ResumePlay Review: Bioshock 2 (360)

Resumeplay writes, "For a game with such high expectations, Bioshock 2 does not disappoint. Marin implemented the same gameplay mechanics that made the original a best-selling game of the year, holding true to original Bioshock creative director Ken Levine's idea of what Rapture as a city and an experiment should entail. They also supplemented that idea with fresh ideas and an engrossing story that is unlike any other single game on the market. Music plays an integral role in the franchise, and this sequel is no exception. The score is expertly crafted and frighteningly in-tune with the gameplay and story experiences."

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mau642956d ago

Just got this game in the mail today, I cannot wait to play this, looking forward to exploring more of rapture.

stoppre2956d ago

Overall I still liked the the first game more than this game. But I am glad I played it. It is a great game, but I just didn’t get that sense of mystery and fear that I got from the first.

VenerableBmoney2956d ago

I agree, it wasn't as "new" this time around, so it was less creepy. But still, they stayed true to the game and city's ideas- and they made a good sequel.

Even if you weren't as strong as you would've thought a Big Daddy should be. :)

stoppre2956d ago

Yeah...that was kind of weird. I hardly used the drill at all...i might have used it 5 times the entire game. Although, i have heard people saying they love the drill and use it all the time. Maybe this is just a classic case of "i was doing it WRONG!" lol

mau642956d ago

Well this sucks to hear, I relied pretty heavily on the wrench in the first game, that drill still looks beastly though.

stoppre2956d ago

yeah...i loved the wrench in the first. But the drill runs on fuel which runs out pretty quickly until you upgrade it. Also its not easy to kill all enemies my melee... the splicers gain up on you a lot more. Its a much more strategic shooter than the first. SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD!!!

Saaking2956d ago

I loved the Drill. I used it most of the time (around 90% of the time).

VenerableBmoney2956d ago

I tried to use the drill more, but felt overwhelmed often. Drill Vampire tonic (from Big Sister research) helps- since it gives health and Eve while drilling.

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CheatsMcGee2956d ago

Watched a friend play this from a bit. It looks EXTREMELY solid. Going to have to give it a try later.

Dukeoffl2956d ago

it's not as good as the first, but all things considered, it's a fantastic game.

BeckyWagner2956d ago

Good to hear that the sequel can live up to the expectations it surmises. Thanks for the review!

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The story is too old to be commented.