New Bioshock Screens

In development at Irrational Games, a wholly owned 2K Studio, BioShock is slated to ship exclusively Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows, the new brand optimized for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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twostep184188d ago

this game looks extremely trippy but good

PS360PCROCKS4188d ago

I am going to assume you are not a xbox fan lol, but thanks for giving credit where credit is due...this game looks amazing and everyone is saying "Just wait, just wait the graphics are better than you even think they are" I cannot wait for this game and I am not a huge RPG fan but this is going to change me because this game is cool.

twostep184188d ago

ha yea im not a 360 fan i had 2 die on me lol but i give cred to games that need them no matter what system

Rhezin4188d ago

no dude he's saying trippy because it IS gonna be trippy shi I don't know about you, but I'm gonna play this baked off me arse.

PS360PCROCKS4187d ago

I know. I was just saying it's cool to see someone who doesn't own a 360 give credit to a game that deserves it and I am baked off my arse, Gears is cool like that

Saint Sony4187d ago

My precious, can't wait for the storyline and all the cool side plots. This game will be like a good realtime book.

r10004187d ago

This looks like my kind of game....

VirusE4187d ago

This game looks so sick! I was looking at screen shots last night and some how i stumbled upon PC screens and i all i can say is wow! If you havent seen the pc shots yet go to the ign pc section and checkem out!