Get Your First Look at the Hitman Trailer

MovieWeb has your first look at the trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation, Hitman, starring Timothy Olyphant.

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AppleSlime4133d ago

This has all the makings of another TERRIBLE video game movie. Contracts is probably my favorite game. This saddens me...minutely.

Systematrix4133d ago

Still kind of hard to tell from this trailer whether it will be good or not. It's got potential. I love the hitman series so much that I'll watch it regardless, but I hope they at least do it somewhat justice.

BitbyDeath4133d ago

It'd be better if they actually got someone who actually looked like Agent 47, rather than just some random bald guy

MK_Red4133d ago

Superb find. Thanks for the link. Have been waiting for this. Either Im crazy or this looks AWESOME. The Hitman logo, music, photography... Only Timothy looks a bit too young for Hitman.

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