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BrutalGamer.com Review: Heavy Rain

BrutalGamer.com writes:

Never before, as a game reviewer, have I felt so far out of my comfort zone. You see Quantic Dreams' Heavy Rain is not so much a game as it is an experience. Now stop rolling your eyes and groaning at that statement as I can quantify it. You remember Linger in Shadows and Flower right? They were more artistic experience than game – both great and Flower was one of my favourite titles from last year – but not strictly games. Well Heavy Rain is more of an interactive movie experience. I know that phrase is the kiss of death to so many titles but Heavy Rain wears the badge with pride and with good reason. When I did my hands on back in October I said it looked good – man can I understate things! (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9/10

Redlogic  +   1985d ago
sweet score
only a few days until I have this game in my oh so anxious hands!!
moosehound  +   1983d ago
TBH I was sooo looking forward to it and I was NOT disappointed... makes a change right?!?

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