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Bone-Idle.ie : Heavy Rain Review

Bone-idle.ie writes "I was worried about Heavy Rain mainly because I wasn't sure what I was getting into. Even after playing the demo I was not that much wiser I knew it looked good I new it was new and exciting but I also feared I would get very bored of the button pressing and watching cut scenes quite quickly and was unsure would the QTE hold my attention over the length of a full game. And to be honest it took a while for me to get into the game. Not unlike fans of the TV show The Wire who will tell you it will take 3 or 4 episodes to get into it this is very similar but once your in you're addicted. The first hour or so (most of the demo) teaches you how to play the game" (Heavy Rain , PS3) 93/100

blair_enigma  +   2017d ago
good article
nice honest review, shows heart.
Zer0900  +   2017d ago
great review, loved the humour in there! this sounds like a keeper.
bubs78  +   2017d ago
Heavy Rain Save Points ???
It is really really good i just wished that you could choose save points (maybe i just couldn't figure it out) but the game seems to autosave and you can only either start new or continue. So when you play through it all once and want to start over to make other choices you need to start at the very start and do all the boring learning the buttons tasks again. Brushing my teeth and setting the table are not any more fun in a game than in real life :)
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