IGA Worldwide, Double Fusion Expand with New Deals

Leading in-game advertising firms IGA Worldwide and Double Fusion both made headlines today as the rival companies both announced new partnerships. IGA expanded its proprietary ad network by signing exclusive deals with Cyanide (a French developer), Eidos-owned Morpheme, and Staggan, a U.K. developer of free online sports titles. Meanwhile, Double Fusion signed a multi-year deal with (NHN USA) to become a key advertising partner for the North American arm of the South Korean online game company.

For IGA, which offers a reach of over 10 million users to leading brands such as Intel, MTV, 20th Century Fox, Amazon, Jeep and more, the deals will enable the company to serve dynamic ads in a number of titles. For example, the deal with Cyanide will allow IGA to serve contextual dynamic billboards in Pro Cycling Manager; the deal with Staggan delivers dynamic billboard ads as well as power-ups and half-time video spots through the free-to-play soccer MMO United Football; and the portal-wide casual game deal with Morpheme allows IGA to provide dynamic billboards and interstitial video clips before and after play.

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