Video Games always get a Bad Rap

Loot Ninja has begun to see an overwhelming negativity toward video games, complaints of video games sparking violence, causing obesity, and even making people sterile, ok the last one Loot Ninja made up, but they might as well tack that on as well.

Almost weekly we have some government body or some Jack Thompson wanna be crawling out of the wood works trying to get some ban on some game because it will warp and corrupt young people's minds. You can pass all the bills you want and ban all the games you want, but isn't that a direct violation of our first amendment right to free speech? Wouldn't this count as censorship of a creative medium? What next, no Harry potter because he dies at the end of the book?

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Bill Gates4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Tell me about it.
The xbox360 is killing the image of gaming as we speak, houses burning down, Red Ring of Death, disks scratchings. The list goes on and on....hahha

sumfood4u4162d ago

But once PS3 finds cure for Cancer & Wii helps people with Medical Rehabilitation than that sound like Justice to me!

Daxx4162d ago

I hate how people blame stuff on video games when it turns out their problems are caused by their own doings and they don't have the spines to say that it is their own damn fault.

Ebay3rd4162d ago

Funny how all the wrong in the world started after video games came into play, I wander what was to blame before that(television). So when is the blame gonna shift to the individual. I kill people all day on video games and not once have I had the urge to kill a real person.If you are someone who says video games made you do it , I'd rather you blamed its just as likely...

Alymon4162d ago


Heh... just kidding.

Yea, video games are the new hot topic in the media for scapegoating. It's always something. Eventually it will move on and go after other mediums again.

taz80804159d ago

hehehhe yeah sorry Harry fans he probably gonna OD in the last film. How come no bleeding hearrt go after blockbuster movies like Die Hard but instead take out games like Manhunt? I htink Rockstar has had a bullseye on its back since it released the first GTA3.

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