God of War PSP Using New CPU Speed

Cory Barlog, Creative Director, confirms rumors on the official Sony blog that the newly unlocked 333mhz processing speed will be utilized in God of War: Chains of Olympus.


Kotaku has been recently notified with additional information from Didier Malenfantm, CEO of Ready at Dawn. Malenfantm states:

"...Just read your update regarding "GoW: Chains of Olympus" and Cory's comments.

Unfortunately this is completely incorrect and I want to make sure the rumors don't start getting out of control.

EVERYTHING that was shown of "GoW: Chains of Olympus" so far was runing [sic] at 222Mhz like everyone else. We are planning on having the final game run at 333Mhz but this likely won't be just to improve the graphics which we think are already pretty awesome.

Cory also makes a joke in his post about 1080p on PSP. This, ironically, is not a joke at all. We ARE able to render the game at 1080p if we want to thanks to a feature of the 2.0 version our engine. It doesn't run in real-time but the results look awesome, even with the assets we built for the regular screen size.

Look for a post shortly on our web site to address out the confusion on the CPU speed issue."

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darkvenom4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

wait for this PSP game it going to be awsome.

JsonHenry4187d ago

I think the game looks pretty cool, but my question is - running a 3rd faster is cool but what about battery life?

Premonition4188d ago

Hopefully sony will announce the new PSP at E3, and I'll buy it and get this game.

akaFullMetal4188d ago

have you seen the pics, chains is looking just like its ps2 big brother, cant wait for this game, and clocking a 3rd faster is going to help psp games

akaFullMetal4188d ago

yea i hope they include dual analog sticks in the new psp if they do one

cuco334188d ago

think about it... how are they going to support the games from old to new if the new has a 2nd analog? its not like ps days where u just got a new remote, this is the whole system

i have a psp, sorry to say it is garbage. jack of all trades, master of none. but the god of war game shows hope, albeit small but still hope that worthy games are coming cuz the current selection is crap

yocdub4188d ago

Simple...once the PSP2 is on the market and SDKs are in Developers hands, all they need to do is Patch the games to take advantage of the new control layout.

Mr_Kuwabara4188d ago

Yup, these generation of PSP games are ganna keep on getting better and better.

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The story is too old to be commented.