Review Round-up: The Darkness

Given its placement as 'largest game of the week' when it comes to the release listings, GamerSquad thought it only right and proper to focus in on The Darkness – courtesy of the 360 – and allow the gathered critical throngs to pass their all-too fickle judgement on 2K Games and StarBreeze's latest eerie first-person shooter. Apparently it's a bit good.

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PS360PCROCKS4070d ago

What a bunch of differing reviews. I bet I will love it

MK_Red4070d ago

Wow, from 1UP giving it a superb 9 to IGN giving it 7.8!??? This is one hell of a unique game. Some love it and other hate it. I belong to the first group. Darkness ROCKS.

Violater4070d ago

7.8 does not equal hate.
What worries me is that there doesn't seem to be a ps3 specific review.
I feat the curse of the Poor ports has got this one.
Anyway will wait and see.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4070d ago

I agree evn though when I click on agree nothing happens.

rowdy 14070d ago

FPS much like Fear, it's just a game to pass the time.

sandip7874070d ago

i think this game looks pretty slick with an original plot line. i think it deserves a bit more respect than just a game for passing time.