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Submitted by matt247 2109d ago | video

Techland Demos Xbox's Project Natal

It's safe to say that Project Natal needs no introduction but if you've been living under a rock or are unfamiliar with Xbox then think of Natal as Microsoft's answer to the Wii. It was announced at last year's E3 and little has changed since other than a release date – "in time for the holidays" – and the demo was nothing new. (Dev, Project Natal, Tech, Xbox 360)

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ClownBelt   2109d ago | Spam
TOO PAWNED  +   2109d ago
He said....WAY OF comment...
DatNJDom81  +   2109d ago
I lol'ed at that myself. Hilarious. The western media really wants anything ms to beat old Japan huh..... ah well.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   2109d ago
mmm... the same game? why not a really good game to Demo.
I dont think to buy NATAL for that Kind of crappy games... for the price of a Natal, i buy a Wii.

BTW... you really need a LOT of space. If you are more closer, cant render all your body.
Death2494  +   2109d ago
You notice that too.....
You're probably going to only be able to play Natal in your living room. Also it looks like you room has to be well lit as well. People with dark skin are sh*t out of luck with Natal and so are people who are handicap (you know paralyzed from the waist down).

(Warning) Must be able to have full use of all limbs if you want to purchase this product. Hmmmm i smell a nice fat lawsuit coming on.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   2109d ago
yeah... my room arent big as a living room, but i like play from my Bed on my 42" LCD.

Wii i can play, also have a Playstation EYE for the Wand... but distance from my TV is not enough for Natal
360FTW2  +   2109d ago
Question, have you ever heard of a wide angle lens? I have a 10mm lens for my camera that can see you from head to toe at 2 feet away.

@death2494 - "(Warning) Must be able to have full use of all limbs if you want to purchase this product. Hmmmm i smell a nice fat lawsuit coming on."

So, are these same people going to sue the makers of Bicycles, Treadmills and other thing that require the use of your legs. Now do you see how dumb that comment sounds.

I really don't understand why people simply want to hate on this product. Or should I say why PS3 fans want to hate on this product. They seem to be the only ones really having fits when a Natal story airs.

@jriquelme - Guess what, some people actually have living rooms bigger than 4 x 6 feet.
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MetalGearRising  +   2109d ago
Natal = Future
Day 1 for me i just can't let the future pass me by because Natal is the future it's leaps ahead of ps3 and wii.
Major_Tom  +   2109d ago
I must say, the future looks awfully bleek.
MaximusPrime  +   2109d ago
"Natal is the future it's leaps ahead of ps3 and wii."

kaz-hirai  +   2109d ago
@ MetalGearRising

All that need to be said ;-D!
sashimi  +   2109d ago
I can see everyone who doesn't own a console going out to buy Natal for that demo... /s
Death2494  +   2109d ago
360 has been on the market for since 2005, it's 2010! If they haven't bought one now then......well..yea.
kaveti6616  +   2109d ago
I'm more interested in the Xbox 3 than I am in Natal.

If any of you say the OTOY demos from a few months ago, then you're probably as excited as I am.
talltony  +   2109d ago
I rather run on a treadmill. Natal doesn't interest me in the least.
kaveti6616  +   2109d ago
Yeah, treadmills are pretty cool. All the exercise you need without leaving your home.
we won  +   2109d ago
Yet you took the time to comment in here. lol
Death2494  +   2109d ago
1 question....
What about those of us who are paraplegic and can't use our legs? Do we still get the full experience of Natal like everyone else?
Al Bundy  +   2109d ago
I'd rather have Killer Instinct 3.
Dread  +   2109d ago
i agree

but could ki3 be cool with Natal? imagine doing a supermega ultra dupper coooombo jumping around in your living room. that would be hilarious.

i think i'll stick with the controllers.
Death2494  +   2109d ago
yeah i would rather have Killer Instinct 3. They acquired Rare ages ago and only managed to give us Banjo Kazooie. Really Microsoft, really? How about beefing up your first party development before offering a new peripheral.
hamburgerhill  +   2109d ago
I was really hoping to see some Dead Island or War Hound footage using Natal. Oh well...guess I need to wait for E3.
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Gamer7l  +   2109d ago
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing...
....and I was pissed when I realized this was "Techland" a sh*tty website, and not Techland the awesome developer. :(
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2109d ago
Hamburger is that a Project Offset avatar I see there?? I'm still bummed that game isn't making it to the 360.. /shakes fist at Intel!!!
Kal1138  +   2109d ago
They really need to show some games. Sure, Ricochet might be kinda fun for a while, but it's not going to make anyone buy Natal. They'll probably reveal games at E3.
omegaheat  +   2109d ago
Still amazing
I'm quite impressed by how responsive the device is to your body's movements. I can't believe that there appears to be no lag in between the players movements and what translates on screen. Incredible tech to say the least.
plb  +   2109d ago
It is..
It's sad not to see people so accepting of newer technologies. I think such people lack vision of what's possible of natal and think this "tech demo" is all we can expect.
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Kira83  +   2109d ago
no we fear how developers are going to try and implament the technology, i dont think im alone when i say i dont want this to play a halo game or mass effect 3. If the wii has shown us anything it is that quirky controls and most hardcore games dom't mix well.
washingmachine  +   2109d ago
lol i couldnt even finish watchn it looks so dated and lame
sloth3395  +   2109d ago
how can you say Microsoft is going for something new when its just copies what the eye toy already does
plb  +   2109d ago
You really think that's all that Natal is? You should go read up on it.
siyrobbo  +   2109d ago
eyetoy is nothing like natal, its just a webcam, nothing more than interactive video, it was good for its time but faded very very quickly
Dread  +   2109d ago
o my god

when will all the sony fanboys stop hating and comparing this with the eye toy

it has a similar feature but come on
they are not the same.
fear88  +   2109d ago
We will stop making comparisons when you guys actually PROVE its different.

Prove us wrong or STFU
Bzone24  +   2109d ago
I guess if Natal is a copy of eyetoy than the ps3, and all consoles, is only an upgraded copy of the Magnavox Odyssey, which from what I read is the first gaming console.

Bluray = upgraded copy of a record player.
#12.5 (Edited 2109d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
siyrobbo  +   2109d ago
We will stop making comparisons when you guys actually PROVE its different

its already been proven to be different, you need to prove that the eyetoy can sense 3d depth and track limbs in realtime, it cant so you are wrong

sloth3395  +   2109d ago
yeah and you think thats all Sony's controllers do is the same as a Wiimote the Sony controller also does depth so maybe you need to read up on it
Gamer7l  +   2109d ago
Show me...
They've shown NOTHING since E3, and that was only an on-stage demo.
fear88  +   2109d ago

Plenty of things to read and see.

Why don't you stop playing ignorant and actually look at both.

BTW absolutely nothing is known about NATAL except ricochet is the only confirmed game for Natal and it sucks.
keysy420  +   2109d ago
they dont even look like they are really
having fun
dtrain21  +   2109d ago
Natal is gonna sell like hot cakes
fear88  +   2109d ago
Actually Natal Will sell more like
LSD laced ice cream to retarded gradeschool children.
Death2494  +   2109d ago
Natal= 30fps
Ps3 MC= 60fps

Still showing that Ricochet huh?
Next-Gen  +   2109d ago
lol they're playing it on sony bravia
Parapraxis  +   2109d ago
Well...that was painful to watch.
Groovy music LOL!

Natal looks like it'll fail just as hard as the original Zune, Windows ME and GFW.
#16 (Edited 2109d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CryWolf  +   2109d ago
Natal + acting stupid = FAILURE
Those guys are looking ridiculous how can you pretend to like to jump around like a monkey and their very bad actors to.
Ninji  +   2109d ago
lmao @ the end
"It's not looking promising."

Looks like the 360's Eyetoy clone flopped after all.
JoeReno  +   2106d ago
Anyone notice...
That they had two 360s on deck? I guess in case one got the RRoD. Project Nosell. No processor, input lag, and makes you look like a dillhole. The news on this just keeps getting worse.
capadox   2109d ago | Spam
mac4u10  +   2109d ago
Wake me up at the end of the video..the more vids i see is the more it puts me off getting fanboy bulsh*t but Microsoft, i want to see something different from how we use to interact with the eyetoy.
#20 (Edited 2109d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JustTheFactsMr  +   2109d ago
I played a game like this
at a computer show in the mid 1980's on a commodore Amiga.

Except you played virtual drums instead of playing with virtual balls.
horndog   2109d ago | Spam
pwneddemocrat   2109d ago | Spam
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2109d ago
I hope Techland isn't paying the camera man and editor because that was bad. Why couldn't you show the guy and the TV at the same time? Everytime you got behind him and started to film both he was just standing their and doing nothing.. Sorry to get picky but that is like the #1 thing to show if you're demoing something like this..

I couldn't get jack from that video. The only thing I noticed is that Natal is not the cool black anymore but white..

This isn't selling me on Natal.. Still showing the same 'ol low powered demo that could be on the Wii. That isn't going to move any Wii customers over and anyone looking for motion gaming will just go with the Wii at retail.. The hardcore are barely interested so there goes %80 of their existing user base..

They have a lot of work to do between now and "in time for the holidays".
prettyboy1  +   2109d ago
ooooooooooh boy
i gotta say it people.wut the hell did i jus not seeing the diffrence between this and the wii.well in general the only diffrence isssss u guessed remote controll.i mean i dont even have a damn wii but yuo know what if thier were only motion controll consoles i think i speak for just about half gamers when i say i would pick the wii just for games like mario and zelda.i mean sony and ms need to stop this motion controll bs and stick to giving us the gamers radical experiences on our console or consoles. p.s im still a motha f##kin realist
DelbertGrady  +   2109d ago
Yes fanboys!
Now that we have seen a glimpse of one little game used for demos we know all about it. What software line-up it will launch with, how the devs will use it etc. ;p
strickers  +   2109d ago
Well,people can only judge it on what they've seen and MS feel this is a good demo.How do you know anything better will actually exsist?Yes,Fanboy!
#26.1 (Edited 2109d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DelbertGrady  +   2109d ago
I don't. I wait with my judgement until it's released.
prettyboy1  +   2109d ago
i realy hope ur not trying to justify this video i realy hope that was sarcasm REALY DO!
strickers  +   2109d ago
You can't ask Sony fans to stop comparing the Eyetoy to this.That is an Eyetoy tech demo from 7 years ago.The Americans seem to feel Natal is new because the Eyetoy(PS2)was never popular there.SCEA didn't like SCEEs little camera and couldn't see the point.You also can't say Natal has more features and expect that to negate comparison,when the game demo they are using is so familiar to us old Eyetoy owners.If you took video of people playing Eyetoy Play from 2003(kung fu) it would look like that but faster and less laggy.Anyone wondering why it was shot like that?I would guess to avoid showing the lag too much which was apparent if you looked carefully.Eyetoy 1 sold over 10.5 million worldwide and got boring quite quickly but they did also have steering for racers which some people do not realise(anti grav) and fitness with Kinetic.Eyetoy was the motion pioneer and I love how people rewrite history so frequently with games.
This video did nothing to convince me of the value of Natal and those defending it so aggressively are maybe lacking some older game experiences.
bigmacmuncher  +   2109d ago
No thanks...
Am I the only one that noticed that they needed a lot of space? If I'm going to buy Natal, I'm going to need a new house as well :S
Denethor_II  +   2107d ago
uh oh...................

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