Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Hands-On Impressions

The game takes place after the events of the Wind Waker, with players resuming control of the GameCube games' incarnation of Link. Fans of that title will be relieved that the DS manages to faithfully recreate the signature visual style, even on the torqued-down portable's hardware. After saving Tetra from Gannon, Link and the pirate crew sail off for more adventure before running into a ghostly ship. Tetra, bold adventurer that she is, hops aboard to further investigate. Link tries to follow suit, but he's not quite as athletic. After taking an unexpected dip, he wakes up on a beautiful tropical beach

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ItsDubC4162d ago

Man, yet another game that I have to save $ for... lol.

PS360WII4162d ago

Heh yeah the DS is getting really good support! Sure this is a 1st party game but still the DS is getting mad games.