Machinima Series Red vs. Blue Ends Tour of Duty

Red vs. Blue, the cult hit, web-video series created from in-game Halo footage, concludes its genre-defining run as it airs its 100th and final episode Wednesday evening.

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Daxx4188d ago

I don't think Rooster Teeth is going to stop making Halo machinimas. Sure they're ending Blood Gulch Chronicles BUT what that does is open up the possibilty of something like "Valhalla Chronicles".

toughNAME4188d ago

they wud be stupid not too
with all the options halo 3 is gunna have

great series...but they shud make the older episodes free on Marketplace

calderra4187d ago

1-800-Magic is already kicking ass, plus they've already done PANICs and The Strangerhood. I'm sure they'll wind up doing tons of cool stuff for Halo 3 (PSAs and the like) but they've got a lot going for them.

Daxx4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

And from personal experience from making machinimas (look up my profile DaxXOmega2005 on YouTube) it's a hard thing to do.

The guys at Rooster Teeth are pros at machinima compared to my series and many others.

Boink4187d ago

they were hilarious, I hope they do something new:)

Syko4187d ago

I'm sure we will see a Peanut Butter Jelly Time montage soon enough.