The Top 7 Mispronounced game names

Not everything can be as simple and straightforward as Pong. Forget the design and the graphics... just talking about the title. Pong. So pure. So unadorned. So onomatopoeic. So easy to pronounce, a child or caveman could do it.

Since then, gaming... and the naming of gaming... has only grown more confusing and complicated. Bad translations, bad marketing and sometimes plain old bad education have created a hobby where only the hardcore can make it through a list of new releases without verbally embarrassing themselves.

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DirtyRat3804d ago

ah good i have been saying Day-s-ex all these years which is correct!

Tesla3804d ago

how could somebody mispronounce Deus ex. I mean, Deus ex machina is one of the most famous quotes.

Rooted_Dust3804d ago

I have to admit when I first saw it I kept wanting to say "Duce" like "Double Duce"

MK_Red3804d ago

"Day of Sex" Awesome. The one that I was always wrong about is Ys. I always said "Yiis".

Machety3804d ago

I really thought this site was a news site. This isn't news.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3804d ago

It's not news it's an "Article" learn the differnce.

Daxx3804d ago

Must be a slow news day today.

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