1UP previews Splinter Cell: Conviction

Conviction is running with the idea of a "franchise reinvention" so fast that you may not even recognize it as a Splinter Cell game. Let's look at this new game from the developer's perspective and from a gameplay point of view... then 1UP will let you know what they think.

The developers say:
"We realized that with the previous Splinter Cells...there was a lack of emotional attachment with the characters," says Senior Producer Mathieu Ferland. "You were given orders, you were told what to do -- it was a very cool experience, but this has created a lack of differentiation between each game. We thought that the gameplay was a bit repetitive over time. We decided to change, to renew the brand. For the first time since the original Splinter Cell, we're changing the core mechanics, the core gameplay."

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Lyberator4193d ago

Too many good games coming out this year. Pockets feel more empty every month lol

RedSeven4193d ago

I agree. Between buying The Darkness and Rainbow Six Vegas for PS3 and Resident Evil 4 for Wii (Never played it prior) I am out about $160.

toughNAME4193d ago

i downloaded the video on marketplace
and i wasnt impressed at all

but thats ok...ill be playin halo 3, bioshock, PGR4 for a longgggg time

AbyssGravelord4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

@#1 I know what you mean too many good games coming out!!! Pockets Burning!!! lol

dork07834193d ago


Blankman4193d ago

yea benoit and his wife and kid:( d last serious wrestler without the lame gimmicks gone:( hope he is still in smack dwn vs raw this yr

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