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Motorstorm 3 Domain Name Registered By Sony Europe

Irish Gaming Site TheGamingLiberty.com write;

"It appears that the domain Motorstorm3.com is registered to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Curiously www.motorstorm3.com takes you directly to Sony's Official Playstation Website. So with that I ran a quick Who Is search and sure enough, www.motorstorm3.com was created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe on the 19th of January 2010 with an expiry date listed for the 19th of January 2010. It looks like Motorstorm 3 could therefore be on the way to Playstation 3." (Motorstorm 3, PS3)

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Sevir04  +   2019d ago
YAAAAASSSSSS give me Motorstorm 3...!!!!
i cant wait to see this game, 2 wasn't as awe inspiring as the first motorstorm, and i think evolution new that which is why they didn't do one in 2009 like they did in 07 and 08, to me, the second game felt unfinished. i'm sure with all the tech going MS3 will look like UC2 with track defamation ^^ i cant wait.
captain-obvious  +   2019d ago
oh boy
with all of those roumers going on i can see eony having one hell of an E3 this time

so far
KZ3 (maybe)
R3 (maybe)
TM (100%sure)
MS3 (50%)
8days (maybe)

and alot more
LordMarius  +   2019d ago
yes E3 will be awesome
or GDC ;)
-Alpha  +   2019d ago
K3 would be great-- I am hoping for co-op and a much bigger MP with hopefully a theater mode like UC2/Halo. They have a replay mode on their website, but it would be better if they integrated it in.

8 Days had the nicest animations I've ever seen, and I would love for it to resurface. Scrapping it for EyeToy was STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

Can care less about Resistance 3 unless they change the MP gameplay, I can't stand it.

Motorstorm is a pretty good AA franchise, #2 made good improvements. I am a big fan of split screen and I love the split screen in this game.

I wonder when ModNations is releasing, that has split screen too.

@CPT Obvious below

Ah, ok, though they did put it on hold for Eye Toy for some reason. 8 Days just looks way too bad ass and I really can't wait for it. I still can't get over how freaking awesome that one animation was where that cop was firing his pistol while sliding from the hood of the car, it was damn butter! Resistance's multiplayer is horrible IMO. I tried getting into it but I honestly can't. Way too random first of all as death happens from nearly anywhere and your just mindlessly shooting at random enemies. R2 had great co-op though and I may buy R3 based on co-op alone.

I just wish Insomniac put MP into R&C again this gen. UYA's MP was awesome.
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captain-obvious  +   2019d ago
thay said that 8days is on hold
and they'll get back on it soon

and about R2
the thing is that the MP is just CRAAAAAAAZY

and i think that Motorstorm got alot of potential and im sure that this well show with time
Cyrax_87  +   2019d ago
Never ended up buying Motorstorm...
...but I did buy number 2, and I loved it. Motorstorm 3 would be a day 1 buy as well.
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Oldsnake007  +   2019d ago
Uncharted 2 got its animations from 8days
jwatt  +   2019d ago
I swear I was just thinking is a new Motorstorm going to come out this yea even though there's GT5 and Modnation Racers coming out this year.
Maddens Raiders  +   2019d ago
....(...........) -
best Off-Road Racing Game Series of ALL-TIME.

3 times is a charm and (another platinum).
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adriano999  +   2019d ago
The first Motorstorm came out in 06(NA), not 07
BlackIceJoe  +   2019d ago
Alpha-Male22 I so agree I want to see Eight Days come back. Because what was shown from the leaked footage the game looked like it would have been a great split-screen co-op game. So I hope Sony puts it back into production. Plus if Killzone 3 has co-op that will be awesome. Because the whole time I was playing KZ2 I thought the game would fit perfectly for co-op. So I hope it gets added into KZ3.
The Great Melon  +   2019d ago
I am so glad I bought the MotorStorm 2 a month or so ago back when it was on sale for $20. My friends and I have been having a blast with the game in split screen. I wish the map packs weren't so much else I would buy them in an instant.

While I liked the first one a lot, the lack of split screen killed it for me, so the second one has been my favorite. I much prefer playing games with people, not avatars.
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Saaking  +   2019d ago
I remember Motorstorm beating out Forza 2 at the AIAS awards. Motorstorm 3 is very welcomed.
TOO PAWNED  +   2019d ago
i was hoping they were making something new, not new Motowhocares 3
sniper-squeak  +   2019d ago
Hopefully this one will be more like the very first trailer for Motorstorm ever shown :D (including in-car view)
masterg  +   2019d ago
MotorStorm 3 with ModNation Racers track building.
Now that would be amazing. MS/MS2 are still my two favorite racers this generation.
sikbeta  +   2019d ago
Motor Storm[2]: Pacific Rift > Motor Storm


Motor Storm[3] >>> Motor Storm[2]: Pacific Rift >> Motor Storm

Gamers FTW!!!
Raoh  +   2019d ago
i hope its better than part 2.. it was a good game but i liked motorstorm 1 better.
Abash  +   2019d ago
I hope this has snow terrain racing like Arctic Edge. With the PS3's graphics, the snow levels should look amazing.
unrealgamer58  +   2019d ago
gdc showing basically confirmed. now bring on resistance 3.
Scruffy_K  +   2019d ago
In other, more interesting and unexpected news, the world continues to turn on it's axis
arsenal55  +   2019d ago
I hope they add in car and like really upgrade the graphics engine.
MajesticBeast  +   2019d ago
Dont forget that cambridge might have something to show at E3 same for Sony bend it has been awhile since resistance psp came out.

@alpaha:Im thinking Modnation will get a release around May/June/Juli. I loved the beta with only 10% of everything and still people managed to create great characters and tracks so i cant wait for the final game.
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spunnups  +   2019d ago
I love this series. I hope the introduce more customizations to the vehicles as well as custom tracks. That would be something special.
alphakennybody  +   2019d ago
CHEERS for the best off road racing game ever created!!! Just add those mini event that shows in those video on the starting screens and patch up yer visuals and I'll be happy MS:PR was and still is the best.MS3 has a lot of potential to unlock.
Nathan Drake2  +   2019d ago
these games coul come out this year:
motorstorm 3
little big planet 2
final fantasy versus 13
white knight chronicles 2
demon's souls 2
syphon filter 5
twisted metal
gran turismo 5
killzone 3
resistance 3
infamous 2
parrapa the rapper 3
the last guardian
idol minds game
cambridge studio game
disgaea 4
gamingisnotacrime  +   2019d ago
will they match the infamous 2005 trailer?
i have high hopes for MS3, MS 2 is fun, but not a huge leap from one
HelghanEmperor  +   2019d ago
So far Motorstorm has fallen short of what it could have been in my opinion.

They need a few things to take this game from decent to awesome

1. co%kpit view (like the dirt series, and like the 2005 trailer of the firstmotorstorm)

2. More variety of locations (make several festivals intstead of just one)

3. Deep customization of both vehicles and tracks. (How awesome would it be if you could create some crazy tracks)
BlackIceJoe  +   2019d ago
Great news I can't wait to see where Motorstorm 3 will take place. I liked on the PSP version the game took play on a mountain and you could use a snowmobile. I would love to see in MS3 you being able to use a Jet ski. That I think would be awesome. Plus it could show off wicked sweet water effects too.
remanutd55  +   2019d ago
cant wait to see where Motorstorm festival goes next , EVO you guys have a pretty big task to accomplish , we the LUNATICS want to see the best Motorstorm YET !!! , i really loved the car customization in Arctic Edge and the terrain control too so those features better be there on Motorstorm 3 as well as better ATVs handling and more craziness , i cant freaking wait , im probably gonna get cursed by Uncharted , Little Big Planet , Heavenly Sword , MAG , inFAMOUS fanboys but Motorstorm is my favorite new IP from sony this generation, i love all the other ones but Motorstorm is a way of life , LUNATICS UNITE !!!!!
arakouftaian  +   2019d ago
You say the same
For every ps3
they aré your fav
made up your mind
cerote jajaja
Dead_Cell  +   2019d ago
You have a horrible way of typing.
remanutd55  +   2019d ago
read carefully i said the best new IP , my favorite games this generation so far
1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Motorstorm Pacific Rift
3. Uncharted 2
4. Warhawk
5. Resistance Fall of Man / Heavenly Sword
my most anticipated games
1. God of War 3
2. Gran Turismo 5
3. The Last Guardian
and as i said before i love almost all the games i have bought this gen but Motorstorm is a way of life
Carl1412  +   2019d ago
F*ck it's like 4 or 5 months til E3 and i'm already stoked
jag_stilvecchio  +   2019d ago
Love both MS1 & MS Pacific Rift
MS3 will definitely be a day 1 purchase. Seriously though... 3 MS games early in the PS3's life and no word on Twisted Metal. It's time Sony!!
tiamat5  +   2019d ago
Are you guys kidding me? Infamous 2, KZ3 and Motorstorm 3? if these are the games they have up there sleeves adding Agent and Last Guardian and maybe Twisted Metal to it we PS3 owners are in for one hell of a year. If even half these games come out this year forget about wondering if any of Sony's games will be GOTY. The PS3 will be system of the year.
TOO PAWNED  +   2019d ago
i bet Last Guardian and Agent are for 2011. But i see a couple on unannounced games being announced and released in 2010. Like Syphon Filter for PS3. Do you really think Sony would want Syphon Filter and Agent to collide with each other in same year and in same quarter?
Agent in probably early 2011. As is LG. But both will be at E3.
I don't know anything, just my opinion.
nogolis  +   2019d ago
Motor Storm 3 will have "some" free roam elements to it. The production stills have your driver on foot even. While not as open ended as Burnout Paradise, it seems to be shaping up similar to that game in terms of going to events and triggering certain ones by driving to different sections of the "festival".

There is also a c*ckpit view in some of the production stills too. I know every MS fan has asked for this since day 1 and we might be getting it finally.

Boats are also in the game. Speedboats and jet ski's. 100% confirmed.

Also of interest there is a sheet with motors/tires/nitros/wheels and 5 bars behind each one. We think it has to do with upgrades the way it's laid out. It looked very similar to Ivan Stewart's Off road Racing to be honest.

Anyways, I am one of the biggest fans of this series and think MS2 is the best racer this gen. It's just fun. It's fun without all the headaches of going in and tweaking every little thing about your ride.
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TOO PAWNED  +   2019d ago
Shut up already, will you?
Yes we know Jaffe is working on Zelda like games.....that according to guy himself has veichles in it AND it will use extra buttons on controller for something else AKA Twisted Metal. Dude get a life and stop spreading BS
jerethdagryphon  +   2019d ago
id have to agree with you i norrmally hate racing games even fun ones like burnouit but for somereason the island festival is fun and enjoyable and infuriating when you get squished by some fool in a big rig..... if i knew why i liked it id say so but i dont and just do

the 4 zone thing was greatg nstead of generic tracks they werewell themed heres hoping for a nifty local for ms3
Bathyj  +   2019d ago
Why dont they just make an Arena mode for Motorstorm with guns and then screw Twisted Metal if Jaffe doesnt want to do it.
happy_gilmore  +   2019d ago
ms2 is the best off-road racing game this gen
if dirt 2 had more rally content then it would have been a tie. but CM sold out and made it a generic arcade game.

can't wait for ms3!
arabiensoldier  +   2019d ago
Gonna be great....
just like 1 and 2
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2019d ago

Motorstorm 2 ranks in my top 3 for this generation next to Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas

I know my favorites may not match yours because it does not place the names of Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid. Those games are in my top 10. Also note I said "this generation", I'm not talking about PS1/PS2 generation.
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remanutd55  +   2019d ago
well Motorstorm Pacific Rift is my second favorite game this generation so far and my greatest BRUTAL off road racer of all time ( yes that would include ps1 / ps2 eras lol Heinekens and Motorstorm the perfect combination lol, its a way of life , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!
Dead_Cell  +   2019d ago
Everybody I know who has played Motorstorm LOVED it.
I definitely put it up there as one of my favourite games of all time.
remanutd55  +   2019d ago
it is my favorite brutal off road racer of all time , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!
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120FPS  +   2019d ago
Hold on a second, why no "milking the cow" responses???

Double standards one thinks
BaSeBaLlKiD721  +   2019d ago
It's not milking because the game comes out every other year unlike every year *looks at Call of Duty*

They also aren't selling action figures and making different genres with the same brand name *looks at Halo and Mario*

What I'm trying to say is that when a company is milking a franchise, they're just pumping out the same IP without creating any huge improvement. Basically just rehashing the same game and polish the graphics alittle more.
Bathyj  +   2019d ago
Cos Sony franchises get BETTER every time, not worse. They're not spat out in quicktime for a quick buck.
PirateThom  +   2019d ago
Motorstorm - 2006 (released 2007 outside of Japan)
Motorstorm 2 - 2008
Motorstorm 3 - either 2010 or 2011?

How the hell is that milking?

Do you mean the PSP game made by another company?!

Oh, oh right. You're talking crap, never mind.
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-DeathWraith-  +   2019d ago
My favourite off-road racer.

Milky  +   2019d ago
Motorstorm 2 is just amazing.
arakouftaian  +   2019d ago
We know motor storn 3 is 2011
I mean this year Sony already has
mod nation racer
gt5 maybe not
and ms3 may be to much
save it for 2011

I mean i may be selffish
and i know they aré a lot of
fans but the moré time
they take to make the game the better it will be
and we may have
t metal ps3 for 2010

motor storn 3
for 2011 will be perfect
remanutd55  +   2019d ago
deja de estar hablando tonteras cerote
TengkuAmir10  +   2019d ago
Here's the info guys. :)


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited
10 Great Marlborough Street

London London

Domain name: motorstorm.com

Created on: 2004-11-02
Expires on: 2010-11-02

Administrative contact:
Domain Admin
10 Great Marlborough Street

London London
+44.2078595000 begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g +44.2078595000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
+44.2078595995 begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g +44.2078595995 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Technical contact:
Role Netnames Hostmaster
3rd Floor Prospero House
241 Borough High St.
+44.2070159222 begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g +44.2070159222 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
+44.2070159375 begin_of_the_skype_highlightin g +44.2070159375 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Domain name servers:

THC CELL  +   2019d ago
forget that i want all upgrades and ms3d baby woo
DelbertGrady  +   2019d ago
Even Pachter could have predicted this.
qing301   2019d ago | Spam
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