Molyneux: I'm a talentless bastard

CVG: Designer blames himself for 'insane' over-complication of Fable I and II.

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shocky162858d ago

No, you're a great developer Pete, just stop overhyping your games. -_-

Anon19742858d ago

What was overcomplicated about either of those games? They were good fun! And talentless? Please. Fable 1&2 were two of my all time favorites from this gen and the last, and Populous is a friggn classic! I remember playing that game to death on my Amiga. And did anyone else play and love Syndicate? Bullfrog studios was in a class all it's own back in the day.

I don't even blame him for overhyping his games. The guy's enthusiastic about his creations. I wish I was in an career where I felt that excited about my work. I think the problem was that gamers and the media somehow translated his enthusiasm into hype. Hell, I wish more developers were as passionate about their games as Peter is.

Old Greg2858d ago

Keep your head up Pete, and do all you can to bring your visions to life.

Major_Tom2858d ago

Well, looks like I didn't even have to attempt to troll today.

Tiberium2858d ago

I think he's just excessively creative and doesn't think about being practical with his ideas. Who knows, at the time he might have believed the hype himself.

2858d ago
King_of _the_Casuals2858d ago

Great....evident by the Fable series. Just stop over hyping your games and we'll all be okay! =)

velcry2858d ago

Speechless. He's a master. A jedi.

BeaArthur2858d ago

Old Greg...bubbles for you dude, I hate the f'ing kid.

Bnet3432858d ago

lol oh man this guy is hilarious.

Sitdown2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

He always praises his game before they are released, and then goes on a crazy rant after they are released. Its like he last game sucked, but you have to get the next one...then when the next one comes out, he repeats the previous sentiments.

Raf1k12858d ago

I personally think this guy has lost his touch TBH.

I don't think he's made anything amazing since Black & White. He used to make games that didn't need hyping up as they spoke for themselves i.e Black & White and Populous.

Alcon Caper2858d ago

I predict that he will commit suicide in 2012.

AliTheBrit192858d ago

Fable is an awesome series Peter! You are a fantastic developer, who just gets a little too hyped about your games.

Nevers2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

... okay... I too loved Fable 1 and 2.


In Fable 2, equipping was broken... the whole inventory experience was tedious and proly one of the worst menu systems I've ever ran across in recent years.

Fable2's inventory was about as awesome as ME1's elevators... I loved both games alot... but I woulda cut those aspects down/out.

My main gripe about the Fable games is that the endings typically suck. I play and love and live and kill and enjoy ...and then at the end there's just a "MEH ending"... grrrrrrr... thank god Fable 1 got the Lost Chapters cuz that ending made up for the original Jack of Blades crappola, imHo.

... so... Molyneaux... just make the endings worthwhile and you're golden.

Rock Bottom2858d ago

You can't call your self "talentless" after coming up with games like Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper. It's already too late for that.

NegativeCreepWA2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

If go back and read some of the first articles for Fable, you,ll see not one game ever created to this date even comes close to the original plans for Fable. I think it'll still be years before we ever do.

JonnyBadfinger2858d ago

We know.... glad to see the man is coming to his senses.

However the people behind him and his games are geniuses.

As far as Im concerned the only credit Pete gets is the recognition that he ruins his games, not the people who work for him.

The man needs to have his lips stitched together, and then just maybe... Fable 3 will be able to deliver what Fable 2 promised... though i not getting my hopes up.

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HighDefinition2858d ago

I just think he needs to shut up about his "visions" before his games come out. He hypes people up and lets them down constantly. People would enjoy the games more for what they are if he just stayed quiet.

execution172858d ago

he tends to say to much or over promise and under deliver and still not getting fable 3 if you need natal, oh yeah and last but not least make the ending unbelievably epic biggest let down this gen so far

BeaArthur2858d ago

HighDefinition...agreed, he acts as though he is the greatest thing to ever happen to video games. He needs to tone it down and keep his "visions" to himself. Let your work speak for you.

Agent Smith2858d ago

Bloody hell, I think he's got it.

LordMarius2858d ago

Stewie: ♪ I think she's got it ♪ ♪ By Jove she's got it! ♪

Kira832858d ago

There now doesnt it feel good to tell the truth for once Peter.

dangert122858d ago


Al Bundy2858d ago

He forgot to say that he is a liar because he never delivers on his promises.

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