Opinion: If Sony Releases a Wii-Like Controller...

The rumors section in the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly says that Sony will be "retrofitting" the PlayStation 2 console with a Wii-style motion sensing controller by Christmas.

Yes, this is just a rumor for the time being, but EGM's got a pretty good track record. Game | Life writer Chris Kohler really hopes for Sony's sake, though, that this isn't true. If so, it would be strong evidence that Sony is a company without a rudder. Without a clear vision of the future. With no idea which way the wind is blowing. A follower, not a leader.

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Violater4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

You could be just as wrong about the level of disruption it would cause to the Wii just as people were wrong about the Wii itself.
Think not only about the introduction of the controller itself, but what if it came with really really good games made for it.
Unlike the tacked on waggle support we have seen for the wii and sixaxis for that matter.

@PS360WII: there aren't any games out yet with motion sensing specifically for the PS2 but there were eye toy games.
Its a rumor yes, but imagine a $99 PS2 with more games than anything, a brand new device with good games made for it. Couple these probabilities with the shortage of Wii's. Its a chance for Sony to make some more money.
Don't ever turn your back on the PS2 it is a phenom.

@ ITR: they might do it just to screw with people who are thinking about buying the Wii or who can't get their hands on one. It's a good way to compete on that console price range.

Mycococo4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

if this controler is to work with the ps2 i anticipate it will work with the ps3. they have had the patent for this technology for some time so i doubt it is detracting from anything ps3. i dont think anything that sony will do for a while will not have ps3 in mind. i think the idea is brilliant. the wii is last gen with next gen controlls so why not add next gen controlls to a last gen ps?. wahat i do wonder is if the motion will work with anygame or will there be a new brandname game that comes out "magic wand game". e3 will answer

another thing this might do as well is actually open peoples eys into seeing that the wii is a gimic and the machine is not really next gen material. sony when asked about the wii after the release the wand "hey, our last gen model has all the power of the wii now with a new controller gimic too." it might not make all people want this instead of a wii but it might make them think, "hey i had a ps2 last gen, now i want something this gen" and they will opt to buy a ps3 and if they want a wii type game they can have the controller.

PS360WII4186d ago

plus it's not like the ps2 has the user interface that the Wii has. Along with no PS2 games out right now use motion sensing! I think this rumor should stay just a rumor

ITR4186d ago

I'm thinking six axis for the PS2.
Seems like this would just cannibalize PS3 sells.
Why upgrade when Sony keeps making the PS2 better.

PS360WII4186d ago

Yeah I suppose. I never denied the phenomenon known as the PS2 it's just kind of intresting to see Sony (if true that is) would go and change focus on the PS2. I say that because they would have to develop a good amount of new PS2 games that offer motion support. This would be in addition to the big support for PS3 (obviously) and the PSP (they said they would). So know we would have a company split in 3 seperate ways without the mass appeal they once had. They still have it with PS2 but not with the others.

Violater4186d ago

Cover all the points of entry, its strategic.
Killing of the PS2 to try and drive PS3 sales would be suicide, it would only Piss people off.
Now look at it, showing people the longevity of a Playstation brand system, the level of support instills trust.
Come 2008-2009 people will be buying PS3's like crazy, just wait.
The games on the system (arguably) offer to a wider audience than any other console.

PS360WII4186d ago

hmmm. You had me scratching my chin Violater well put. Yes that would show gamers out there just how long the Playstation name can last. Which is much longer than the competition. While everyones busy in the next-gen(now-gen) Sony is still working it for the people not ready for the next jump in consoles. We all know there are plenty out there!
We'll see though should be intresting none the less

Swe_Goliath4186d ago

The ps2 is now a "test" machine 4 the Sony.
If the release a Wii mote 2 the ps2 is it because they want to see how they can change the games with the "wii style of game play"

And when they (IF) it selling good and they see that gamers are looking back at the ps2 and feel happy with it, they probably gona release a more advanced "wii" mote 4 the ps3 later on or a VERY ADVANCED "wii" style of play to the ps4...

The same as Microsoft is doing now,,, testing to putt in the 6 axis in a 360 controller,, why you think that is fore? ,,, joust 4 fun or a plan in the future...

Don't forget people, that this is the FIRST STEP in next gen , and NEXT gen is not all about GFX, its about HOW you PLAY the games 2...

So trust me when i say ,,, sony/Microsoft, is just starting to make there planes come to work,,, the only thing that have gone wrong in BOTH there plans now is the money problem....

((that is what i think))

scarlett_rg4186d ago

If true... I think Sony might be hoping to be able to port lots of the games that are only possible on the Wii over to the PS2.

Not only that, but they may think, "Holy Crap... something like Cooking Mama just sold 1 mil copies out of 8 mil consoles sold. We've sold 110 mil PS2s, so <quick math calculation> we SHOULD be able to sell 13 mil similar games without breaking a sweat."

Sony just may be on to something here...

LeShin4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I gotta agree with you. The install base of the PS2 is simply crazy. If they get this "wand" thing out and also got some third party apps ported from the Wii, they might just find a source of new revenue! I understand they patented this thing back in 2004 but haven't used it as yet, so the technology was always there. Also, if it's USB based, it could also be compatible with the PS3 and since that machine is backwards compatible....well, you get the picture. Seems like a win, win situation. Having a next-gen console with HD graphics and the Wii's capabilities if it's done right. You never know, with all that increased revenue, they should be able to lower the PS3 price drastically (Ok, so I can dream, though I own one already)

How the hell did cooking mama sell so many copies?!!

scarlett_rg4186d ago

Actually, I'm not really sure how many copies Cooking Mama sold (I doubt that many). I just threw it out there as one of those games that's had unexpected sales, and if can sell well for a console that's sold 8 mil units, then it should also sell well on one that's sold 110 mil.

(Just out of curiosity, anyone know how many it's actually sold??)

ITR4186d ago

Cooking Mama sold in the US around 120k copies.
In Japan about 35k. Not sure about the rest of Europe and other countries.

My guess it's sold just under 200k now worldwide.
Not bad for a DS port.

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