Honest Gamers: Heavy Rain Review

If you have a lot of experience covering games, a review for Heavy Rain can practically write itself. As long as you remember to mention the next-generation visuals, the unique control scheme and the interactive narrative, you're halfway to a finished draft. Follow those efforts up with examples of a few memorable moments from the game (there are plenty from which to choose) and liberally sprinkle adjectives throughout your descriptions. Include some artful run-on sentences to jazz things up a bit, if you like.

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Bungie2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

8 sounds about right , one of the best written reviews i've ever read

EDIT :@iron_sheik

sorry dude i can't see your comment , maybe it's a glitch :(

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NateNater2984d ago

Well at least they're honest about it ;-P