Queues for the Apple iPhone have begun already

The first iPhone campers were recorded setting up for Friday's launch of the iPhone outside Apple's 5th Avenue store in New York City - over 100 hours before the iPhone goes on sale.

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SuperSaiyan44190d ago

eBay! The iPhone is going to be the same build quality as the already poor and terrible iPOD's which are the worst music players in the market only popular due to sheep who love fashion accessories!

ITR4190d ago

Have you even used an iPod?

My 3G iPod is over 4 yrs old and still works and can still hold a 4-5hr charge.

Daxx4190d ago

My 30gig iPod works like a charm. I would have to say that iPods are some of the best music players on the market. And I think Apple is going to do an excellent job with their iPhone. I might get one once I get a little bit more cash to spend.

PlayStation3604190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

I'm not sure if AT&T changed it's policy. But last I heard you can't even BUY the phone without the 2 year contract. And if someone does buy the phone to Ebay it, than the person who is selling the iPhone is stuck with the 2 year plan, OR they have a cancellation fee to worry about. Its not like with the PS3/360. With those you have no commitment to worry about. If anyone knows if the policy has changed, than please correct me.

DirtyRat4190d ago

the guy who camps out for stuff must be so bloody bored of life!

PS360WII4190d ago

Well I can't say I'm confussed with it. I know some peeps that camped out for stuff like say a console but it is only a phone.

ITR4190d ago

After seeing the AT&T plans for it...I might just pick one up since it's cheaper then my current Nokia setup per month.

Bill Gates4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

This thing is so over rated.

@BILL GATE5 bellow....I'm your father b1tch. You know you want to be just like your father. I NAMED YOU, and YOU LOOK LIKE ME.

YOU WANT TO BE ME.....hahahaha

Mk Red4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

For $5 I expected much more...

As for the iPhone... Have you even watched any of the demo videos?

It's by far the most advanced, well-rounded, and complete phone to be compatible in the US.

Don't spout off like a moron unless you are willing to back up your statements. So c'mon, and edit your original post to explain why it is so overrated?

It may be over-hyped, but as for overrated. who's ratings are you speaking of?
Every tech reviewer has been very impressed with the iPhone, and they've played with every phone out there.

I've watched all of the videos.

I don't own an IPOD, I have a creative ZEN. I don't own a MAC, I have a Dell notebook.
But, I'm impressed with this phone.
The price is painfully high, but so are all cell phones. It's just that the Provider generally supplements the phone's value by placing you on a contract, and letting you pay 50% of the phone's retail cost.

With the iPhone, that is not an option. You must buy the phone outright. That's the only difference.

Don't be mad just because you're too "poor" to get one.
Go pick up a second shift at Popeyes and get yourself one Bill.

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