ThreeSpeech podcast slags Microsoft

"Semi official" Sony UK blog ThreeSpeech has fought its way past Sony's new, useful US blog and back into the headlines by saying controversial things about Microsoft's PR department and US bloggers on its first podcast.

"If you ask most people they say Sony PR is awful. Well Sony PR is straight to the point....Whereas with Microsoft, all their PR is very like trying to be your best mate, and I don't like it, it's very grimy."

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Amplifier4109d ago

agree with this, MS is always trying to dance around stuff, "Ya know, things break!" they act like the buyers are stupid to shovel they dish them.

Come to think of it the most part they are right about that, people just keep replacing their consoles over, over, and over again, sad really.


BrotherSic4109d ago

Its a shame that 3speech had to resort to these sort of remarks.

Major Nelson does a great job communicating information to xbox users as well as creating a great podcast. He has discussed the whole 'blogcast' name a number of times and his reasoning behind calling it that.

I am glad that Sony has distanced themselves from the comments.

Now that Sony has their own blog, why do they need 3speech?

SuperSaiyan44109d ago

Who is the only company to have the worst marketing ads ever? Ones that make no sense and have even insulted certain races? That would be SONY.

Which company advertises only games and is straight to the point showcasing games only? Microsoft.

To add insult to injury which console is no.1 and has the most games and best online and well best everything despite certain problems?

XBOX 360.

Vip3r4109d ago

At least Sony don't get their ads banned.

trane074109d ago

Please. Remember this, DO DO DO!!!

Go to the link. It will explain itself.

And it sounds just like what they are saying. DO DO DO.

PS360WII4109d ago

Not bad ads, banned ads. The one where all the people are pointing their fingers like guns in the mall and the whole place starts doing that as well. Not sure why it was so horrible of a commercial but I guess a guns a gun... even if it's just your finger

DirtyRat4109d ago

I have to say I was surprised at these comments considering Sony's history of PR which generally includes lieing about what their consoles can do...I would hardly call that "straight to the point".

Microsoft's PR in general is better I would say, but not by much

Odion4109d ago

lol so hypocritical, they bash another company for being slimy and all this, and then they just shoot their month off the whole time.

Its ok we all know Sony is great at copying what other companies do and then calling it their own. Next time talk about the PS3 and nothing else, Warhwak Vs Gears of War is STUPID, they are 2 completely different games, Halo 3 Vs Haze is a fair fight and one that Haze will loose

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