Rumor: Xbox 360 Elite to Hit Europe in August

Microsoft has reportedly informed Spanish website La Trifuerza that the Xbox 360 Elite will be launched in Europe on August 24.

According to the site, the console will retail for €449.95 ($605/£303), slightly cheaper than the American version which has a price tag of $479.

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Bill Gates4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

I think with the release of the Elite in Europe we might be able to really tell if the 360 has really hit a wall in Europe. Chances are it will sell but not very well.

360 bad news is running rampage and spreading quickly.

@Shadow Flare...bellow


JsonHenry4191d ago

Really? Because all I ever hear about is that the PS3 is running in 3rd place, while the Xbox360 sales are strong, and the Nintendo Wii has kicked BOTH of the other giants off the hill and proclaimed itself King of the TV once again.

Odion4191d ago

its still selling better then the PS3 so ......

Salvadore4191d ago

I think MS should dump the Core version and put a pice drop on the Premium version because the Core is not selling that well (In Sweden, but dont know elsewhere) and it puts less strain on Consumers and Developers.

SuperSaiyan44191d ago

Wow can anyone feel that shafting up the rear...I sure can.

DrRage774191d ago

prices in europe are ALWAYS higher than here in the states....the ps3 is priced at roughly $800-$900 in europe, so i guess sony is giving Europe the big fist also, huh???

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The story is too old to be commented.