IGN Pre-E3 2007: Dark Sector Hands-on Plus New Screens & Art

It's Resident Evil 4 meets Gears of War... seriously. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's truly the case, then the team at Canadian developer, Digital Extremes, really, really likes Gears of War. Dark Sector plays and feels almost exactly like it -- right down to its cinematic storytelling, control scheme and visual style. In fact, Dark Sector is so reminiscent of Gears that there's even a context-sensitive action button that powers its cover system.

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MK_Red4188d ago

This is one game that looks better and better everytime its shown. I'll really miss game's previous space sci fi theme but this new "Baby of Gears Of War and Resident Evil4" thing gets me really excited. It beautifull, it has story and kool gameplay with one hell of a weapon and finally, its bloody gory!

dachiefsman4188d ago

got to wait till 2008 which sucks!!


I feel like the only one who liked the original SCI FI Direction this game had before, it was really original, But we'll see if it can hold its own with all the goodness thats due out.

ElementX4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Ever since I saw the trailer on XBL Marketplace I have been psyched about this game. The graphics, the awesome looking enemies, the Glaive plus you can power it up with fire and two other powers. This game makes me spooge.

VirusE4188d ago

I miss the original space station idea but the game is looking awesome.