Kojima Working On New PS3 Exclusive, Epic & Sony Buddies, Wii-like PS2 Controller

Another month, another batch of Quatermann rumors from Electronic Gaming Monthly.

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Lord Anubis4192d ago

I'm really looking forward to Zone of the Enders 3. I didn't get to play the second runner but the first one was magnificent. Especially the ending :( poor ADA.

Apocalypse Shadow4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

i got to tell you:you need to go find second runner.if you didn't play the second game,you MISSED one of the best mech games ever.

i won't be parting with the game unless Z.O.E.3 destroys's like anime come to life and playable.but it is hard to find.i bought it when it released.

if you thought one was good,you haven't seen anything yet.

i'm not kidding.second runner detroys number one.

and to everyone:

sony has had a magic wand in the works for awhile.if they do bring it out for ps2,it will work on ps3:

and of course the cool eyetoy.wonder if they will add the wand,the motion controller and the camera together?

Lord Anubis4191d ago

when I looked for the game it was no longer on retail stores. I've tried ebay before but I did not find it. I'll look again perhaps I'll have better luck this time.

tehcellownu4192d ago

another exclusive game..hope it be awesome!! but i do hope all this is true!!

ErcsYou4192d ago

nice rumors drtysouf21, the epic sony rumor makes sense, epic has always been non bias about both systems and are going to be big players this gen ( unreal engine 3)
seems like sony is going to start buying exclusives again.
the ps2 rumor is great, sony is going to use the ps2 to combat the wii with a device called ( the wiggle wand) or something like that
it makes me think that nintendo is still trying to win the last gen war.

drtysouf214191d ago

Sorry i did it because it didn't specify which console Parasite Eve would go to.

Lyberator4191d ago

Thanks for caring enough to change it! I just figured like everyone else on this site you were trying to start a flame war (not that you need to do anything to start one as people will take that upon themselves)

Machety4192d ago

I agree that the 360 has more xclusives than the Ps3, but They aren't better than the ones that will be on the PS3. 360 has a lot of games but I really don't think the games it has are that much better than the ones that will be exclusive to the PS3. I show exactly why.

Gear of War is hot but WARHAWK looks way more FUN and has a lot MORE to OFFER.

Halo 3 is a cool online multiplayer, but HAZE(time xclusive), KILLZONE 2, WARHARK will raise the standard. By the way, I play the Beta with my friend, Halo 3 is only Halo 2 with 360 graphics if anyone beleives Gaylo 3 will be better than Warhawk, they should tell me why.

Xbox live is the best online service for a console, but HOME is the future. I want someone to disagree, but please tell me why. HOME is way more appealing to the user and The Achievements are in 3D. HOME is xclusive to the PS3.

360 has Viva Piniata while the PS3 have LITTLE BIG PLANET. Please tell me anything that 360 have that can compare to the LITTLE BIG PLANET.It don't matte how grown or young you are LITTLE BIG PLANET will occupy your time. Oh My God, Can anybody say " USER CREATED CONTENT".

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon cannot compare to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY versus XIII, WHITE KNIGHT STORY OR KINGDOM HEARTS 3. Please Xbots disagree, but please don't forget to tell me why.

Ok let not forget LAIR, GOD OF WAR 3, MSG 4, HEAVENLY SWORD, MOTORSTORM, RACHET AND CLANK. I will not be surprised if someone tries to prove me wrong, I want to be a lawyer when I get older, so I would to start practicing; therefore, if anyone disagrees let me know and why.

Last but not least, we all know that the PS3 is a better quality HARDWARE. In the future, we all will see how the PS3 will take over, and I really cant believe how anyone thinks that Sony is just going to let the PS3 die. If yall haven't notice the PS2 is still the king of the gaming market.

Lets not talk about the Wii, Just like Borat says " everybody knows the Wii is for girls" lol, but if you own a PS3 or 360 its ok to get a Wii.

Lyberator4192d ago

What are you babbling about? How the hell does anything you just said have to do with what's in the news story?

Kleptic4192d ago

dude...Warhawk and halo 3 gameplay wise have really nothing in common...Halo3 is a cookie cutter fps with vehicles...Warhawk is totally centered around the vehicles, with some ground combat thrown far as future worlds and terrain layout, they may end up being kind of similar...but other than that they can't really be compared...Warhawk is more of a Battlefield type game...the only thing Sony has coming to compete with Halo3 is, dare I say it, the next killzone...but we all know what happened the last time people started chanting this...

But Warhawk is a ton of fun...the beta needs a little work with balancing...but its some of the most fun I have ever had on a console online...the maps are huge...the Warhawks are excellent to fly, and there are tons of weapons/upgrades for stuff...that and the stats system is very robust (how many miles your character has ran?...nice)

peksi4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Why with every news article some IQ-60 kid must start comparing toys? My blaablaa owns your blaablaa.

@dixienorms: you've got a point, a healthy comparison is a good thing. Seen that around lately? Me neither. It always explodes into pointless debates on which is better / worse - 360 or PS3.

DixieNormS4192d ago

Because pretty much evey game you have or is coparing you or any of us have not even touched. You try to give comparisons without any explanations why every Playstation game is beyond anything 360. If anyone here is a fanboy it is pretty much you. The only case you have going for you Mister Lawyer is in the hardware department. Wow.

chitown4192d ago

what the fu(k u talking about bro. read the damn article first before u start rambling random stuff like a fanboy.

One word: NOOB

Saint Sony4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I had to disagree and especially if you want to become a lawyer.. then don't EVER say sh!t like this: "They aren't better than the ones that will be on the PS3. "

UNLESS of course you have tested all the 360/PS3 exclusives that are coming up.

I'm afraid you won't even get into school if you keep going like that.
IF you do get into school, don't ever say HOME is better because "The Achievements are in 3D", you might get badly beaten up at the campus even by PS3 owners. Why you ask?... Well, isn't it obvious?

MoonDust4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Poor kid spent all the time typing that, only thin he proved is how dumb he is. Thanx for letting us know.

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