Kane & Lynch: Dead Men GameSpot Hands-On

During a recent meeting with Eidos, GameSpot had an opportunity to spend some quality time with a pre-alpha (early work-in-progress) Xbox 360 build of Kane & Lynch. The version of the game was the same one that was shown couple of months ago, but on this occasion GameSpot was allowed to play for themselves and took in a different level.

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MK_Red4106d ago

This is one game to look for during E3. These people (IO Interactive) have only made Freedom Fighters besides Hitman and now, this could be their future franchise and I hear the story is so good and cinematic that Hollywood is pushing it for a big screen adaptation.

Ebay3rd4106d ago

I never heard of it...


this looks good, Should be a fun play. Just hope your AI teamates aren't idiots that die all the time

kingofps34106d ago

Im glad Eidos decided to go with the PS3 as well on this. Im so looking forward to HITMAN on the PS3!

Legionaire20054106d ago

Enemies attack you from every direction top with intelligent A.I., the sniper guns are powerful, and Lynch going out of control is enough to make this game interesting.Would you agree?

PS360PCROCKS4106d ago

V for Vendetta...great movie.