FIFA 08 Preview

Kick velocities, ball swerve trajectories; anything that could possibly be turned into algebra has been crammed into FIFA 08. There's a 22-page document crammed with diagrams of wiggly lines through footballs - and that's just for shooting!

That document is why the ball now behaves so realistically. If it's caught square with the laces, it'll rocket in a straight line towards the goal, while any skew will send it curling away. You can now send Frank Lampard specials skidding low towards the goal too...

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boi4190d ago

ermm well im waiting for Pro Evo....Fifa not really as good as Pro when it comes to gameplay but it does have license clubs ect ...damn lucky lol

but Fifa is good in its own rights:D

SafeRat4190d ago

Can't wait for this game :)

Blood_Spiller4190d ago

The link appears to go to a LoTRO interview, this one should work though -

Lord Anubis4190d ago

Same, the link goes to a lord of the rings interview.

Spartan154190d ago

I can't wait for a nex-gen fifa on ps3!

4189d ago