Past and Present of E3. The games and Booth babes

Over the past week, have written about their past 10 years attending and covering E3 for the various media outlets they have worked for. The show was a massive affair with tens of thousands of attendees, massive exhibits by the main publishers and a general sense that this was a combination of trade show and overall party for the video and PC game industry.. There were always rumors that some of the big game publishers didn't want to support E3 and indeed there were brief one year defections of at least two major publishers. Take Two Interactive decided not to have a massive booth at E3 one year but the next year the company was back in force showing off all their games. Atari decided to create a bar one year for people to sit down and relax with non-alcoholic beverages without showing any games but the next year the company was back again with their regular exhibit that showed off upcoming titles.

However in July 2006 the hammer fell on the annual massive gathering that was the old E3 as then ESA president Doug Lowenstein announced that E3 2007 would instead be a "a more intimate program". The huge and loud exhibits would be gone as would the huge amount of attendees. One of the major complaints about the old E3 was that for every reporter, game developer or legit business person at E3 there were 10 people who attended simply because they managed to get a pass to the show with little to no real connection to the game industry...

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Ebay3rd4189d ago

was wandering if there was a E3 like show for us no gaming industry folks, I think it would be cool...

WAR4189d ago


Entertainment for All or E for All, is a video games trade show announced on 05 January 2007 by IDG World Expo. This trade show, endorsed by Entertainment Software Association, replaces the GamePro Expo. The expo will take place from October 18 through October 21, 2007, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.[ This would allow for participating companies to sell their holiday releases to the attendees. There will be an entrance fee, but attendance will no longer be limited to video game developers, retailers, and media.

cr33ping_death4188d ago

@ war

im going :) cant wait its just a 30 minute drive to downtown LA for me :)

tronix4189d ago

It baffles me to hear that videogame companies think that we, as videogame consumers, have nothing to do with the game industry, and thus are now being excluded from E3. I wonder, just to play Devil's advocate, what would happen to all these companies if we stoped our contribution to the gaming industry (AKA stopped buying games), and stopped giving our honest, unbiased opinions on games. Once again, this is a clear indication that companies do not give a rat's behind about what the consumers are asking for, and why companies such as EA continiously make horrible games that are severely disconnected from what consumers want, or expect from a game. Great Job fools. Keep making video games less and less main stream. Oh and by the way, whoever complained about boothbabes either has serious feminine ways, or is/are nerds who repeadely got rejected by the hot babes after they tried to hit on them. Loosers. For all we know, the only date these people have gone on is with some virtual girl from Dead or Alive 3 or some Role Playing Video Game.