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Molyneux: I'm a talentless bastard

CVG: Designer blames himself for 'insane' over-complication of Fable I and II. (Fabel 3, Fable 3, Xbox 360)

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shocky16  +   1959d ago
No, you're a great developer Pete, just stop overhyping your games. -_-
Anon1974  +   1959d ago
Um, I loved Fable 1 and 2. Did I miss something?
What was overcomplicated about either of those games? They were good fun! And talentless? Please. Fable 1&2 were two of my all time favorites from this gen and the last, and Populous is a friggn classic! I remember playing that game to death on my Amiga. And did anyone else play and love Syndicate? Bullfrog studios was in a class all it's own back in the day.

I don't even blame him for overhyping his games. The guy's enthusiastic about his creations. I wish I was in an career where I felt that excited about my work. I think the problem was that gamers and the media somehow translated his enthusiasm into hype. Hell, I wish more developers were as passionate about their games as Peter is.
Old Greg  +   1959d ago
Justin Bieber is a talentless bastard.
Keep your head up Pete, and do all you can to bring your visions to life.
Major_Tom  +   1959d ago
Well, looks like I didn't even have to attempt to troll today.
Tiberium  +   1959d ago
I think he's just excessively creative and doesn't think about being practical with his ideas. Who knows, at the time he might have believed the hype himself.
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King_of _the_Casuals  +   1959d ago
Great....evident by the Fable series. Just stop over hyping your games and we'll all be okay! =)
velcry  +   1958d ago
Did he just manage to... overhype... his own failures...
Speechless. He's a master. A jedi.
BeaArthur  +   1958d ago
Old Greg...bubbles for you dude, I hate the f'ing kid.
Bnet343  +   1958d ago
lol oh man this guy is hilarious.
Sitdown  +   1958d ago
Is this guy Bi-Polar?
He always praises his game before they are released, and then goes on a crazy rant after they are released. Its like he says...my last game sucked, but you have to get the next one...then when the next one comes out, he repeats the previous sentiments.
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Raf1k1  +   1958d ago
I personally think this guy has lost his touch TBH.

I don't think he's made anything amazing since Black & White. He used to make games that didn't need hyping up as they spoke for themselves i.e Black & White and Populous.
Alcon Caper  +   1958d ago
I predict that he will commit suicide in 2012.
AliTheBrit19  +   1958d ago
Fable is an awesome series Peter! You are a fantastic developer, who just gets a little too hyped about your games.
Nevers  +   1958d ago
"What was overcomplicated about either of those games?"
... okay... I too loved Fable 1 and 2.


In Fable 2, equipping was broken... the whole inventory experience was tedious and proly one of the worst menu systems I've ever ran across in recent years.

Fable2's inventory was about as awesome as ME1's elevators... I loved both games alot... but I woulda cut those aspects down/out.

My main gripe about the Fable games is that the endings typically suck. I play and love and live and kill and enjoy ...and then at the end there's just a "MEH ending"... grrrrrrr... thank god Fable 1 got the Lost Chapters cuz that ending made up for the original Jack of Blades crappola, imHo.

... so... Molyneaux... just make the endings worthwhile and you're golden.
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Rock Bottom  +   1958d ago
You can't call your self "talentless" after coming up with games like Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper. It's already too late for that.
NegativeCreepWA  +   1958d ago
If go back and read some of the first articles for Fable, you,ll see not one game ever created to this date even comes close to the original plans for Fable. I think it'll still be years before we ever do.
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JonnyBadfinger  +   1958d ago
Molyneux: I'm a talentless bastard
We know.... glad to see the man is coming to his senses.

However the people behind him and his games are geniuses.

As far as Im concerned the only credit Pete gets is the recognition that he ruins his games, not the people who work for him.

The man needs to have his lips stitched together, and then just maybe... Fable 3 will be able to deliver what Fable 2 promised... though i not getting my hopes up.
HighDefinition  +   1959d ago
I wouldn`t say talentless....
I just think he needs to shut up about his "visions" before his games come out. He hypes people up and lets them down constantly. People would enjoy the games more for what they are if he just stayed quiet.
execution17  +   1959d ago
yeah he's good but
he tends to say to much or over promise and under deliver and still not getting fable 3 if you need natal, oh yeah and last but not least make the ending unbelievably epic biggest let down this gen so far
BeaArthur  +   1958d ago
HighDefinition...agreed, he acts as though he is the greatest thing to ever happen to video games. He needs to tone it down and keep his "visions" to himself. Let your work speak for you.
Agent Smith  +   1959d ago
Bloody hell, I think he's got it.

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LordMarius  +   1959d ago
Stewie: ♪ I think she's got it ♪ ♪ By Jove she's got it! ♪
Kira83  +   1959d ago
There now doesnt it feel good to tell the truth for once Peter.
dangert12  +   1959d ago
Al Bundy  +   1959d ago
He forgot to say that he is a liar because he never delivers on his promises.
C L O U D  +   1959d ago
Oh dear...
What a meltdown.
LordMarius  +   1959d ago
yeah what he said
PrimordialSoupBase  +   1959d ago
Shut up, Pete.
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Smkt  +   1959d ago
when he's right he's right..
Akagi  +   1959d ago
At least he's honest.
Baka-akaB  +   1959d ago
Seriously his own psycho-analysis is getting neurotic and everybit as annoying than when he talks about his games . Just shut up Peter , or rather tone it down .

Especially when at least for some of us , you are quite wrong . i dont need you to simplify your game , i already find them far too oversimplified
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Letros  +   1959d ago
He should just make an MMO, I think that's where his complexity should be shown.
Noah  +   1959d ago
the same will be said about Fable 3.
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devsgreat  +   1959d ago
i think he make some good games...not soo good as he make us believe bfore the release...
Cajun Chicken  +   1958d ago
I honestly preferred his stuff when he was in Bullfrog.
Shane Kim  +   1958d ago
Gotta agree.
divideby0  +   1958d ago
WoW...this is the first thing this dude has said in years that is NOT overhype and underdeliverable and I do believe him...
TheLastLevel  +   1958d ago
Midlife crisis?
Gamer7l  +   1958d ago
If Peter Molyneux can do it....
...then so should David Cage. Like Fable II, Heavy Rain will be looked back on as a beautiful game, that ultimately went out of it's way to ignore tried-and-true gaming conventions...just to be "innovative"...and ended up being a tedious mess, with a poor control scheme.
divideby0  +   1958d ago
^ tedious mess...control scheme...
I am not buying HR, because of VALUE, not the points you so wrongly bring up...
i3eyond the Circle  +   1958d ago
Fable 2 is the most sold exclusive WRPG on the market Pete.

Just enhance the experiences...a true Co Op experience Hero and Hero not Hero and default Hero.
Letros  +   1958d ago
You do know WRPG is an actual specific genre, not just an any RPG made outside of Japan.
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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   1958d ago
Molyneux: "I'm a talentless bastard...
...said Milo to me the other day" ;-D
Wrathman  +   1958d ago


yeah milo is the oddest thing in console history.it reminds me of haley joel osmond in the 6th sense.i imagine turnin on my xbox some day and creepy milo whispers 'i see dead people'

arrrggghhhhh (little poo in my pants)
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Jdoki  +   1958d ago
Ah, don't say that Pete - you were great in the 80's and 90's!!
Awesomeo3000  +   1958d ago
im gonna have to agree with him i played btoh fables and i dont find anything groundbreaking or unique about them maybe fable 3 will actually be good
Basil-Rathboner  +   1958d ago
Molyneux - "im a talentless bas**rd.'

That places him in the same category as Greenturd and the Jonas brothers.
GameScrubs  +   1958d ago
I don't know
When I played Fable 2 and finished it I opted to lose the dog and save the slaves. Once everything was over and the game continued I felt out of place without the animal.

Even though I didn't care for him much, he became part of the game. And losing him and continuing the game felt like I was missing out.

In essence I believe he subconsciously got me to accept the animal and I think he is a great designer for that.

The whole marriage thing was silly and I never did that and the way I see some people play Fable 2 and tell us their wild stories of their adventures, shows that even though it might be niche set of players, there are players out there that really get a lot out of his work.

All in all I think he is really good.
Noah  +   1958d ago
the same will be said for Fable 3.
Mo0eY  +   1958d ago
Back when he was in Bullfrog, he was awesome. Black and White 1/2 were great games as was Fable. Fable 2 not so much. Actually, what game has been made past Fable that was good from Lionhead Studios?

Another great studio tainted by M$. I can't wait to see the 16 year old Xbox kiddies slobbering all over Milo's banana / berries
alphakennybody  +   1958d ago
He's concept for games are great, but he really should stay quiet sometime.
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