Final Fantasy XIII Fact Check: What We Know So Far

So which version looks better? Xbox 360 or PS3?

Both versions look fantastic. Read any of the recent hands-on previews and that's what everyone's saying, no ifs, ands, or buts.

So why all this squabbling?

You know how cable news tends to be 80 or 90 percent crap to fill the 24 hour news hole? Same applies to message boards. 80 to 90 percent babble, 24 hour dialogue-hole to fill, and gamers with nothing better to do than fuss over screenshots and hatch conspiracy theories and generally poke each other with sticks, just to see what happens.

If you're after a technical comparison, none yet exists. Don't assume the guys at Game Site X claiming to know have a clue. For all you know, they've got their PS3s plugged in HDMI and their 360s connected VGA to an HDTV with mismatched input variables. Besides, what the heck does "slightly crisper" mean, anyway?

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xaviertooth3222d ago

both version looked fantastic? yeah right dude!


xaviertooth3222d ago

"both version looked fabtastic"

360: it only does 576!

Shaman3222d ago

It doesent run at 576p...its already confirmed it was screen taken from looks better then that,poor fanboy...

StanLee3222d ago

Dude, I see you try but let it go. This is the wrong place for common sense.

Major_Tom3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

It's confirmed to run at 576p.

So, you two have been officially pwned twice :).

Edit: The dumb don't quit do they? Meristation editors confirmed it to be that rez from a review copy;


Shaman3222d ago

So what if its on b3d?You know the guy who posted this?please,spare me bull****,if it runs on that res fine,but if previews already mentioned there is hardly any difference and SE told that also then its like that,bcs 576 is not small difference...its 30 percent less pixels...

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hay3222d ago

Wow, that's some quality damage control. They've hidden some facts under the so-called logical explanation of the drawbacks.

It's obvious that multiplatform owners will prefer the noticeably "superior" version(technologically or socially), just as pretty much with every game.

kingdavid3222d ago

Probably the most mature ff13 article ive seen for a while.

Wait for the games to be out before judging them.

DaTruth3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"Hey, this article doesn't point out the 360's inferiority"

"Most mature article ever!"

All of a sudden, comparisons aren't cool!

Hakimy3222d ago

hmmm somehow it looks like the author tried to downgrade anything negative about the xbox360 version. for example "If that's too much to ask, or even a reason for preferring one version over another, you should probably quit gaming and check yourself into a mental ward, because you're either pathologically lazy or clinically nuts." I'm sorry but anyone would prefer to have on disk instead of 3 if they have the chance. and who cares if the graphics looks slightly crisper or about compressed audio & video? how about a person owning both consoles? and when in the end about which version to buy,he said "It's simple really. If you're an Xbox 360 owner, buy the Xbox 360 version. If you're a PS3 owner, buy the PS3 version. If you don't own either, have a look at the all the service-related reasons for owning one or the other." again this is not an answer but just a way to avoid the question.he even in the end said "it'd be a coin toss." it would have been a nice article if he said the obvious,that both are great but if you have a choice then pick the ps3 version,but he couldn't since since you can feel that he is trying to defend the xbox360 version to the point I was thinking that I'm reading from an xbox360 site.I guess we will have to wait for reviews and other real "mature" articles ;)

IdleLeeSiuLung3222d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the article!

If you have a choice, then yes, pick the PS3 version unless there is a platform preference. If you don't own a PS3, then the 360 version won't leave you desiring you had the PS3 version and most likely you won't notice a difference.

Anyone claiming otherwise is just a fanboy with an agenda.

Aquarius3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

anyway the 360 will mark 3 round rings on each disc.

EDIT @ the disagree. I appreciate it.

So what the fock is this?

M$ do not replace discs without charging you. So good luck getting ripped off twice because DVDs shouldn't be those prices. THEY'RE OLD.

raztad3222d ago

I wonder where this guy was when the bayonetta comparisons started to pop up. I do agree any version should be equally enjoyable, but come on this is pure hypocrisy. If it was the other way around, the PS3 version would be hammered to no end.

FamilyGuy3222d ago

Is how THIS publication is claiming other claims as FUD when they themselves don't have the 360 copy in-hand to make ANY claims.

They say, who knows how the systems are connected and call THAT FUD when their article is even more FUD.

They're hypocrites and this is pointless.

Solidus187-SCMilk3222d ago

If I rent it I need it to be on one disk so Ill play the ps3 version anyways if I ever do. Not sure if Ill like this game but I wanna try it. After loving FF7 I bought 8 and 10 and got bored but I still need to try ff13 to see if I get hooked.

EvilBlackCat3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

"That said, they're quick to point out that even compressed, the video looks terrific, which makes me wonder why we're talking about it at all"

TERRIFIC : ter·rif·ic

Extraordinarily great or intense: terrific speed.

----------------------------- -----------------------
"What about disc-swapping? Isn't the Xbox 360 inferior because I have to swap discs?

Some context: It takes 35 seconds for an Xbox 360 to boot up, from power-on to Xbox LIVE sign-in. Read that again: 35 seconds. We take that for granted each time we tap the power button and reach for the controller. Say you power your 360 on and off a couple times a day: That's one or two minutes on a daily basis spent waiting to play.

By contrast, it takes me 15 seconds to open the 360's disc tray, pop out a DVD, and insert a new one. Read that again: 15 seconds.

The Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII comes on three DVDs, which means that over the course of between 50 and 100 total game hours--assuming you're playing to finish--you'll have to make two swaps. That's 30 seconds out of somewhere between 180,000 and 360,000 total.

If that's too much to ask, or even a reason for preferring one version over another, you should probably quit gaming and check yourself into a mental ward, because you're either pathologically lazy or clinically nuts"
----------------------------- --------------

So... How much your Sony PS3 Division is paying you to bash the other copy PS3 fanboys?

I know some xbox fanboys are simply stupid but you guys eclipse them.

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Nineball21123222d ago

but honestly, as it's been stated time and time again...

If you want to play the game and you've got:

Only Xbox360 - buy/rent that version
Only PS3 - buy/rent that version
Both systems - buy/rent PS3 version since it's SP only.

I think it's pretty obvious at this point that the PS3 version is going to be better if only slightly and since it's a SP game only, if you have a choice, why not get the best version?

stonecold13222d ago

and its last gen console name 360. i cant wait till vs arrives on ps3 exclusive to the ps3 sorry bots you guys miss out on that version at least the gimpbox wont hold the ps3 version back i will get this on ps3 then i will get rid of it by the time final fantasy vs 13 comes out on ps3

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