Gamesnation Preview: Sadness

Gamesnation: Ours is a rigorous profession. Must be objective, treat games the same way, do not show preferences, not to express personal opinions but, above all, adhere to certain information.

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Fierce Musashi3015d ago

Would the devs give us something to work with? D: A few times I thought this was a canned project.

ChickeyCantor3015d ago

It will suck anyway, i mean they must have been going back to the drawing table sh/tloads of times.

Its like 3~4 years now.

iforgotmylogin3015d ago

at least its alive. lol i doubt it will come out tho.
think sidar is right.

hatchimatchi3015d ago

This article doesn't list anything we haven't already known for the last 4 years.

I hope the game gets released but I gave up on waiting about 2 years ago.