Peace Walker's development team as big as MGS4's

Sean Eyestone of Kojima Productions says that the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker development team is as big as the one that developed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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Cold 20003219d ago

I havent switched on my PSP in 2 years...hope its still working.

George Sears3219d ago

Tried to make a Pandora out of my battery and it blew up. Ganna have to sleath grab my ex PSP.

"Damn the batteries!"

RememberThe3573219d ago

But people are telling me that this is looking to be a pretty good year for the PSP so I'm still holding out hope that I'll get some great games to play.

captain-obvious3219d ago

well it is the true MGS sequel

sikbeta3219d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker = A Real Sequel that every MGS Fan Must Buy

Gamers FTW!!!

Dragun6193219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )


Well, you should start it up again and get ready for some PSP gaming this year because PSP has a few notable titles coming out even though you know should have at least turned it on and tried Dissidia because its a badass psp game.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Resident Evil Portable
God Eater
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday
Persona 3 PSP

Keith Olbermann3219d ago

little big planet
socom fireteam bravo 3
GTA chinatown wars
and plenty more.

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hay3219d ago

Wow, this game will be huge. Exceptional, as expected from Kojima-sama.

kaveti66163219d ago

Don't you mean Kojima-san?

ThanatosDMC3219d ago

He's saying that Kojima is either his lord, god, master, or pimp.

hay3218d ago

It's also used when speaking about or to person who is admired. So I did mean exactly what I wrote.

PirateThom3219d ago

When Kojima does something, he doesn't mess around.

I'm starting to wonder why this isn't a PS3 title, they're obviously throwing a lot of weight behind it with it being not just the main MGS4 team but seemingly most of the team.

RememberThe3573219d ago

MGS4 set if off for the PS3, after that the games just started pouring in. And maybe Konami thinks that they will get better sales if it is on a hand held in Japan. I'm sure there are a number of factors.

Optical_Matrix3219d ago

This may be going far out but I have a feeling it's to keep the "true" or at least canonical parts of the franchise on PS. I know there were remakes etc for Xbox and gamecube but you get my point. The way Kojima keeps stressing his envolvement in the game, the fact that the team is huge, how it's essentially MGS5....
Can't wait though. The game will be amazing :D

hay3219d ago

Because he wanted that Japanese youth would experience the MGS saga wherever they are. Good move IMO, but it may suffer cause of low sales.
It's day one for me definitely.

Megaton3219d ago

I would have much preferred it on PS3. I probably won't even play it because it's on PSP. I owned a PSP for less than a year before I sold it, Patapon 2 being the only thing I really played often. Portables really do not float my boat.

Whitefox7893219d ago

Kojima has already said why its a PSP title and not on the PS3.

"Really, I don't think much about whether a platform's portable or for the home. In other words, it's not important to me. With the PS3, you've got a whole range of middle- and high-school kids who can't play your game because their parents don't let them play video games at home. Those kids can whine at their parents all day about how the game's anti-war and anti-nukes, but they'll just respond 'Well, you're still killing people with guns, aren't you?' and brush it off. I wanted to go the extra mile for gamers in that sort of situation. That was one of the reasons I chose the PSP."

firelogic3219d ago

My guess is that he did want to make it for PS3 as an exclusive but Konami said no. So Kojima put it on the PSP instead and MGS:Rising is multiplatform with Kojima's involvement in name only.

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Agent Smith3219d ago

Not surprising. Kojima said a while back that if this game was on a console, it'd be MGS5.

Sarcasm3219d ago

I wish it was on PS3 as MGS5. I want to play Rising, but I'd rather be playing as a current gen Big Boss instead.

Punch-o3219d ago

I just can't get into handheld gaming :(

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