PS3 "Closest" To Expressing Square Enix's Vision

So what if Square Enix isn't gracing the PS3 with a game until 2008? So what. Final Fantasy XIII is married to PS3 hardware. Just listen to Square Enix character creator Tetsuya Nomura (above, into jewerly) drone on about the PLAYSTATION 3:

It's not just about how pretty the graphics are but more of how much limited amount of movement we can put in one go and how big our imagination and ideas are. The PS3 is the machine that is closest to being able to express our imagination.

See, the PS3 is not expressing their imagination, because Square Enix's imagination is way too big for that. Just look at all the games they release! Rather, the Sony console is CLOSEST to achieving that. And for you to play Square Enix's immense imagination, you're going to have to wait, not rush things and take it nice and slow.

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This confirms that FF13 is staying on the PS3, sorry Xbots.

CrazzyMan4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

that also confirms, that you are staying with one bubble. =))
well atleast till there won`t be left many x360 fanboy on this site(that may happen, if ps3 will succeed on e3 and tgs07). :)
well, i gave you bubble, but i am almost sure, that on this site, not enough sony positive guys to bring you 2nd bubble back. =]

About topic, well it`s nice to hear, but it would much nicier to see, what they achieved, that isn`t possible on x360. :) Really curious, i hope both game Lost Odyssey and FFXIII will be shown on E3 and people will be able to compare the level. :)

Bill Gates4108d ago

"Oh no he didn't".......hahahaha

Babylonian4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

You xbots can say all you want, but now you know that you ain't getting this hot stuff called FFXIII. And you can count MGS4 out too.

The 360 can't handle this hotness, if you had these games on the 360 than your 360 won't give you the "Ring of Death" but instead give you the "Explode of Annihilation". And then you won't be able to revive it with your towels unfortunately.

Mk Red4108d ago

Square Enix wouldn't happen to be a japanese developer per chance would they?

This should come as no surprise... and no real disappointment in my mind.

But that's only because I've never become obsessed with the strange worlds created by SE, and the FF series.

They were great back in the day on the SNES and whatnot, but I can't keep up with the fantastical Japanese universes and their off-center humor, and little girls in their panties and short skirts.

the_bebop4108d ago

"They were great back in the day on the SNES and whatnot, but I can't keep up with the fantastical Japanese universes and their off-center humor, and little girls in their panties and short skirts."

Quit it with the stupid remarks as though that is what Japanese animation are all about, exactly what Japanese animated shows do you watch by the way.

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VirusE4108d ago

I imagine the large portion of square stock that sony owns has nothing to do with this. In the end i would rather it be exclusive so more focus can going into the game. The game looks amazing!

pwnsause4108d ago

sooo, about FF going to the 360...oh wait!!

Rims4108d ago

The xbox would probably explode & then need 500 discs to change.

Captain Tuttle4108d ago

Metrosexuals in rigidly scripted RPG's don't do anything for me personally. I never understood the appeal of Japanese games. It's a cultural thing I guess.

Good news for Sony fans though.

4108d ago
Phantom_Lee4108d ago

yea I agree with the culture thing
hey, Japan grow up with games like Dragon Quest and FF...
while NA grow up with games like Doom, Duke....

Im Asian so Im more comfortable with games like JRPG, and 2D fighting....heck I even missed the 2D platform...

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The story is too old to be commented.