Everyone keeps saying that PS3 fanboys bubble each other up. If I'm one of them, then where the hell are mine? Someone forgot to invite me to this little party that went on here. I feel left out. I mean, yeah, I piss people off here because I'm blunt on here (at least I'll tell you if I think you're wrong instead of hitting disagree and running or anything like that), but, according to some, I'm a PS3 fanboy. I shouldn't have to worry about losing bubbles, should I?

To me, I think Rob Foor changed the whole completion about the fanboy stuff, and I think "NASI(A)M" (whichever team he plays for this week) opened the flood gates (along with Foor, who I wish would just admit his crimes already) to generalizing PS3 gamers like this in such a way that is insulting. Why do we have to hate the PS3 to be called gamers, and why is liking a PS3 game or the system the same as being a fanboy or a part of a secret society?

And why do articles like this one never get written about anything Greenberg says? He can say all he wants and get away with it, but the PS3 PR can't get away without making ONE comment like that?
DaTruth  +   2050d ago
There is only one reason why fanboys of a certain console would bother you so much... Because you are a fanboy of the other console!

You guys need to start facing the reality that the only reason it hurts so much, is that you are a fanboy and can't stand hearing bad things about something you love(like mother jokes).

I get slightly annoyed when 360 fanboys commandeer the thread with some fanboy drivel and on occasion(most occasions), I'll shoot back. But some of you here just rant on and on about fanboys of the other console and hardly discuss games anymore!
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2050d ago
This article sounds a lot like this:
Wah wah wah. Sony say mean things to my loyal companies and hurt my feelings.

is that really news?

I want my news to be about gaming. Not hurt feelings.
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Mr_Bun  +   2050d ago
If what Rob Dyer said was so bad, why did it take the author 4 paragraphs before Rob's comments are posted?

Every time someone starts their blog with "I'm not a fanboy..." You know damn well they are!
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N4BmpS  +   2050d ago
Uhh Okay A PC Fanboy Who has a Problem With Sony...What about MS?
Okay first I wanna Say Yaaaaaaaay it's Sunday, maybe more news will come regarding big blockbuster games this week. Anyway on the topic of...this guy, Marcus Clem? I think that's his name, he seems to have a problem with the said "crap" Sony's VP of PR, Rob Dyer has been throwing around. I just want to say and maybe he forgot to mention this, the fact that Dyer said any and all of this us because it's his job to get people talking, sort of like how Greenberg makes backhanded complements regarding almost anything Sony does. I don't think this ultimately helps Sony as a company but it's dog eat dog, if they want to pitch their system in that manner then they're going to do it. The author is simply expressing a lopsided opinion, to make this a more down the middle article he should have spoken on what Sony and what MS said, weighed in between what's crap and what's not. Just a thought.
Dukeoffl  +   2051d ago
cool article, man
Biggest  +   2050d ago
It seems as if everyone is missing the sarcasm in this post. lol
smashly  +   2051d ago
The console war is just a big joke anyway, they are all winner IMO.
Ziriux  +   2051d ago
You're very much right. While the Wii doesn't sell much software, hard ware keeps it in business. The 360 software sells in great quantity keep it on float. While Sony has a great quality in most of their titles. Only different between the three is the type of gamer they bring in. 360 known more for FPS titles, PS3 for RPG's and Wii for family party games.
mau64  +   2051d ago
agree completely, I have all three and love them all, although my Wii doesn't get much play time, this year could change with all the great games coming out for it.
pippoppow  +   2051d ago
Partly agree
PS3= known for diverse exclusives (quantity and quality) not mainly just RPGs.

360= FPS and multiplats

Wii= family party games, rehashes and shovelware
stoppre  +   2051d ago
Yeah...out of the lineups thus far revealed. Microsoft has a pretty big lineup with fable III, halo reach, splinter cell, natal, alan wake...yeah...its packed. And the wii has Super Mario Galaxy and probably zelda...thats all they need!
brandynevils  +   2051d ago
Yeah, Microsoft has a good year ahead of them.
Ziriux  +   2051d ago
Fable nor Halo don't have the same impacted as they did once. halo reach has a positive though, it is the last game and many will want it just to have it. As far as Fable goes Fable III is more of II and more of Peter giving you a ear full of trying to make things sound better than they are.
hazardman  +   2051d ago
I don't know what you said that you got disagrees..face it 2010 is Microsoft's year..Sony is gonna need more than just GOW3. Not bashing PS3 I own one, but just be realistic 2010 is XBOX360 Yr.
RememberThe357  +   2051d ago
So you think Sony doesn't have anything other than GoW3?
So you forgot about GT5? Or Heavy Rain? Or Modnation Racers? or Agent? With rumors of Killzone, Resistance, Syphon Filter, Motorstorm, and others Sony seems like it's going to be fine this year. We really don't even know what they have in store for later this year.
tinybigman  +   2050d ago
i own all 3 consoles
and i gotta say out of the 3 i have more to get on the PS3 then the other 2. i just finished Heavy Rain last night (outstanding game).

if it wasnt for ME2 and Splinter Cell i probably wouldnt play my 360 at all this year. even though Halo Reach is looking pretty good im not at all interesting in it, and M$ first party games do not excite me much as they dont have variety; its either Halo, Forza, or Fable.

i wished M$ would push for new creative IPs instead of releasing these same 3 games year after year.

Sony has never disappointed me so ill continue to give them my support. Nintendo will always have my support for their 1st party. i would support/respect Microsoft more if they created more studios and put some variety in their 1st party lineup.
hazardman  +   2050d ago
I know there is more than GOW3..Did Sony confirm that Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 were coming this yr. There is only 3 games I'm interested in this yr. for PS3 GOW3,MLB10 and GT5..if Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 come out then yeah I would maybe change my stance, but at the moment this yr. is Xbox360..Thank You..Sonybot
Ziriux  +   2051d ago
I dont' know why everyone messes with Sony, their a great console manufacturer that's never let me down nor millions of their other owners.
stoppre  +   2051d ago
man all sony does is let me down....Gran turismo 5...enough said!!!
mau64  +   2051d ago
but you got other great games like Heavy Rain and God of War which will keep people happy, plus we aren't even sure about this holiday season yet and E3 is coming right up.
stoppre  +   2051d ago
they do tend to drag their feet on some updates though. Things like Home, dedicated friends list, mic support, and even trophy support have taken way too long to be implemented properly.
Silly gameAr  +   2051d ago
Dude. You should just stick with your 360. You sound pretty nit picky when it comes to the PS3. Not happy with the PS3, just stick with XBox.

As for the mud slinging. It's about time. I think Sony should be more vocal when the competition pretty much bring Sony up every chance they get.

Edit:"It is also funny to hear them talk about the competition and try in every way to skew the numbers in their direction"

Do me a favor man. Find me 3 articles of the number skewing that Sony is doing. I would like to see some of the scandalous ways they try to mislead us. While you're at it, look up a few 360 articles about their numbers.

Oh boy. I can't wait. That evil Sony is making the industry look bad. I hope Microsoft can restore our faith in gaming.:/
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stoppre  +   2051d ago
i have no problem with sony talking a little trash...all the companies do it. It's just part of big business. It is also funny to hear them talk about the competition and try in every way to skew the numbers in their direction
VenerableBmoney  +   2051d ago
Nice to see Sony spouting some contradictions and having their superiority questioned. I'm surprised this hasn't got comment flamed yet.
mau64  +   2051d ago
Just wait til in the morning man... I'm sure it will happen.
CheatsMcGee  +   2051d ago
Not really surprising that he's slinging mud. While Sony has the superior console, their sales aren't keeping up with that and he's probably just letting the heat get to him. Really, they shouldn't insult each other at all, but that doesn't mean it won't happen...
George Sears  +   2051d ago
I guess some people that work for Sony (like this Rob incompetent) are still lingering in lala land and believe that there really isn't that much threat in it's competition. Or better yet, that there isn't any competition to begin with. This state of mind is childish at best. Don't come and judge your future success on old ones. It'll just bite you in the @$$.
Karooo  +   2051d ago
no one makes articles
when greenberg talks trash why?
Silly gameAr  +   2051d ago
Yeah. And, is it just me or are there quite a few new people on lately bringing up 4 year old comments from E3 that Sony has pretty much paid for.

00  +   2051d ago
That's cause
nobody lessons to Aaron Greenberg.
v1c1ous  +   2051d ago
'no one makes articles about aaron greenburg'
you havent been on n4g long have you?
Bzone24  +   2051d ago
"no one makes articles when greenberg talks trash why?"

Lol. You are kidding aren't you?
nephalti  +   2051d ago
nice picture for the article a flying WII.
MajesticBeast  +   2051d ago
He used vgchartz who has uncharted 2 at 2.67million sold, whole article went to sh1t from that point.

Now i want a article about the man that mentions ps3 and Sony in every interview Aaron Greenburg.
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Philaroni  +   2051d ago
MS flings mud just about every week? I don't see what the big deal is.
RememberThe357  +   2051d ago
There is no doubt that this Dyer guy was being a douche.
But I got the sense that he really pissed this author off. Did he not give resumeplay an interview? The author admits to not seeing a reason to play his PS3 but we're supposed to take this as a level headed response to those moronic PR comments?

I'm sorry, but you don't respond to a douche bag by being a douche bag. This is one of the worst critiques I've ever read and is completely void of any thought other than "I think this guy is a moron".

The author claims that exclusives don't dictate console purchase, and that despite the fact that PS3 sales are up it's still behind the 360 and Wii (witch is a "no sh*t" type of comment seeing as the PS3 isn't going to make up a 7 million plus and 30 million plus divide in one holiday season).

If the author doesn't think that games sell gaming systems you have to question the validity of this analysis. Does he honestly think that Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo don't do market research to determine the importance of exclusive content?
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VenerableBmoney  +   2050d ago
Ever hear of "op-ed"? The "op" stands for "opinion," which it seems the author offered, in response to comments made by an executive. Author didn't claim anything but neutrality- and all he did was respond to comments made out of context, by creating an opinion piece reflecting them. It's funny to see people get so bent out of shape when an article on a Sony-populated site criticizes their executives.

Microsoft fans have seen more than enough commentary on here that crashes on their console- hurts when it's the other way around, doesn't it?
XabiTheHumble  +   2050d ago
Read the title
@VenerablyBmoney the title clearly says "Sony Slings mud but FACTS don't add up" meaning the article was intended to bring FACTS to why Sony's recent comments don't "add up" not opinions and ironically he didn't bring any facts to the table just subliminal fanboism.
XabiTheHumble  +   2051d ago
i find it funny how this gaming journalist have to state that they are not fanboys so they can then proceed to bash sony lol anyways for people who read the article thoroughly he really didn't refute anything that sony said. i mean seriously he talks about how we don't really know why the consumers bought the console so it would be ignorant to say that its because of sonys first party games so why the hell did they buy the console for.... for the web browser?
MajesticBeast  +   2051d ago
I think he bought it to stream porn. I mean seriously i bought my console for fifa... No i bought it for the first party games like pretty much any ps3 owner so yeah first party is the playstation's weapon, no mutiplatform title can reach the quality of a uncharted 2,Killzone 2 or a god of war 3.
#14.1 (Edited 2051d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ClownBelt  +   2051d ago
Trash article is trash. Trash author and human being is trash.

Try again fanboy. You've put your nice little spin on everything that was said.
RandomDude655  +   2051d ago
Sony deserves to talk trash. They've made the best three consoles, and have unnecessarily taken trash from crappy blogs like this one.
Twinsin21  +   2051d ago
Well if the author takes offense to this, I am sure he doesn't play his pc online and definitely not xbox live or playstation network. Just because the amount of trash talk you hear when playing online.

How this relates to the topic? Well its a metaphor.
evilmonkey501  +   2051d ago
that Microsoft BLATANTLY lies at just about every moment it can about just anything under the sun...well...you know.
Baross2025  +   2051d ago
Hm an interesting read but I think Sony actually made some good points though slightly unfounded.
yewles1  +   2051d ago
After two years of Sony being silent in the wake of constant bashing by almost the entire media, a couple of quips gets them squashed back down to something smaller than a gnat. Typical...
MyWordIsGospel  +   2051d ago
your adding flames to the fire
With continued responses to this dumb, ill-informed, biased, poor, flamebating article and N4G are just as guilty for publishing this garbage. Any gamer with a soul or a ounce of integrity will know that M$ are single handedly cheapining the games market and started off this awful 'mud slinging' by bribing or hiring the media to promote they're faulty product. I'm so sick of reading trash, and would be amazed to see some positive articles about ps3's stellar line up of games that have graced our lucky nimble gaming fingers. MAG is criminally underlooked and panned by trolls on here, it should be lauded as most innovative fps ever, also LBP, KZ2 and UN2 are stunning games that wii or 360 cannot match or will never surpass. So please people get a life and stop fighting about consoles, just enjoy the AAA exclusives while M$ owners play yet another generic sci fi / zombie title.
Raoh  +   2051d ago
LOL the article makes no sense the general gaming community seems to agree

yet and still it got approved in seconds i'm sure

baodeus  +   2051d ago
What are u guys talking about game on the wii aren't selling? Look at wii fit, mario, wii sport, cooking mama, etc. Games design toward casual gamers are selling like hotcakes on the wii. Load of JRPG are banking on the wii as well. What sony PR said actually aren't really true either. Why would u give up +50 million potential customers for 33 million? It doesn't make any business sense to do so. U can make game for the Ps3, while still making game for the wii as well. It is not like 3rd party developers just gonna drop making game on the wii. If Sony or MS don't really care about the wii, why suddenly immitate motion gaming? They know where most of the money is at, so both MS and Sony want a share of that market.


Wow what a true Sony believer. I don't think u have the capacity to be a gamer (gamer play game regardless of console).

"MAG is criminally underlooked and panned by trolls on here, it should be lauded as most innovative fps ever, also LBP, KZ2 and UN2 are stunning games that wii or 360 cannot match or will never surpass" Do u think this is fact? This is exactly like your name Mywordisgospel.

What other games have u play beside PS3? Do u know anything else beside PS3? Wake up and try other games as well and u'll see, LBP, KZ2 and UN2 aren't the only good games out there. This is why i hate fanboy, mostly Sony fanboy on N4G, cause they are so closed minded.
DJ  +   2051d ago
Who wrote this garbage?
Sony has had the right to trash-talk Microsoft for years, but had enough class and respect to simply let their games and online support do the talking. Microsoft can't stop talking about how much better the 360 is, yet have nothing to back up their claims.

Microsoft is going to be in a weird position at E3 2010 since the PS3 and 360 are only going to be a few million units apart in life-to-date sales. Shareholders, publishers, and developers care about quarterly growth, and Sony has that in spades. Microsoft will still claim a (slight) advantage in life-to-date figures, but Sony will be able to claim that the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2009, just as it did in 2008.

This in turn will drive even more developers to create PS3 exclusives, which are far more impressive than multiplatform titles, as well as 360 exclusives.
The Simple Truth  +   2051d ago
Someone should hack his blog and crash it.
Pure crap this article.

Sony's games are looking better year on year, something that can't be said for the 360 or Wii. When Wii and 360 gamers buy a second console, who do you think they're going to choose?

Are the Noobs going to buy a failure box and pay $40 a year to play online across their noobish dialup?

Are the teen chavs going to buy a Wii to play Wii fit?

Nope. EVERYONE comes back to Sony with their tail between their legs eventually. And like a loving father, Sony will welcome them (and their money) back to the loving fold of hardcore, mature gameplay.

Play beyond, play Playstation 3.
nefertis  +   2051d ago
Someone should hack his blog and crash it.
LMAO. Playb3yond
sashimi  +   2051d ago
Another day
another retard attempts to write an article spewing crap, don't people play games anymore or was that a last gen thing?
sid4gamerfreak  +   2051d ago
in n4g, ppl dont play games anymore. To them it is a last gen thing. In n4g, they just rant and bash each others consoles and probably dont even play on their beloved consoles because of their insecurity of their respective consoles.

Anyway, Sony does have a certain right to trash talk about Microsoft, but in the end, if Sony did not trash talk, they would seem like the more mature and better company instead of trying to scoop down to Microsoft inmaturity levels.
iamjman  +   2051d ago
you have to take a test for n4g to submit or approve articles, and im pretty sure when you take that test this is a perfect example of what not to post. some biased guy ranting about more opinion than anything. the title says "Facts Don't Agree " well he happen to throw in facts that he wanted to and left a few out .... lame article
nefertis  +   2051d ago
I love the article Im a playstation fanboy for life. Playb3yond
sid4gamerfreak  +   2051d ago
Then get the f&^% outta here! U can comment in the open zone where they mindlessly talk about which console is better. Oh i forgot, in the gamer zone, ppl do that already.
nefertis  +   2050d ago
@sid4gamerfreak are u done with my d!ck in your mouth i know it taste good alot of girls love it. Playb3yond
mcnablejr  +   2050d ago
my poor old playstation.
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