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Though it suffers from its share of plot and technical problems, Heavy Rain is nonetheless a bold and visionary step forward in the medium of interactive storytelling. Part adventure game and part psychological thriller, Heavy Rain is far from the quick-time-event-powered movie that it may appear to be at first glance. Every action you perform or decision you make--from the simple and mundane to the dark and disturbing--brings you closer to the flawed but realistic characters you manipulate.

Their stories become your story, and their hardships become obstacles that you feel compelled to overcome with them. No matter how your adventure plays out, Heavy Rain is a profoundly personal experience that should not be missed.

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Karooo2947d ago

cant wait to experience the awesome story.

Michael Scott2947d ago

Except there are gonna be those people who cannot accept below a 9, and will add GameSpot back to the "reviewers that suck" list.

Karooo2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

than EDGE who should be blacklisted. Gamespot usually hits the nail on the head. But yeah heavy rain is a 9/10 game since it mostly has 9 scores.

The Good

* Powerful and emotionally engaging narrative
* Story continually adapts to your actions
* Unique controls convey drama and tension
* Highly detailed characters and environments
* Stirring soundtrack.

2947d ago
Cyrax_872947d ago

Just 5 days left for us Aussies!

2947d ago
-Alpha2947d ago

Yeah, how dare they rate it 8.5!

GS's reviews are for the most part pretty good. Unfortunately conspiracy nuts are always going to exist even when a game gets great scores.

meepmoopmeep2947d ago

they were paid by the evil empire!



deadreckoning6662947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

"Yeah, how dare they rate it 8.5!"

LOL. Its sometimes hard to believe that there are people out there who believe that there is a REAL difference in quality in a "9" game as opposed to an "8.5" game. I don't understand why people believe that anythg that scores 9+ means its AAA, but something that doesn't score 9+ ISN'T AAA. People who do this aren't gamers IMO, they just REALLY like numbers.

Saaking2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Good score. This will hold me over till GOWIII.

You know, I honstly don't know why people get mad over a score lower than 8. That applies to ANY game. Remember guys, games are normally scored on a 10 point scale. An 8 is very good as well.

Darkstorn2947d ago

Very good score for a very good game.
And for the record, Gamespot's reviews are generally very right-on. I trust their judgment.

Lifendz2947d ago

I would've been really surprised if GS gave it more than a 9. An 8.5 is a really good score. I'm getting it day one. Loved every second of the demo. Can't wait to experience the full game.

leila012947d ago

Gamesbot strikes again.

stb2947d ago

jajaja that made my laugh of tonight boy...+ b.

Michael-Jackson2947d ago

Great Score, Kinda expected a 8.5 from GameSpot.

table2947d ago

My sentiments on a game usually echo that of gamespot so in my opinion they are the best reviewers out there. They are probably the most fair minded site and are more professional with their reviews as they don't rush to review a game before everyone else(think MAG which is obviously a game that some sites didn't take their time over). I think some ps3 fanboys round here are still bitter over their ratchet and clank review, but that's fanboys for you.

Jinxstar2947d ago

Gamespot is blacklisted to me. Not because of this though. Ever since the whole jeff gertsman issue I have blacklisted the site... I don't trust anything they write after what he went through...

badz1492947d ago

we must admit that the game is not for everybody! it's a niche game and it's hard to attract people into it! but for those who are willing to try something new, I think HR is doing a mighty fine job giving what they are looking for in such a game!

DeZv32947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I'd just like to point out you'd make a great Pro-Bono lawyers. Jeez you are CONSTANTLY defending the 'poor and helpless 360' fans and attacking the 'mean and opressive' PS3 fans even when its got NOTHING to do with the topic at hand.

Its quite disturbing actually how you feel the need to act that way in every comment you make.

You do know people can defend themselves right?

Grow the F up.

(sorry for the off-topic)

xTruthx2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

Alpha-Male22 there's a lot of mistrust because when ps3 fans said at the beginning that they where switching ps3 shots with 360 and switching videos too, people laugh their ass off. What sites where the ones doing it ? GT and IGN, major gaming sites and now even SE got caught. SO its only reasonable to believe their is a lot of bias when it comes to the ps3. Then when they get caught no one had nothing to say and when you see game sites giving banjo kazooie 8 and killzone 2 7 you only wonder whats wrong, or when they give halo, gears, bayonetta, cod and etc, higher graphic reviews than killzone 2 or heavy rain. That's pretty sad if you ask me.

You always focus on ps3 fans but never 360 fans, hypocrisy much ? I believe its safe to say your a hidden fb ?

For the people saying "I don't see y people get mad for this rating" its because reviewers need to give credit where is due, you just have to see how they give 10's and 9's to games that aren't in the same quality as others. When you give 10 to cod mw2 and you see all the online glitches, all the patches they have released not fixing it all but some making it worst, you know something doesn't seem right.

Bayonetta is another example, Sony had to make the patch to make the game playable and they didn't even make the game. This is y people get mad, because many reviewers give credit where is not due. But yeah apparently after all of what we've seen, there is still no bias right ?

darthv722947d ago

Well, I dont know if you are being serious or not but there are some who think the first poster in a big hyped game review has to be a troll. You may actually be serious and for that I will accept your comments and other are just reacting opposite.

If you are a troll then GTFO but I will give you benefit of the doubt. Seems that the poster by the name bungie has a habit of trying to come off positive in the game zone and then right away negative in the open zone. So far I have only seen you post in the game zone.

The hardcore fans are not one to be tricked so easily which is why they react with heavy disagrees when it comes to the possibility of a troll on the first post.

As to your first comment, yes the score is good and the game will be a hit to those with this sort of interest. Even hardcore fans must agree that while the game is great, it will not be for everybody. I for one am glad a demo was made available as it let me decide for myself instead of buying into the hype of others.

Great game indeed.

cmrbe2946d ago

This is a great score from Gamespot. Its a great review from them as well.

ico922946d ago

This was a very good review, i trust GS reviews the most they usually nail it , unlike ign which is inconsistent and gametrailers which is contradictory , gamespot is my favourite reviewer.

otherZinc2946d ago

Another high score given to a game that's going to sell 5 copies. And, the media will say we're immature & dont understand what its about, whatever.

And stop saying it isn't a QTE because it is!

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Myst2947d ago

*crosses a day off of the calender*

One day closer :)

patb2947d ago

I don't need a bunch of people with different tastes in games than me to tell me if this game is good or bad. It's a unique, fun, interesting experience and if everybody gave it a 0 I would still buy it and pay $60. I like to support developers that push the industry in new, innovative ways.

commodore642947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

@ patb

I applaud your steadfast resilience to the outside influence of detractors and naysayers.
If Heavy Rain is what you like, regardless of all other opinions, then good for you, friend.

However, reviews provide a vital yardstick to all of us gamers who are unable to buy/rent/try-out all games. Reviews definitely have their place and especially an aggregate score site, like metacritic, is an invaluable guide to the collective opinions of a great many people.
Generally, I have found that niche games, such as x3 reunion, which I have enjoyed immensely, have scored less favourably, on average, as they simply are not mainstream.
Is Heavy Rain mainstream?
I have heard it said that one either loves or hates Heavy Rain - it seems to polarise people.

Having said that, 8.5 for heavy rain is a very good score, from IGN.
I note that the inclusion of this score has reduced the metacritic average to 88.

Ultimately, a very good AA game, by average of all opinions.

UP2946d ago

This is about Gamespot. IGN gave the game a 9.0 not a 8.5
and 2 points do not make or break a AAA game to normal gamers.

commodore642946d ago

Gamespot. yes, you are right there.

However, 88 on metacritic is most definitely not AAA.
Don't fret, though, AA is still very good!

Superduper092947d ago

I kinda expected that HR would get 8.5 from Gamespot.

evrfighter2947d ago

well it does seem like a 8.5 kinda game



Is not a Videogame, David Cage already said that.

Nathan Drake22947d ago

eurogamer,gamespot,EDGE,kotaku ,
gametrailers and IGN hate PS3.

Darkstorn2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

IGN isn't as biased as most people think it is, Eurogamer is the most in-depth out of all the big reviewers, and Gamespot is extremely reliable. What gives?

I for one am greatly looking forward to playing Heavy Rain, and while it may not be a day one purchase for me, I'm rooting for it nonetheless.

8.5 is a great score, friend.

Bigpappy2947d ago

@ Nathan Drake2. You need to stay off the internet until mom and dad get home. Thats my observation based on all your comments.

RagTagBnd4452947d ago

Oh yeas, Gamespot hates PS3, that is why they gave Demon Souls game of the year, because that game is a ....... PS3 exclusive.

Come on kid, Gamespot are not really biased, they care more about that game than which platform it is on.

Also 8.5 is not a bad score, because Gamespot doesn't give out that many high scores. People needs to learn that the scores range from 0-10 and not 5-10. To many sites rate games 10 these days.