What is Nicole Kidman's Brain Age?

See famous actress Nicole Kidman in a home setting, relaxing and training her brain on the DS Lite. Let's find out her score!

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Firewire3918d ago

Yeah! stupidest console deserves a stupid spokeswomen!

snoop_dizzle3918d ago

don't hate bro, don't hate.

I'm not big on the DS but i don't think its a stupid system.

ItsDubC3917d ago

Low-quality comments such as this are basically a slap in the face of this site's lack of a zero-bubble implementation. Firewire has no incentive to make decent comments that add value to this site as long as he/she is aware of the fact that he/she can still post at least one comment per news story. Terrible.

VirusE3918d ago

Funny, firewire you seem to be an extreme minority in your opinion. For being so stupid it sure does sell well.

Adamalicious3918d ago

She's terrible! I'm surprised she got 52 :)

PS360WII3918d ago

stupidest console? You mean the same console that broke the record sales of 40 million in 22 months? That console?

VirusE3918d ago


sumfood4u3917d ago

I'm a huge Ds & PSP game i luv puzzle games that make u think about stuff! It's not just beating a lvl an saving the day. your actucally increasing your mind, if theres something wrong about that tell me!

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