Japanese Developers Talk PS3 RPGs

The most recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation includes a feature about RPGs on PlayStation 3. The feature is headlined by two-page scopes on Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Last Remnant, as well as Level 5's Shirokishi Monogatari (White Knight Story).
Since Level.

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Rims4187d ago

Glad to be a PS3 owner.

Nicosia4187d ago

The ps brand has been known for there jrpgs. But they take so long to come here... well with the region free thing now ever better.

Satanas4187d ago

The region free thing is great, I just wish shipping wasn't so costly. But then again, there are Asian marketplaces around here that may have imported games...

sony4life4187d ago

they all wont make it over so we better brush up on our japanese:)

PS360WII4187d ago

I want em now
ah well I guess I can wait ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.