Coming Tuesday: A new look for

The web team at Xbox has been busy working on a redesign for that is going to go live Tuesday. While there are no new features in this update (it's just a visual redesign) there are a couple of things worth mentioning after the jump.

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Diselage4192d ago

How is this not news? One of the big three has a site redesign, may not be the most exciting news but it's post worthy. More interesting than cakes in the shape of gaming related stuff.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4191d ago

I bet if it were about the PS3 you wouldn't talk sh!t.

toughNAME4191d ago

its a regular site for a lot of 360 owners
if theres a big cna it not be news??
go back to ps3 section buddy

M1am1U4191d ago

and more streamlined, but nothing dramatic, really.

Diselage4191d ago

Yeah i was expecting more of a redesign of how things are displayed not just the top navigation but it's still nice.

toughNAME4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )


the top bar (games, xbox 360, LIVE, support, etc)looks a little bland

why chnage it? its already a great site