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VGC: Heavy Rain Review

VGChartz writes: "Heavy Rain has not redefined the way games are played, or started a revolution for the industry which all developers will now follow. It has, however, successfully blurred the lines between games and movies a little by offering an extremely cinematic experience that doesn't leave the player watching endless cutscenes. More importantly, Heavy Rain is fun to play. It gives the player a thrilling rush, and an intriguing and interesting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. This is the kind of game that you may sit down and play all at once, not because it's incredibly short, but because it's just too hard to put down." (Heavy Rain , PS3) 9.1/10

naznatips  +   1625d ago
Wow what a great review! Best I've ever read!

Okay so I wrote it. :-P

Hope you guys enjoy it though. :)
Gambit07  +   1625d ago
How can you type with no hands?
Jinxstar  +   1625d ago
Before Aquanox comes in here. Denouncing HR as not AAA...


That = AAA. They use actual gaming site and not small scale british newspapers and other junk.

The N4G average is AAA as well...

@ Below: Really I agree 100%. I also agree with the metacritic definition. Just wanted to clear it up is all.

Alpha. I just think Meta critic is one of the worst "Collective review" sites around. Useless really but everyone seems to turn to it...
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Oldsnake007  +   1625d ago
Who the f*ck cares if HR is AAA or not ???

Demons Souls has 89 metascore does this mean it isnt AAA ?? Hell, what determines what is and what is not AAA ??

IMo Uncharted 1 was AAA, i freaking love it,replayed it arauond 5 times for Trophies and fun.

It has metascore 88 . Who the f*ck cares ??
snowb420  +   1625d ago
"In the video game industry, AAA game is an informal description for a video game that is produced and promoted with a relatively high budget."


On Topic: Can't wait for Heavy Rain, loved the demo. Only wish i had more money for all these great games coming out.=(
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-Alpha  +   1625d ago
Exactly-- people make a big deal with an 89 or 88 as if it's not AAA. It's bullcrap really. By the way, Jinxstar, Metacrtic has HR at AA (88). Why should it matter? The game is great, who cares if it gets a 90 or 88? Haters may point to the MC overall and you would point to the GR overall-- it doesn't matter! Your arguing about how great a great game is, it makes no sense.

I've seen 360 fanboys try and argue a game is AA when others will argue it's AAA. That's the last resort of fanboys! Since they can't say the game is crap because it's not getting bad scores, they have to argue that it's not as good as the scores it gets! They go from appealing to the media to arguing with the media. Don't fall for that nonsense.
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Perjoss  +   1625d ago
Heavy Rain is day 1 for me, I really liked the demo. Its one of the few games that interest me on the ps3 this year, along with God of War and a Valkyria Chronicles sequel if one makes it out this year.
feelintheflow  +   1625d ago
I am really excited for this game.....
I played the demo a couple of times. The only thing I don't like is your character walks really slow all the time, like he is strutting. How about a little spring in his step so it doesn't take 5 minutes to walk down an alley. Other than that, I was totally immersed in the game. Can't wait to spend countless hours playing it.
sikbeta  +   1625d ago

Is not like PS3 owners make a big deal for the Review scores, come on a "bad score" from an Exclusive Game is a "weapon" for fanboys haters of whatever console


Good Review and Score, I'll enjoy this Fr*cking Game
N4BmpS  +   1625d ago
@ Oldsnake007 and Alphamale I agree with the both of you It doesn't matter what MC gives it, if it's a game you don't wanna overlook cuz you have an unquestionable belief that it will be good go for it and buy it, if you have major doubts but wanna try it out borrow it or rent it or wait til it's cheap. fanboys, 360 and PS3 alike worry to much about a MC overall score, they just do it to get under each others skin, which makes them equally very annoying.I know this is out of the ball park a little but I can guarantee that Heavy Rain isn't Dynasty Warriors. Oh and another thing, this is a good review, my second favorite for this title.
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-Alpha  +   1625d ago
@sikbeta & @n4b
PS3 fans DO make a big deal out of review scores. Everybody does.

"a "bad score" from an Exclusive Game is a "weapon" for fanboys haters of whatever console"

As is a "good score" for an exclusive game which becomes a weapon for fanboys to use on whatever console.

Reviews help people decide whether a game is worth purchasing or not. Sure, it's not as great as renting a game, but I do often find reviews help a lot. The problem with fanboys is that they LOVE appealing to the media unless of course they give bad scores, in which case the media is all of a sudden biased. It happened with MAG. People are so caught up with using scores to bash other fanboy groups that they think a 7/10 is a very bad score. Nobody looks at content anymore, they just see a number and then automatically hate on the game or review.


The thing is that MC's score is off by TWO POINTS! And people are arguing "OH IT'S NOT AAA!" That's just desperation to downplay a game that is already great when you can't downplay it for being bad.
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insomnium  +   1625d ago
@ alpha
Every single bit of this p'ssing contest started with the insecure x360 fans when the PS3 was just about to be launched. If you weren't here 3-4 years ago and are oblivious to this FACT you really shouold go back and look it up.

Look what happened after the price of the PS3 was first made public. Who threw the first stone?
Braineater2448  +   1625d ago
I wasnt sure if this game would be popular among the elite gaming sites, but its receiving a lot of positive support.
FrankWest  +   1625d ago
I knew this would be great since it's Quantic Dream
infamousinfolite  +   1625d ago
yea but whats up with the ".1" thing??
VegaShinra  +   1625d ago
NotoriousWarrior  +   1625d ago


anyways it good to see that innovation is appreciated.
dopeboimagic92  +   1625d ago
It could still be a flop sales-wise but it's faring well on Amazon and I know I'm getting it for sure.
djfullshred  +   1625d ago
Games with really good reviews from the majority of game sites usually are not flops. Not saying it is going to be a blockbuster or overnight success, but it is going to sell a decent amount with enough good reviews behind it.
mrpotter  +   1625d ago
music-addict  +   1625d ago
Excellent review.
themafia  +   1625d ago
pennywize where u at
good review, just nope no crickets
Kantor  +   1625d ago
Good to hear.
I've been hyped for this game for quite a while, and it's good to see that the early reviews are so overwhelmingly positive.
MisterPickles2  +   1625d ago
Can't wait
Played the demo at least 20 times, loved every second of it. Not surprised to see such a high score at all.
njguy2  +   1625d ago
Hype will have to be huge to make this game a commercial success.
themafia  +   1625d ago
good review
themafia  +   1625d ago
best game evar!!!
need to get it.
themafia  +   1625d ago
this dererves 10 out of 10 imo
themafia  +   1625d ago
and evar!!!!!
when does it come out?!
themafia  +   1625d ago
and evar!!!!!!!!!!!11
seriously when? and evar!!!
themafia  +   1625d ago
yo i need this game 4 real
this game looks siiiikkk and evar!!!!!!!!!
Conando  +   1625d ago
88 on MetaCritic and dropping!
kenpachi  +   1625d ago
Above ^^^
why is Bungie allowed so many accounts
dkgshiz  +   1625d ago
Go play..
Gaylo ODST or something.
SUPREME RULER  +   1625d ago
what's wrong with you man! do you play games or score.
are you a gamer or what, is score all you care about!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a good game!

man i tell you, i been gaming for 25 years!!!!!!! you gamers today or so called gamers are pure losers.

if u call yourself a gamer u buy good games. bioshock 2 is not an AAA game, never the less a great game.
Theoneneo81  +   1625d ago
IGN gave this a 9/10 so thats all i need to tell that this game is a hit nuff said.
Oner  +   1625d ago
Still a 9 on N4G's Meta rating with ALL sites included not select ones like on MetaCritic ~ http://www.n4g.com/PS3/game...
Lou Ferrigno  +   1625d ago
someone's got issuuuuuees o.o
Madeline12  +   1625d ago
I thought this was good a review.Looking forward to play the game.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1625d ago
You either love it or hate it, and it seems that most people are eating it up. Great job Quantic Dream.
Jijoro  +   1625d ago
Not AAA but close
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Dtoxz  +   1625d ago
because it's not on xbox?
kenpachi  +   1625d ago
no because it doesn't have Halo in the title
Dtoxz  +   1625d ago
Bubbles for you kenpachi!!!!!

That was awesome and SOOOOO true.
Saaking  +   1625d ago
Where are all the dumb bots from the HR Edge Review? I bet they're hiding under their bridge.
kenpachi  +   1625d ago
with any luck they threw themselves off it
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nefertis  +   1625d ago
@Saaking and kenpachi LMAO bubbles two both of u. Playb3yond
infamousinfolite  +   1625d ago
Good score or bad score..
This is looking to be a great game. Great review
kanetheking  +   1625d ago
the eage review got over 130com and this got over 30 i wonder y?
infamousinfolite  +   1625d ago
Can't sum the reason why but it has to do with the console war and stuff
O-D-C  +   1625d ago
anotehr great review VGC!
natches   1625d ago | Spam
Lirky  +   1625d ago
I hated how like ppl thought sony were paying off sites to review heavy rain a higher score. When it was false, Sony know the game will be a AAA game this game haves alot of haters too that flock to it.

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