Official PS3 Motorstorm Bundle for Europe

An online Belgian retailer has added an Official SCEE backed PS3 Motorstorm bundle to its online catalogue priced at 619.99€, its currently scheduled for release tomorrow (June 27th 2007).

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ITR4186d ago

Bundle coming to the US next?

The KEN KUTARAGI4186d ago

We hate the U.S. But we love your money.
So, while we continue to release cool phones, and games, you will get stuck with the leftovers.
Home cookin' at its best.

What do you mean Motorstorm should have online play? It's just a graphics demo!

shysun4186d ago

I was just thinking the same thing.

masterg4186d ago


You know that we Europeans have more money that you Americans right?

MK_Red4186d ago

Good but I hope they release a Lair or Heavenly Sword bundle.

Syko4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

This works out to $834.57 US. Still, I understand that they are already paying more for the system (€599.99 = $807.53 US) It's half off Motorstorm and nothing to complain about. It is just a lot of money still in the end. At least they are bundling one of the top games for the system, and not some lame greatest hits "Type" cheap game.

The only way the US will see a bundle is if the price remains at $599 with the game which probably wont happen because Sony is already losing more money per console in the US than in European territories.

Conversion Rate provided by

6 Disagree ? Did I hit a sore spot I am unaware of ? LOL

FreeMonk4186d ago

The whole reason why I'll be buying my PS3 from the states when I go to Florida in October (I'm from the UK).

It's £425 retail here in the UK. If I buy one from the states, I can get one for $600, which is around £300. Bargain!

Also, by October, they'll be some decent games being released, so it'll be the perfect time!

Syko4186d ago

Jesus, Thank you Monk. I was starting to think everyone around here was a nutjob. That's what I am saying, You guys are paying more already and while this is a good deal at $27 in savings it is still crazy expensive compared to what we are paying and "Many" Americans already think $599 is to much.

Hell people if you want to buy it, Then buy it. I am simply saying it is still expensive as hell in the UK.

DrWan4186d ago

U cannot watch UK blueRay, if u do this u will be importing American bluRay only. becareful where u buy the system.

Close_Second4186d ago

...even though our exchange rate is at 75 US cents to 1 New Zealand dollar, a PS3 in NZ still costs $1,200.

I will get a PS3 when its affordable to me...and that will be around the $500 NZD mark - so probably around 3-4 years from now. Its not such a big deal having to wait until then. So I have to wait a little to experience what the PS3 has to offer, thats no big deal.

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boi4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

ermm maybe add RfoM and Motorstorm togetehr :D

because RfoM price is like about £30 here in UK so it wont effect it much does it?! or am i wrong lol

Amplifier4186d ago

Unfortunely due to nature of the content in RFOM the game could never be officially bundled with the PS3, it's because the younger general public can't purchase a PS3 since the 17+ rated game would be included.


the_bebop4186d ago

Even though it is not an offical pack here in Australia in the shops at Myer/Grace Bros, David Jones, Harvey Norman, JB-Hi-Fi, Game, and Toys R Us where you can get Motorstorm and Resitance together when you buy a PS3. I got that deal when I picked up my PS3.

Salvadore4186d ago

I think that a WarHawk bundle would be great if they released one.

boi4186d ago

that be kool but i think it should be NGS

Snake_Doctor4186d ago

Good idea, throw in the headset and you are good to go.

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