Infinity Ward Fails Again

Game Developer Infinity Ward has failed yet again with there latest release, Modern Warfare 2. New mods have surfaced online for the console version of the game allowing God Mode, Spawning with an AC-130, Golden Desert Eagle, Disable Enemies Perks and plenty more.

Also, the very nasty bug that allowed for an infinite amount of care packages is back again after being unsuccessfully patched 4 times.

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Jumper092986d ago

Sooo great that this game is going to die :D

ape0072986d ago

box my friend, go and check the latest npd mw2 numbers for both systems, nearly 600K, that's mind blowing after what it has done

also it's the most played game on xbl\psn and mark my words, when the dlc arrive, everybody gonna buy em, ps3 or 360

-Alpha2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

But not to the extent that people have to go out of their way to mod this game. It's unfair for other players. I want them to understand that their core mechanics are garbage and unbalanced. The fact that it seems so easy to hack this game is just sad on IW's part. This game is hopeless.

So far, the PS3 version remains safer than the 360 version in terms of hacks and mods, at least that's what I find. If you hackers are going to destroy the PS3 version I would be pretty upset. That's the big problem: I want IW to pay, but I don't want it to be at the expense of honest gamers just looking for some fun. The problem then is, who to blame? IW for being lazy or the hackers for hacking?

On one hand I'm happy because I hate IW's laziness and incompetence. On the other I don't see why people should promote this crap and approve it because it's unfair for the people who bought the game and want to play fairly. Hackers like this are equally to blame as IW themselves. On the OTHER hand, the only way for IW to wake up and smell the green tea is if hacks like this are rampant and run wild all over the servers.

I'm just waiting for my copy of MAG and BC2. IW truly has screwed up like none other. They got greedy, they rushed their game, and they turned their backs on their fans. Developers play as big as a role as the games they make. IW has broken my trust. I look at guys like Zipper and see that though their game has issues they are rock solid in supporting their community and fixing their game. IW, who is much more successful can't do that. What does that say about IW and Zipper? IW has ruined their reputation.

This truly is a sad, sad, game. The networking is piss poor, the mechanics are ruined, and the game has more cracks than Whitney Huston.

mittwaffen2986d ago

But this is one of the times XBL comes in hand, cheaters get reported by a handful of people and get deleted. Its a great system and alot use it.

Chubear2986d ago

... and when MW3 comes out it'll out sell even MW2. Great job gamers, great job supporting this type of game development. We've really shown a lot of developers what kind of games they should bring out that we'll give them tonnes of sales.

Rockox2986d ago

And in related news, Infinity Ward doesn't give a crap coz they're too busy counting all their money.

SPACEBALL 12986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

mw2 sucks with or without the glitches. im glad people keep on modding the game. mw2 needs to die. im am ready for BFBC2. no more i shot to the leg kills!!!!!

GVON2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I really like IW,with COD on PC they provided me some of the best memories in FPS gaming.I cant understand how they messed up so badly,COD 4 wasn't issue free,but in comparison MW2 is a mess.
They had 2 years to improve on COD 4,they didn't rebuild the engine so mostly it was just designing levels and gameplay features,but it seems so buggy.

If it's one thing i've grown to hate since the patch culture became prominent on consoles,is the feeling were paying to became game testers.
I'm not Halo fan but bungie seem to have nailed the QA process,and so have a few others.Most recently Zipper,they should also be applauded with MAG.Like the gameplay or not,but It's the most ambitious FPS on today's consoles,and from day 1 it was rock solid,with only o small patches fixing really minor issues.

cronaldo72986d ago

Seriously though, IW doesn't care. If they did, they would've done something a long time ago. They made there money, it's not worth the hassle to them.

randomwiz2986d ago

Me: Hey iw, just wanted to say, although COD4 isn't perfect, its my favorite online game so far this gen, and it just keeps me coming back(Jan 08)

IW guy #1: It seems like our fans like the game. Lets spend 2 years making a sequel, but lets not change the game. Everything is the same, but we'll use different guns.
IW guy #2: And lets make our perk+equipment system different. We'll make them more noob friendly. And make sure grenade launchers are unbalanced so noobs get into the game. the grenade launcher won't replace equipment or first perk.
IW guy #1: Hey why not add heartbeat sensors, that'll ruin S&D. And lets make worse maps with more camper spots than in the first game. Oooh, lets add a teleportation perk.
IW guy #2: Nah, teleportation sounds too unrealistic. I got an idea, why not make a knife teleportation perk, but we'll call it "commando"
1.5 years later:
IW guy #1: Alright, so we're doing developing the game. What now? beta test maybe?
IW guy #2: nah, this things going to sell millions, why waste money beta testing.
IW guy #1: yeah, lets not waste money investing in lagless dedicated servers. Let's keep all the hundreds of millions we're going to make.
IW guy #2: lets finish the DLC now, so we an release it later and sucker another $10-$30 from our fans.
3 weeks later
IW guy #1: so we're finally done with the game.
IW guy #2: We're still months from release though.
IW guy #1: lets spend the rest of the time imaging how much money we're going to get.
IW guy #2: i calculated and we're only going to get $400 million
IW guy #1: Lets make a 'prestige edition' and make it the price of an xbox arcade, and include cheap second hand nv goggles.

DaTruth2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I'm really looking forward to "Ways MW2 fails part 290"! That will be the one with "infinite nuclear bomb drop that only kills the other team" and "Ultimate camp with smart rail gun that shoots through everything and hits every time". Also infinite care packages returns after 112 patches.

Week after week, I wait in anticipation for the next update! It appears more regularly than HHG flamebait titles!

vhero2986d ago

Your all sad for continuing to own this game. I sold my copy at a nice tidy profit :) Bought for £25 and traded for £35. That's all it was good for. All you people who actually play it really need a reality check.

STICKzophrenic2986d ago

While I haven't played the MP enough to experience all the hacks, bugs and glitches, seeing all these articles just makes me appreciate Halo 3 that much more.

Bungie takes cheating extremely serious, and gamers know it. If they don't know it, they find out soon enough.

Has IW even made any kind of acknowledgment about everything wrong with the MP? I think they patched the Care Package glitch, but that's like putting a Band-Aid on a leaking dam.

sikbeta2986d ago

Keep PAYING for da CODz kiddies, by the next Modern Bugware 3....

-Alpha2986d ago

I wouldn't mind buying MW3, but I have serious trust issues with IW now. I didn't mind buying CoD4, but even some people crapped down on CoD4. Popular games like Halo and Cod are always crapped on by somebody. MW2 on the other hand is making enemies from former fans. And, unlike CoD4, there are much stronger and serious reasons to hate the game.

Again, I simply cannot trust IW anymore to do anything. They need a serious reality check.


I absolutely love Halo and Bungie. I really am itching to buy a 360, and I really want to play the damn game. Bungie are amazing, and yeah, they take and support their game like none other. Unlike IW they use the money towards the game.

I'm saddened by how bad IW is in comparison. Bungie has earned a lot of respect.

mastiffchild2986d ago

IW are just so damn lucky that people like their core game(or, acually COD4 since they changed sod all of any import)or they wouldn't play though this type of never ending rubbish. The damn sad thing about it is the way they rested on their laurels and saw nothing wrong in going for the profit at every single turn and sod the gamers who support them.

I've played the SP campaign and some MP at a mates as I refused to buy it out of anger at the price hikes and their treatment of their PC fans-not to mention the lack of respect they showed with their BS reasons for doing so. I can't pretend I think it's in any way correct for a market leading shooter in this day and age, to release with virtually no QA and NO betas. Did they think they'd be able to cope because it's the third time we've been sold this same basic game in three years(at least online it is-zombies from treyarch and Spec Ops from IW don't amount to a new online game really)? Whatever, I'm not regretting my stance one bit-and I LOVE COD for some quick lulz usually.

The way they have become like mini Kotick's themselves is a bit sad, really, and it's sad that they seem to care too little about their own creation to provide dedicated servers for EVERY platform when it was the most obvious, quickest, easiest and most effective way to improve their game in the online arena that made it famous and popular. We gamers made things worse by not supporting our PC brothers as well-not to mention few US gamers caring that Acti warmed up for hiking their prices next time by stealthing them in in the UK. Why do we split ourselves along platform lines just to suit the industry's alterior motives anyway? Are we so blind?

Whatever,it's no crime to lovee, bjuy or still enjoy playing the game-it's a great shooter underneath all the subterfuge and lazy profit whoring-that's certain. The problem is if we, as a community, jump in bed just as readily with them if they do the same, or similar thing next time round and, right now, that's up in the air. It's sure they have a billion fans but there HAS been a backlash because of the online failings of the game so I'm not quite certain if they will get the same momentum behind their next effort. A lot hangs on just how successful other blockbuster shooters are(not your Halos and Killzones as exclusives don't matter to COD-no matter how big as they have double the market to aim for)like the upcoming rebooted MoH and BFBC(which, to me, is just a better game in many ways and has overhauled COD while IW have allowed the series to stall in their greed). If they can start promising a real challenge-even with their next game after these-then IW might just pull their finger out and by the time MW3 comes round it should be new engine and series reboot time, no?

Anyhow, a replay of what we have this time would be incredibly upsetting for us and from IW. No matter how much people like the game it's no longer got the lead it once did and has been the victim of greed at every turn. It's another sad point that what could have been another great step forwards for online shooters ended up being more of an advert for the way greed can corrupt a once honourable developer. Their earlier talent has carried them this time buit a repeat performance could, and should see them scuppered-lets just hope they return to caring about their games as much as their fans do and did.

Anon19742985d ago

And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Not quite sure why all the hate. I played a match where someone was doing the infinite care package thing. I just switched to Demolition. I have yet to see anyone exploit that glitch in a Demolition or Free-for-all match.

GameGambits2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I wish they'd fix the panzy bug/panzy glitch/butt hurt noobie fiasco etc.

It's when your team is about to clearly win/winning and everyone gets a connection to server lost error. The whole game goes right out the window. No stats recorded. I'm guessing the host disconnects their modem or just shuts off their console in order to make it occur.

How freaking sad are you to care that much about a loss in a videogame you have to ruin it for everyone? This bug is the one that makes the game unplayable for me. While it maybe happens once in 30-50 games... it's just getting cheated like that that really gets to me.

You win some, you lose some...but man up and take what you earned.

Syronicus2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Let me guess, you think that final nail in the coffin will be when BF: BC2 is released? Yeah, dream on bud. This game is not going anywhere and will be played for well over two more years. Even COD4 had major hacks and is still being played so why not wish for more fixes and just play the game instead of hating on it. The hate around here is getting old.

@ mastiffchild

Do you own a 360? If so, then how do you explain not buying a game with glitches and higher price points and yet buy a console that the manufacturer admittedly sold to you with faulty hardware and higher price points? Just thought I would ask. I have a 360 and can pass over the fault of the hardware to play the games and in the case of MW2, I can pass over the few glitchers and enjoy a game I like.

solar2985d ago

Valve would've fixed the problems the first time...


@ Syronicus

what higher price point are you talking about ? To my knowledge Mastiff does own a 360, but if it helps.. I own a 360 and ps3 as well and I totally agree with stand on the issue.

I had a copy of MW2 which I sold 1st week of Jan to get Darksiders.

my brother still owns a copy still so i thought i would try it again after i heard there was a new patch to see if it made any difference, not surprisingly it didn't.

I have 2 360's and a ps3 and have not had any issues with either of my 360s. I don't really see how you can try to compare that to the bugs in MW2.

the game is a mess, and it's an even bigger mess for anyone who is unfortunate enough to get put into a lobby with a US host.

bigc0720042985d ago

people are going through the trouble to glitch and just get to 10th prestige on this COD....mw2 is the worst out of cod4 and waw lol...i dont play it anymore...cuz its that bad and filled with too many camping scrubs...its mag bioshock 2 and mass effect for me

Raz2985d ago

I've been holding off buying MW2, even though everyone I talk to tells me how great it is.

I've already got COD4 and [email protected] - I think a third military shooter from Activision would definitely be Overkill. (see what I did there?) ;P

jessupj2985d ago

It's articles like this that just remind me it was the right thing to do to give IW the finger and wait for bad company 2. I'll support devs that care about their fanbase an have a passion for their games.

DICE will be getting my money and respect.

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Bumpmapping2986d ago

Epic and IW should team up and make a MP together LMAO!

Lou Ferrigno2986d ago

Halo duty: Master queef chronicles ?

0.60 FPS lol..

CernaML2986d ago

Errm. Epic made Gears of War. Not halo.

Wrathman2986d ago

you droids are deluded to the max!

9 patches for the patchstation.and package glitch still not fixed.

xbox360 FIXED!

deal with it.

cronaldo72986d ago

just ban those fools with the funny colored names for starters

how hard is that?

CernaML2985d ago

"xbox360 FIXED!"

You have no idea how wrong you are.

ChrisW2985d ago

It's the damn hackers and cheaters. Such failures in their own real-life. Sad, sad, sad... Kinda makes me wonder how many here are among the damned.

TomDaSpartan2985d ago

Fellow gamer, who sees the real problem. Hackers, modders, glitch abusers are all to blame for this.

They test these games before launch with internal testing crews for days with guys that know how to crack games. This is their job. These evil doers out there doing it for nothing, get a life, draw a picture, plant a tree, make a baby, I don't know do something productive other than ruining this game for the rest of us. Maybe you could try to actually play the game.

Not to leave out some things I don't like about the game such as kill streak reward orgies and dual wielding. I am not a fan of dual wielding. Have you ever tried to dual wield any kind of firearm whether it be a two rubber band guns or pistols? Try two double barrel shotguns. Give me a friggin break! I guess I miss that more realistic feel that COD4 had. Onto Bad Company 2 next month.

simplyRealistic182985d ago

you can't the player or being curious and using exploit, only the people that make it, in this case infinity ward, if someone hack into the game and did this then your point is right

@ article

they did not fail the game is still fun when you don't encounter the cheaters, but i still blame them and i think they should make the new dlc for the problems we encountered

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nogolis2986d ago

When don't they? I love how they have these big attitudes and mindsets that they're the best and everyone else making FPS sucks. Much like Levine and his absurd 2K team with BioShock... When just about every FPS I've played is better than either of the franchises they offer.

Killzone and Resistance are both better franchises, built on a wealth more depth than either of the above franchises. Universal aclaim means nothing... Taylor "no pitch" Swift is super popular with 75% of the world... Yet has no talent and can't carry a tune or play the guitar her rep tells her to hold. Case and point.

ape0072986d ago

bioshock, mw > R and kz

look who inspired who

Lou Ferrigno2986d ago


kaveti66162986d ago

Taylor Swift can't play the guitar?

Damn. I thought she was multi-talented. Sigh.

nogolis2986d ago

Talent is subjective... I once knew a plumber who couldn't unclog a toilet for "no pun intended" $*it... Called another one and he got it done right away. Without using Rid-X. Imagine that. I assimilate Swifts talents with that of a plumbers... They both deal in $*IT. One cleans out and the other spouts it.

I read an interesting article lastnight... About Disney. How are they afloat? Their network is one of the lowest in the nelsons. Their movies tank often and yet they bank their whole future on 13 to 17 year old kids. Strange, huh? Viable markets never bleed out when you're done with one another is ready to go from the baiter.

ape0072986d ago

mr 2 bubbbles, "bird sh!t" really??

do really feel that insulted

sucks to be you

lve2playbball2986d ago

@ Nogolis

The fact that you think Killzone & Resistence are better franchises than COD and Bioshock makes you sound like a dumb$h*t. COD 1 brought so much to the table, was the true successor to MOH:Allied Assault. The scale of the battles and the cutscenes were fantastic. COD:United Offensive is probably one of the best campaign's (add-on) in any series. The MP was also great, not to mention the mod "Revolt", which was basically modern warfare multiplayer. COD2 continued w/the great campaigns and had amazing MP. COD 3 was kind of garbage, it was rushed & didn't come to PC so it suffered a little bit. COD 4--there isn't much to say the game was unbelievable, campaign & MP....
Universal acclaim DOES matter. The MP of every COD has been more popular than KZ & Resistance. I liked the resistance campaign, I will admit, but it never kept me like COD. Bioshock is a great original IP and does a lot more than KZ in terms of its campaign. KZ had AMAZING graphics, the best of any shooter, but that doesn't mean the gameplay was better than COD & Bioshock. KZ didn't break any boundaries in terms of gameplay. Here is where a person would say gamepley > graphics, but I don't need to say that b/c it's a given. Neither KZ or Resistance keep a person comin back like COD. Of course this is my OPINION, but the numbers prove that I am right. You can always find more ppl playin COD.....

I'm gonna go out on a limb guess is that all the disagrees I will get will be from PS3 fanboys.

....btw I'm a PS3 fanboy...AND a 360 fanboy.

nogolis2986d ago


I sound like a dip$H*T because I feel, in my own opinion, that Killzone and Resistance are better franchises? No, you sound like one because you can't accept that at face value.

The fundementals on which all 4 franchises are built on is what I'm talking about. Resistance isn't trying to be anything else other than itself. Killzone 2 isn't trying to be anything its not. Bio Shock tries too hard. It's this and it's that and it's this layerd with that. It has no true identity. None. The whole COD franchise, the ones Infinity Ward helm, try too hard to change the world or be ironic. It doesn't work. Games walk a very fine line right now and to try to be too dramatic is a problem.

There is a fine line to walk, folks. Resistance does it by not adhering to the here and now, yet takes the elements it needs to. Killzone does it by offering up a surel look at life through, in a sense, the bad guys eyes. Face it, we are the bad guys in Killzone in all honesty.

So, on those merits alone... You might not like me. What I do or how I conduct my opinions but I've laid out why I feel my opinion should be valid and you simply came into this by saying I, and anyone who disagrees with you, is a dip$#IT. Sounds sad to me.


@ nogolis

well it's all down to opinion, but the thing is in your first post you made it sound a lot more like you were stating a fact which whether the rest of us agree or not is truth.... no supprise you got the other responses back.

I have played all the games apart from the first resistance ( only played resistance 2 ) but I can't say I agree with you.

to me the only really great thing about killzone 2 was it's graphics. what was funny for me was I actually believed the hype for that game.
and resistance... I wont' even go into how much of a turd i thought that game was - still it's just my opinion.

TheGamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Watch this video

Boy am I glad I have a PS3 ONLY.

lve2playbball2985d ago

@ Nogolis

"The fundementals on which all 4 franchises are built on is what I'm talking about."
You're messing with me right? Killzone offers a "surel(you mean surreal) look at life (through the bad guys eyes)" What a joke of an analysis of the COD franchise (not to mention Bioshock). COD is set in one of the most enthralling storylines of all time. It shouldn't be necessary for me to talk about the history here but you obviously don't care about that. COD put players in the middle of WWII and it had very gripping 'surreal' story lines (like the battle of Stalingrad, Pointe du Hoc & Normandy invasion, fighting against the Afrika Corps)...and you are saying that the fundamentals of the franchise are not strong? People can talk about the re-hashing of the WWII shooter as much as they want, that doesn't take away the fact that COD (infinity ward) set the standard for WWII shooters. Even World at War campaign was fantastic. The original COD & COD2 really made you feel like you were part of the larger conflict. The set pieces of the game were flawless.
How did COD try and 'change the world'? They tried to (and succeeded) re-create the World War II interactive experience. They did a very good job of it and I don't think any gamer who followed COD from the beginning would disagree with that. Yes, Activision is pissing me off, and Infinity Ward kind of has too, but that doesn't make their games unoriginal or lacking in storyline.

"walking a very fine line and trying to be too dramatic"
--guess what? World War II is only one of the greatest tragedies in human history--over 60 million people dead. And you think that they are 'trying to be too dramatic'??
"There is a fine line to walk, folks. Resistance does it by not adhering to the here and now, yet takes the elements it needs to"
---Resistance is OK at best. I played through both of them and my response? Meh.

Your OPINION can be valid, but that doesn't mean the facts you give in support of your opinion are valid. I don't see your opinion as logical. Yes activision is getting worse, but they weren't always bad.

...I had about 3 more paragraphs but they just disappeared for some reason...

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GlitchKing2986d ago

Approve the story if you hate the way IW is handling things! ;)

pimpmaster2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

i guess activision is innocent then

qface642986d ago

i guess you didn't notice the tiny halo over activisions head lol

hay2985d ago

@qface64: That's not halo. It's Kotick's ego.

GlitchKing2986d ago

If I were activision, I would be riding the ass of Infinity Ward to get things finished correctly.

They got all that money, surely they can hire a developer good enough to outsmart the modders.

At least make it extremely hard for someone to mod there game.

-Alpha2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

If for these hacks and issues to get more popular.

Also, why must this be promoted? Why can't you guys wait until the core mechanics are fixed before screwing the game up with these hacks?

It makes things difficult to fix for IW if people keep hacking the game. I'm waiting for the gameplay fixes: lunge distance on melees, underpowered snipers, etc. But with this crap they are never going to get to the gameplay fixes.

Serves IW well I guess. I just don't think it's fair for the gamer who wants to just enjoy a game of MW2.

I feel sorry for the XBL players. They seem to be most affected. On the PS3 I have never seen any of these crazy hacks. We want to fix the gameplay mechanics and believe it or not Bowling says the devs are working on the issues... but with these crazy hacks popping up they take priority over the gameplay mechanics. You guys are just slowing down IW. As much as I hate them, they are at least trying somewhat, and I WANT them to fix the damn game, but it's not going to happen. It really is a sad, sad realization.