StarCraft 2 Beta Has Started

The StarCraft 2 beta just went online. Members of the community reports downloading the client.

Many fans have waited a long time for this, and the 20,000+ beta key holders especially. The beta keys will be distributed in waves, so if you have not yet received your key, it will arrive.

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Perjoss3193d ago

dont mind if i get in or not, just glad things are getting closer to release day!

JsonHenry3193d ago

Since EA has ruined CnC, this game is my only saving grace for old school base building and resource gathering goodness. I want to cry knowing I am THAT much closer to playing this game. Well maybe not cry but I am pretty damn excited.

kerriganss3193d ago


DeepThought3193d ago

why isnt it up for me yet? :(

Leord3193d ago

That's fu*king amazing!

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The story is too old to be commented.