LIVE 46.5 - A final run on the street for $60

Silent Cypher joins Rusty Ranchero to host
LIVE on LIVE The Gamers Roundtable

Topics include…
Taking a walk around Shadowrun: Was it the negative hype that demised this innovative FPS?
"The word on the Street": Better know as hype. How loyal are we to it and is it losing credibility?
Playstation Blog: Watch out Major!?
Manhunt 2 captured but not released? And wii were looking fwd to this one too!
Rock Band: For the price, it better include groupies.
The Darkness brought to light with great detail.
Will we ever see the end of the $60 game era?
YAY or NAY: Overloard, Two Worlds, Project Sylphed, Bio Shock

Show Wrap-Up…
You can be on LIVE.5, but please keep in mind it's a WAITing list.
Rusty's final thoughts about Rock Band.
The XBL Radio Video Minute gets a new identity.
Top 10 current games, are your favorites in there?
Is this our first Summer without a drought? Are we happy about it?
And-Now-For Outtakes and more…

LIVE on LIVE guests (regular gamers, just like you) are
Thrillhouse17, JaeVicious, Racingfreak92, Dark Nightmare and X3R0 9.

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