MAG - How does it shape up 3 weeks after release ?

A lot of gaming websites were critiscised for reviewing MAG too early due to the amount of time needed to rank up and learn the games depths. Well we have been playing it solidly for 3 weeks - so how does it shape up ?

In this edition of G4M.

1. MAG review.
2. What would happen if Microsoft had made...?
3. Why Kratos is the greatest video game character EVER.
4. Imported games - Blazblue & Demons Souls

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LiquifiedArt2980d ago

It'll be interesting to watch it evolve.

morganfell2980d ago

I actually rate it somewhat higher. I think this is a remarkable first effort and if this is an indicator of future quality then we may finally have a web cast show for gamers that is worth the watching.

Saaking2980d ago

Darn it, I still haven't bought it. Hopefully I'll be able to buy it sometime in April. I know that's a bit late, but March is packed.

morganfell2980d ago

I am just getting things ready, waiting on the coffee to brew and some takeout to arrive and I'll be on it and Killzone 2 for the night.

Foliage2980d ago

MAG is a brilliant game. You can't possibly understand how good it is until you've played it for a while.

It does every game mode incredibly well. It almost feels like a bunch of games in one. I've also never played a game that nailed teamplay like this one.

I highly encourage any PS3 owner to buy this game. To the 360 owners out there, well... sorry. I guess keep playing COD? :(

Join Raven! =D

morganfell2980d ago

Join Raven is right. All the unskilled hawk to SVER.

Nicaragua2980d ago

*Nicaragua blushes and hides his Sver badge

I think your probably right in that Sver had it easy at first but the other factions have gotten a lot better. Ive played a few matches tonight and on Sabotage attacking and defending Sver got whupped, not just beat - whupped.

I think after the next round of tweaks (sort out that LMG Zipper !) then we are gonna have a really well balanced game.

nycredude2980d ago

Hey morganfell

Add me: nycredude if you want o play.

I am in a clan of about 20 [EAD].

morganfell2980d ago

Sver and raven though have the easiest Sabotage targets to hit. Getting up the hill into Valor's base is a bastard run.

TheBand1t2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Wasn't SVER handing Raven and Valor their asses?

Also, probably not gonna buy it. 60 bucks for a multiplayer only game isn't my thing.

raztad2980d ago

MAG such an incredible game. So glad I decided to try the beta. Level 40 Raven. Rapid Assault. Raven is still the underdog but we are doing better in Sabotage and Acquisition is our land. Resistance is futile against a well coordinated team.

xTruthx2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Can I add necry, morgan, raz & hells to my psn list :O ?!

Nicaragua2980d ago

Anyone who plays in a UK-ish timezone can add me. Im not on much during the week but i tend to hammer it at weekends.

Currently playing in Sver btw

gamingisnotacrime2980d ago

Give it a rent, if you dont like it then fine you will save your money. But if you like it you will get addicted, like thinking startegies on your way home type of addicted. The game is really really good

MerkinMax2979d ago

Then came the bashing of Microsoft. A show for gamers caters to gamers not fanboys and these two come off as fanboys.

kneon2979d ago

I understand some people are put off by MAG being online only. But I've already put in almost 60 hours, which is more than I get out of most single player games. So purely from a value for money perspective it's well worth it.

As for the game itself I'm thoroughly addicted. You never know how each game is going to go. Sometimes it's so easy you'd swear half the enemy are hiding in their base, while other times you can barely make it past the front gate.

heroprotagonist2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

More like games4 PS3 fanboys. The whole video was so damn biased.

Let's see we have:
Gushing over MAG
Jabs at Halo 3
Hyping Kratos as the best video game character ever

Yep, sounds exactly like what you would hear from any PS3 fanboy on this site.

I could have enjoyed it if they weren't so biased and at least made an attempt at impartiality.

kwicksandz2979d ago

ignore the previous posters, sver still have it easy.

the acq and domination maps have by far the best bunker placement of any faction and their guns are widely seen as the best.

like others have said im worried about the huge amount of LMG spammers in the current game. No reason to choose the assault rifle when you have a 100 bullet clip machine gun thats just as accurate!

hope they encourage more players to repair as well. either increase the points gathered by repairing or decrease the cost of the repair tool.

Foliage2979d ago

It's just the plain truth. Kratos is one of the most badass characters ever, and MAG is a very solid game. You just can't handle the fact that something positive can be said about the PS3 without it being a lie and biased.

As for not liking Halo, I know many 360 fans that hate Halo. They are avid 360 fans. Making a jab at a game doesn't automatically mean you hate everything about the platform it appears on...

ape0072979d ago

"mw2 sucks", there are many hopeless fanboys in this universe

compare last month mw2 npd sales after 3 months since it was released and mag launch month sales


Caffo012979d ago

another kid who thinks sales mean quality..

ChozenWoan2979d ago

My Raven clan has 63 members and all of them have mics. We work hard as a team and work hard to keep the other squads up on their feet. If you see someone with the [IA] tag, that stands for Intell Assasins and we make it happen. We have players from all over the world and timezones. You'll likely find at least 1-2 of us at all times, even on weekdays. Anyone playing Raven, feel free to add me as my PSNid is the same as it is here.

MAG without a mic and a clan is like a gun without bullets in a knife fight... sure you could get lucky and pistol whip em, but it's more fun to stop them in their tracks from a distance.

silvacrest2979d ago

yeah....if sales mean quality what you just said would make sense

execution172979d ago

flocked straight to Raven, traded in my MW2 for it and all's i gotta say is i have no regrets because this game is fricken awesome, seemed meh during the training the once i got into a match i was just completely in the zone like nothing else mattered :P

PSN: Execution17 (noob in training ;))

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Chubear2980d ago

Oh, that was pretty damned good. Great review, great insight, great presentation - brilliant. One more gaming site by everyday gamers I'm book marking :D

Method2980d ago

Chubear you must have some really unforgiving stalkers if you get disagrees for merely saying you're going to follow their website.

trancefreak2980d ago

great show very funny btw

Games4M - Rob2980d ago

Cheers guys, we are looking to get some interviews with UK based studios for future episodes so stay tuned.

Of course by getting interviews I mean we will sit outside media molecules office until they take pity on us.

Foliage2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Head there around lunch, find out where they eat and stake the place out. lol

I find myself a lot more willing to talk about "work" when I'm at lunch. Even if it is NDA stuff I shouldn't be talking about.... oops.

Pandamobile2980d ago

Well, at least it's not HHG.

SixZeroFour2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

i dunno...kinda hard to choose sides, cause like hhg, these guys are obvious sony fan(boys) as shown with ragging on halos master cheif and 360's rrod and praising mag and kratos

but as of now, i dont find them as bad as hhg, yet

EDIT: definitely more entertaining than hhg tho